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she/her lez '73 Cambridge, MA

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I make original music in using many sounds I created myself, either in-platform or on Audacity or Paulstretch & if I like them enough I share them on Soundcloud. I make music videos for some of those songs, using royalty free clips I find online, and post them on Youtube. I do a lot of 2d art in Gimp & create all sorts of signs, textures, backdrops, etc for my 3d creations in Second Life and Zeta Worlds. I'm building a cool new nightclub and a very large shopping district in Zeta Worlds.


I love music of every genre but there are also songs I hate in every genre.


I don't usually get excited for any movie that comes out anymore so I keep watching the same old movies over and over, via reaction videos, so I can feel like I'm seeing them for the first time again. That said, Everything Everywhere All at Once is my favorite one, so far. I also enjoyed the Knives Out movies and look forward to seeing more.


ACAB but I like Columbo and Monk.


I have a list somewhere, I'm sure. Reading puts me right to sleep ever since I got brain damaged & can't focus on more than a few words at a time so it's been a while.


Anna Louise Strong Bobby Seale Eldridge Cleaver Fidel Castro Fred Hampton Ho Chi Minh Huey P Newton Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili Kim Il Sung Kim Jong Il Kim Jong Un Kim Yo-jong Kwame Ture Lyudmila Pavlichenko Mumia Abu-Jamal Michael Parenti Mumia Abu-Jamal Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi Otto Grotewohl Paul Robeson Thomas Sankara Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov WEB DuBois

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About me:

I still miss MySpace but this is better than Facebook! I'm middle aged, disabled, and gaymarried with no kids, so my budget is extremely limited but I have all the time my attention span will allow (also extremely limited). I shitpost irl. When I'm kidding I'm as deadpan as possible - no laughing; when I do laugh, there's a tragic reality behind it. If you don't get my sense of humor, you're likely to get pissed off at some point. Take a number.

Who I'd like to meet:

If you'd like to collaborate on a creative project in music or building virtual worlds in OpenSim (or Second Life, if you could be persuaded to try OpenSim instead), hmu and pitch your idea!

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