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I like anime(only hxh), bktherula, i don't understand zenos but i do at the same time? And i dont care for zenos, as long as you dont force them on me or its not something that's inappropriate or whatever ill use ur pronouns and respect your gender. Im not religious but im also not atheist, because i do believe in stuff just not "god ,allah, or any other religious leaders". Im really not a fan of people who use slurs and make kms or kys jokes but as long as you dont take it too far i wouldn't really care. Scamming, making fun of people for no reason, or just being a dick and acting like your innocent even tho u did some fucked up shit would really make me dislike you. I wanna learn how to make stamps, blinkies, n layouts so if you'll teach me on how to make them id like that. Also not to be cringe or anything but like if like u piss me off or whatever ill probably unadd you because i dont like being mad or anxious or wtv? 😭




I dont feel like listing them


Impractical jokers, hxh, south park, family guy, the prince of belair, Cleveland show, american dad, rick and morty, starwars, spongebob, peppa pig, dora the explorer, and more shows 🤭


long way down, dog man, the babysitters club, and hxh


my dearest bktherula

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:pppppppppppppppp ( hi appy ) ( holy shit i haven't called you that nickname in a long ass time )

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wsppp mimii!1

by ☆bktherula☆; ; Report

nthn much
waiting 04 my bf 02 get online lmao

by nyquil; ; Report

we both waiting fr but mines busy playing rust bru

by ☆bktherula☆; ; Report

do u still play rblx bc if so we should play doord wile we wait

by ☆bktherula☆; ; Report

ion play rblx much but sure lmao

by nyquil; ; Report


by ☆bktherula☆; ; Report