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old computers/tech -|- gemology/geology -|- linguistics -|- art/artforms -|- vocaloid/vocal synths -|- ENA -|- frogs


plants vs zombies -|- jazzpunk -|- splatoon -|- valve games (especially portal) -|- yume nikki (& similar) -|- slime rancher -|- sky children of the light -|- rpgmaker horror -|- indie horror when it's good -|- indie horror when it's bad but in an ironic way


i'm constantly getting the most random music recs from friends so what i listen to changes often!


basically anything i am not kidding -|- the homestuck OST specifically -|- video game OSTs -|- j-pop/rock -|- metal/metalcore -|- hiphop -|- alternative rock -|- jazz -|- citypop -|- weird shit idk


gorillaz -|- radiohead -|- clipping -|- weezer -|- lemon demon -|- tally hall (& related projects) -|- sodikken -|- thornhill -|- jack stauber -|- nicki minaj -|- i more so listen to songs than bands tbh 🤷


haven't watched a movie in ages


steven universe -|- houseki no kuni -|- moral orel -|- whatever my mother is watching -|- greys anatomy




my brother -|- several homestucks -|- umm firestar from warrior cats i think maybe

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About me:


i would like to apologize if this text is slightly unreadable.

my name is neptune, though sometimes people call me laika or many other things.
i swear often!! just beware >:3

i use many pronouns, but most people tend to use he/him or they/them. any pronoun other than she/her will work, including neopronouns!

alongside engaging in my many interests, i am an artist in both definitions of the word. i mainly draw, but i also make music, though not a lot of it is out since it's all shitty wips that i don't finish but hey i'm working on it

you can learn more abt me and what i do on my website since i don't tend to update my spacehey blog lmaoooo
my website is linked in the links section!!

little playlist 4 u while u read my shit ig :3

Who I'd like to meet:

new friendzzz!! i'm quite friendly, but i don't do super well in 1 on 1 situations such as pms/dms unless i know you already.

hoo boy, it's graphics time!!
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Cool page!

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thank you!

by neptunie/laika!!; ; Report

stanleyhere / lots of nicknames

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HELLO!!! came by to say that your a very silly person, and that your profile would look like it would taste like blueberry muffin with a drink of orange juice!!

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wah!! thank you so much :D

by neptunie/laika!!; ; Report


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hello.. fellow barney calhoun fan............................. (scutters around your page in excitement)

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HELLO.... :3 (you are welcome to skitter and scuttle 5ever)

by neptunie/laika!!; ; Report


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YUME NIKKI AND HS AND ALL OF YOUR INTERESTS ARE SO BASED REAL!! your profile looks awesome thanks for accepting :)

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by neptunie/laika!!; ; Report


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thanks for the add!! i love your playlist choice

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no prob and thanks!!

by neptunie/laika!!; ; Report


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Thanks Neptune for the add. I am artist singing in English, Spanish, French & Japanese ♬ ♫ ♪ All my original. If you like please see on Spotify (◠‿◠) Have a nice day.

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forgot to say thank you for the add!! youre super fun to hang with ^_^

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fahaha thatz alr!! ur purretty kewl too :3

by neptunie/laika!!; ; Report


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Your layout is really cool :] You seem pretty cool too :3

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awawa thank you!!! :D you seem kewl too :]

by neptunie/laika!!; ; Report

Thank you :3

by Pest; ; Report


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u seem vrry cool lolol

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u do too!! :D

by neptunie/laika!!; ; Report

tyy :DD

by rue; ; Report


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for a SOLID second i was dumbfounded trying to find the add friend button cause of my little pea brain.. but I wanted to say.. thank you for the add back!!!!

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haha yeah 1t m1ght b comfus1ng cuz 1tz 1n a d1ff spot than usual, but we got here 1n the end!! and no problem boblem!!

by neptunie/laika!!; ; Report


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Scratch that YOU *ARE* SO COOL!!!! SUCH AM EPIC EEPER!!!!!

by Venus; ; Report


by neptunie/laika!!; ; Report