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18. Shores of the Netscape.

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MUSIC!!! Anything music at all. That's the big one. I'll listen to anything and everything (save for specific things). I'm mostly drawn to supposed fad genres (Nu Metal & Witch House specifically), but I tend to like anything that's either weird and experimental or vicious and intense. Genre doesn't really matter to me. If it's good, it's good. Simple as. I really want to learn how to make and produce music eventually (& ESPECIALLY start a band), but I don't even know how to play an instrument yet. Unfortunately.

Spirituality is also a big one, specifically with how it intersects with the Internet. I haven't been doing much reading, but the CCRU and Technopagan sects (and authors and peoples loosely related, such as Timothy O Leary, Alley Faint Wurds, etc) are what's captured my imagination recently. The Internet is definitely a spiritual place because of the information overload and all of the waves of memetics and ideas constantly being shared, but like... I dunno much else. I need to stick my nose in a book sometime soon.

Other things I dabble in sometimes are gaming (primarily Pokemon, Roblox and DBD. I really wanna find actual MMOs to sink some time into though!!!), reading, philosophy, tech stuff, Digimon, Sonic, blah blah.


Elysia Crampton
Beta Erko
James Ferraro
Human Part
The Sawtooth Grin
The Great Redneck Hope
As The Sun Sets
Final Resting Place
Black Kray
Snow Strippers
Les La Britanica

+ WAY more.


You Killed Me First
Tetsuo: The Iron Man
Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Fantastic Adventures Of Unico


N/A :(


Fluids by May Leitz
Ghosts Of My Life by Mark Fisher
Chaos and Cyberculture by Timothy O Leary


Elysia Crampton
Rich Lombardi
Justin Pearson
Mark Fisher

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About me:

Hello! I'm Healer, net-damaged cyber-siren from the digital coasts, the Caterwaul Queen. Amateur pilot of my soul, former amphibian. Currently fresh out of Collegiate with a diploma and an associates. Unsure what I want to do now, but I'll figure it out in time. I want money.

Use whatever pronouns for me. I don't mind. Make up a character of me in your head using the little fragments of myself that I put on here and go from there. Putting yourself out there on the Internet is nerve-wracking and exhilarating. I promise the character I have of you in my head is wonderful and polite.

I like to talk to people! If you add me, feel free to DM and say hi. I don't bite. Can't guarantee I'll be super-duper chatty but I'll do my best to respond.

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone! Specifically anyone interested in internet spirituality / technopaganism (I'm still figuring it all out, I am not an expert.), and anyone still interested in weird fad genres (Witch House, Seapunk, Nu Metal, etc) in the year of our lord 2024. Musical Archaeologists welcomed.

If you're under 16, please don't friend request me. Look all you want, though. And while I have no real formal DNI because I don't care enough for one and think they're silly, if you find yourself aligned with whatever all that "Proship" "Pro-Para" (or whatever the new terminology is, I haven't kept up) mumbo-jumbo is, please leave.

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