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"fluttering my eyelashes at characters frutily"

16, fruity, lurking inside your device and kissing characters

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I enjoy deep diving into media that i enjoy also looking at old web stuff including old media, and fandoms I'm in!! i like sonic the hedgehog, sonic.exe, plush videos, object shows, lost media, creepypastas, analog horror and digital horror also i am interested in art, music, fashion, toys and games!!!


i listen to so much music that if i were to type it all then it'd be 90% of my page BUT I'll add a few things I've been listening to recently!! the cure, depeche mode, weevildoing, a few fnf exe mod songs, rebzyyx, kate bush, certain sounds or songs turned breakcore, plastique noir, posca von gabba, 4lung, the quick brown fox, renard, hemlock springs, the smiths, deftones, fan songs aka fandom songs, metric, ken ashcorp, old nightcore songs, osquinn, korpsebunny, 6arelyhuman, stxlkin, h3artcruch, garbage, 100 gecs, gwen stafani and probably a lot more (my SoundCloud is in my links btw)


sonic the hedgehog 1 and 2, nightmare before christmas, coraline, matilda, the equestria girls movies, the monster high movies, into the spiderverse 1 and 2, the cat returns, sailor moon s, scott pilgrim vs the word, lego movie 1 and 2!! and probably more but honestly my memory sucks-


my little pony, invader zim, sonic prime, taosth, sonic boom and MORE but i have to rewatch and finish most of them lolz


i literally have to finish a bunch of comics, mangas and stuff...


jerma985, hatsune miku, seeu (she is a Korean vocaloid) and neil cicierega

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About me:

haii haiii!!!!!! my namez are Ronnette, Ronnie, Ron, Aubrey, Jonah and Sunny! I'm just a silly wacky goober who enjoys loads of things and a fruitcake... but if you wanna learn more about me and anything you need to know before interacting then click on my carrd :D (gif icon and song by SpringlessEcho)

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Awesome profile!

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thankz, i like urz too !!

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report


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Thx for accepting mr rewrite

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np silly goober

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report


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i cant imagine liking sonic.exe cringg/j

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ikr... like.... an evil self-aware demon that takes the appearance of sonic... grrrr it really grinds my gears!!!!! /j

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report

like cringe...

by ogmc100; ; Report

sonic.exe more like uhm... stupid idiot dumb stinky poopoo head >:]

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report


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scary soinc ooooooo /j /lh
but like srsly you seem so cool /gen

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spooky sonic file type!?!?!?! but thankiez, you seem cool too :]

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report


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haiiii :3

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hii hii !!

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report


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a FANTABULICIOUS profile layout if I do say so myself!! :0) (I made a spelling mistake oops..)

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thank you my clowny friendo :o)

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report


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thx for the add back u have a really sick pfp :3!

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np and thankiez ^^ ur profilez kewl

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report


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Thanks for the add!! your profile is cool :)

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thankiez and np :D

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report

ᰋ ׅ࣪ ꒰ majin ꒱

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oh shit thanks for the add!! love the prof <3

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OMG HAII!!! i love ur profile too :DD

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report


by ᰋ ׅ࣪ ꒰ majin ꒱; ; Report

haiii B]

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report


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you look so cool!! + your profile is the coolest :p

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omg thankz :33 you too!!!

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report

moss ✿ !!

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we can meet joe together

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i'd love that

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report


by moss ✿ !!; ; Report

you wwant to meet joe so bad that you said it twice

by Ronnie Rodent; ; Report

oh man. ur right…. joe’s my idol

by moss ✿ !!; ; Report

moss ✿ !!

moss ✿ !!'s profile picture

we can meet joe together

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