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"What do you mean I'm a masochist I just like shiny hunting"

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Pokémon. Everything is Pokémon.


Pokémon Black, Pokémon Black 2, Hunter x Hunter, Katamari Damacy, Learning Japanese, Undertale and Deltarune, Collecting Pokémon Cards, Pokémon Ultra Moon, Project Diva (and Mirai), Ace Attorney, 3DS, Making Kandi


Vocaloid (Mitchie M, Kikuo, OSTER Project, Various PJD Songs), Undertale and Deltarune OST, A Short Hike OST, Ace Attorney OST, Pokémon Black & Black 2 OST, Lady Gaga, Hunter x Hunter 1999 OST, Katamari Damacy OST


Hunter x Hunter (1999 & 2011), Princess Mononoke, Nausicaä and the Valley of the Wind, Laputa Castle in the Sky, Attack on Titan, Howl's Moving Castle, Studio Ghibli Movies, Okko's Inn, Vampire Knight, Death Note, Monster, Nyan Neko Sugar Girls


HxH '99 Shrine

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ESTP | ENG + Русский/Українська | Absolutely infatuated with this silly homicidal megalomaniac

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MEIKO-san!! (And of course, Ghetsis.)

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☆∼ oyasu

☆∼ oyasu's profile picture

another bw fanatic i see 👁👁

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YES!!! Gen five is best gen in my not-so-very-humble opinion, lol. What was/is your team in bw and b2w2?

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Le0ne's profile picture

tysm for the add, you're awesome!! BTW BRO THE HXH CURSOR. ITS SO CUTE. WHERE DID YOU FIND ITTTT

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AAA THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! And here's where I got the cursor from: (if the link doesn't go through then my apologies ) but I touched it up a bit to not include the little cross-looking thing. I can PM you the code if you'd like!

by Meow(th); ; Report

tysm, i'd appreciate it!!

by Le0ne; ; Report

鸷's profile picture

whats ur fav moth species?

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I like peppered moths, the history of how they evolved during the industrial revolution is really cool to me. What about you?

by Meow(th); ; Report

interesting, we should def talk abt moths more. mine r the white witch, gangis n white plume. do u have discord?

by ; ; Report

I did but unfortunately I can't go on it anymore and I haven't felt the need to make a new account yet... sorry

by Meow(th); ; Report

we shall talk on spacehey then. ill im u.

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valerie_valentine's profile picture


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THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I also really really like how your profile looks; it's messy but in a really nice way! :D

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crazyeyestamama's profile picture

i rlllly need to know how you got the disco ball on your page and the 3ds!

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Heyo I'll pm you with the code :)

by Meow(th); ; Report


aaliyah 's profile picture

Thx 4 the add!

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No problem! :D

by Meow(th); ; Report


Miscellanity's profile picture

Thx for accepting!! Your page is bananas hehe.

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lol you're welcome! xD

by Meow(th); ; Report


BLUSHIN ReT's profile picture

Thx for da add!! :3

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no problem :D

by Meow(th); ; Report


Spamton's profile picture

MERRY [[Holiday Season]] Q5U4EX7YY2E9N !!!1!1!11!1!!!!1!1!

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Oh My I Have Not Been: Active Thank You Dear Peon Same To You

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I CAN SELL YOU AN [[Banana]] F
FOR 1376 KROMER !!!!!

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Dear Peon That Is An Acceptable Price For A Banana

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YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN [[Purchase]] THIS ITEM RIGHT [[>>Click Here

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Yum Yum I Am: Potassium

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rex's profile picture

ty for the add !!

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No problemo :D

by Meow(th); ; Report