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"ate some tacos for dinner"

18 y/o floridian dude

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anime, classic novels, cats, drawing, emo music, films, indie music, video games, alternative subculture, anime figures, rats, theme park history, tie-dyeing, webcomics, 2d animation


genres: emo (including midwest, emo pop, skramz, etc), indie, folk, alt-country, industrial, hyper pop, noise, avant-garde

artists: ajj [2/1/20], american football [8/9/18], fiona apple, matt aspinwall, at the drive-in, awakebutstillinbed [10/26/18], the beach boys, björk, black dresses, brand new, the brave little abacus, bright eyes, jeff buckley, kate bush, camping in alaska, capn jazz, carissas wierd, car seat headrest [2/22/19], charli xcx, the cure, dashboard confessional, d**** cab for cutie, the decemberists, dikembe, the dismemberment plan, doopees, nick drake, empire! empire! i was a lonely estate, ayesha erotica, everyone asked about you, [early] fall out boy, father figure, fishmans, flashlight, fleet foxes, fraxiom, the front bottoms, ging nang boyz, glass beach, gloss, g***s***, have a nice life, the hotelier, frank iero, i hate myself, i hate s**, indian summer, i wrote haikus about c********m in your yearbook, carly rae jepsen [7/27/19], jeromes dream, the jesus and mary chain, daniel johnston, jordaan mason & the horse museum, joyce manor [1/29/19], joy division, the khayembii communiqué, king crimson, kinoko teikoku, kendrick lamar, leathermouth, machine girl, manic street preachers, megan thee stallion, me in capris, merchant ships, the microphones, midori, midwest pen pals, mindless self indulgence, mitski, modern baseball, modest mouse, jason molina, mom jeans [10/26/18], the mountain goats, mount eerie, my b****y valentine, my chemical romance [9/25/21], haru nemuri, neutral milk hotel, the newfound interest in connecticut, nico, ashley ninelives, nine inch nails, number girl, odessos [a lot of dates], orchid, pageninetynine, [pre-split] panic! at the disco [8/1/18], pencey prep, pianos become the teeth, placebo, radiohead, red house painters, jeff rosenstock [1/29/19], arthur russell, saetia, say anything, the shaggs, shinsei kamattechan, slint, slowdive, smashing pumpkins, elliott smith, patti smith, the smiths, snowing, songs: ohia, soutaiseiriron, starkid, sufjan stevens, street smart cyclist, sweet trip, taking back sunday, talking heads, teen s*****e, the world is a beautiful place & i am no longer afraid to d**, tigers jaw, tiny moving parts, tirestires, title fight, turnover, two knights, venetian snares, violent femmes, weatherday, widdly 2 diddly, amy winehouse, xiu xiu, you blew it! [8/9/18], 100 gecs


genres: horror, surreal, 2d animation, pixar

directors: wes anderson, hideaki anno, ari aster, bong joon-ho, satoshi kon, stanley kubrick, hayao miyazaki, taika waititi, edgar wright

films: akira, alien, aliens, almost famous, audition, the birdcage, blair witch project, charlie brown holiday specials, coraline, the descent, donnie darko, edward scissorhands, the end of evangelion, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, good will hunting, the goonies, her, hereditary, hunt for the wilderpeople, lady bird, little miss sunshine, lost in translation, midsommar, my own private idaho, one flew over the cuckoos nest, parasite, perfect blue, rocky horror, the room, the royal tenenbaums, rushmore, saw, scott pilgrim vs the world, shaun of the dead, the shining, silence of the lambs, the thing, trainspotting, the truman show, what we do in the shadows


anime: fruits basket, kuragehime, neon genesis evangelion, serial experiments lain, yojouhan shinwa taikei

cartoons: avatar the last airbender, chowder, invader zim, the marvelous misadventures of flapjack, the mighty b!, spongebob squarepants

other: flight of the conchords, its always sunny in philadelphia, rupauls drag race

i dont watch a lot of tv!


genres: farming sim, horror, surreal and emotionally charged indie games, visual novel, rpg

games: animal crossing, borderlands, danganronpa, lisa the painful, pokémon, the sims, stardew valley, the world ends with you, viva piñata, yume nikki, zelda


genres: classics, surreal, horror, lgbt young adult, negative utopia, webcomics

authors: e.e. c**mings, fyodor dostoevsky, junji ito, stephen king, rainbow rowell, jd salinger, tgweaver, oscar wilde, cate wurtz, and... i read truly staggering amounts of fanfiction

books: brave new world, the catcher in the rye, franny and zooey, the grapes of wrath, ishmael, lamezone, middles**, nan quest, nine stories, one flew over the cuckoos nest, the outsiders, the picture of dorian gray, ruby quest, silence of the lambs, slaughterhouse-five, s*****e boy, 1984


my art teacher, wes anderson, hideaki anno, david byrne, adam demirjian, daniel johnston, johnny marr, jason molina, jd salinger, elliott smith, gerard way, cate wurtz

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Forrest Friends

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dag, not enough people name-drop the Shaggs on their profile...


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hahaha i love the shaggs! My dad showed them to me when i was about 9 and it blew my mind

by CYR ELI; ; Report

(your dad is cooler than mine)

by Forrest Friends; ; Report

monotony ♡◔ᴗ◔♡

monotony ♡◔ᴗ◔♡'s profile picture

thanks for the add, we have a lot of music in common! hope you have fun on spacehey

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ahh im sorry u didnt get to see them! covid took a concert away from me as well this year (im assuming thts the reason), rip

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SICK STAMP COLLECTION. did u get them from deviantart? im tryna get back into this
& front bottoms rule

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Cool fellow

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thx 4 da follow i LOVE all ur kawoshin stamps!! (★^O^★)

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oohhhhhh SH1T SON u just got J1ZZED!!! you absolute buffoon. copy and past to 5 other space heyers to break the curse and totally J1ZZ them

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hey ur cute

and gay haha

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Hey, nice profile :)

Thanks for the add!

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