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"Making my life harder. Also more exciting. A fair trade so far."

Dude/Bro (and a Nerd) born in the Lord's year 2001, from Poland.

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Nerd shit like synths and vidya For the sake of advanced search here they are: TF2, Paladins and Half-Life
Separate from Vidya - Undertale and Dletarune

Hover over hilights for more info should at least work on pc, some are also links.


All kinds of electronic doe I do have a very soft spot for trance an the likes.
Some of my favourite artists include S3RL, Basshunter and Syrsa.
Historically also LeetStreet Boys. It's not cringe, give it a listen.
Also all things Trackers.


Loved Spiderverse, loved Alita, loved Kung Fury, love Wakaliwood productions, generally like the kinda stuff you can enjoy getting smashed to
I enjoy owning physical media just because


It's mostly animu and cartoons.
Some of my favs include FLCL, Black Lagoon and Spice and Wolf. Of the notable western pructions it's primarily The Dragon Prince.


Finished Neuromancer and enjoyed it a lot. Thinking about getting into the polish doomsday fantasy seriest "The Last Republic" after I'm done with the Sprawl trilogy.


of Might and Magic III Horn of the Abyss
actually it's more like
John Carmack
Steve Wozniak
Tom Fulp
Aaron Swartz
Terry Andrew Davis
Ian Davis
Daryl Davis

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About me:

Welcome internaut of SpaceHey on this humble profile.

Don't take any of it too seriously
I'm a massive nerd raining from MiddleOfNowhere, Poland. You can ask and talk to me about Pop-culture to gaming to computer science to electronics to synths to electronic music and then some, and I'll gladly indulge you. I have a hard time shutting up once I get going tho.
I take care of Lambdaposting, a Half-Life group spaning multiple platforms.
Personally believe that the corporate overtake of the web (internet 2.5 as I tend to clasify it) was a mistake. 2.0 might've been unsustainable with plentiful and largely unrestricted API access, but the price we paid to keep it going (iteration on core aspects of the network and consolidation to singular sites instead of dialing access down to minimum viable services) was too steep. Meanwhile 3.0 is off to a terrible start. NFTs and shitcoins have been a hurtful change whether succesfull or not, despite the fact that crypto, like torrent before could be a great, comunal addition to the web paradigm. And I'm not even gonna let myself get started on Internet of Things and other bullshit like it. Oh well, let's see where we're headed next and enjoy the show, since we can. We're sitting in a better spot than most anyway.

Who I'd like to meet:

Hot singles in my area.

Places on the net:

Hover over buttons for more info.

Also don't neglect the links below interests.
yea, I know my profile is all over the place, that's the point

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Cool page!

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Minos Prime

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Greetings, mortal. I thank you for the add

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Coolest profile on the internet. Love it.

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thanka for adding me back! sick profile and awesome blogs

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Thanks for the add! Your profile looks rad and your blog posts are neat too!

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Ay thanks, glad yo see your appreciation.

by Alveus Nosville; ; Report

1001110 1000101 1001111

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would you rather experience a zombie apocalypse like The Maze Runner or an alien invasion like A Quiet Place?

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Wait there was a zombie apocalypse there? I thought the Maze Runner apocalypse was something to do withexpansion of the sun or something.
Gotta be honest - been years since I interacted with the saga at all and I don't recall ever indulging in the Quiet Place at all, so I'm of absolutely no opinion here
other than zombies have to travel and aliens can invade to wherever so I naturally gravitate to zombies

by Alveus Nosville; ; Report

Yes, but they're not explicitly referred to as zombies! They're called Cranks. However, they don't appear until the sequel "The Scorch Trials". Personally, I'd prefer to survive in "A Quiet Place" because I’m confident that I can live normally if I just live near a waterfall or something since the aliens are blind. Or there’s always the third option: suicide ._.

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Yoo thx 4 the add!!! ^_^ I luv ur layout it's super cool!!!!

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Epic profile and music dude. Sorry for not adding you back sooner

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It's oke, I have open friend requests from like 2021.
I'm guessing most of those people aren't even comming back.

by Alveus Nosville; ; Report


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Tysm for the add!! I LOVE your layout, its very rad!! :D

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Great Googly Moogly

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Thanks for the add, Alveus

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Hidora Antares β›Ž

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Hey, thank you for the add! Always cool to come across fellow anime fans. Heck yeah, Spice & Wolf. :D And I definetly agree with you about the way the internet is now....

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β˜… rosA!1!! β˜…

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ur profile is so cool!!! i luv the little links to hover over in ur interests its so cutw

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I like to keep it short and simple

by Alveus Nosville; ; Report


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gorgeous profile, ur so cool, very much appreciate the add!

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Just updated my profile brah! Be sure to check it out if you're into classic/oldschool hardstyle sound design

Ray / Pre-GFC

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You are the most guy on here

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I do try to.

by Alveus Nosville; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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πŸ’• πŸ’ž

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Making a late comment 'cause yeah :p
Thanks for interacting with me on this website :D

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by Alveus Nosville; ; Report

Lame Genie - Video Game Music

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Thanks for the add back, hope you enjoy our tunes!☺🎢

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