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"waiting for christmas"

17 | biggest pink lvr !!

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youtube & video essays, small-clawed otters, cats, bunnies, language learning (currently learning spanish), music, singing, dancing, swimming, outer space, history, biomedical & forensic science, fashion, rainy or winter weather, coding, spacehey, pinterest, blogging


kpop!! bts, txt, twice, bol4, ily:1, saturday, a little bit of loona and red velvet, yukika — music recs for any genre are greatly appreciated! ♡


coraline & the outsiders


cartoons!! spongebob, the amazing world of gumball, we bare bears


the outsiders, the great gatsby, speak


my family ♡

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About me:

gee girl's generation ♡

hello, welcome to my space!! here's a few things about me...

image i’m seventeen years old, and a cheerleader at my high school. i mostly enjoy relaxing at home and keeping to myself, though. i like to color, i really enjoy making layouts, i love stuffed animals, as well as listening to music, and i’m active on spacehey just about every day! ☆

i make all layouts that are used on my profile, & here is a link to my posted layouts if you would like to use one for your profile! simply comment "using" in the comment section of the post.

image with all that said, please do not add me if you're just looking to collect friends and then never be active! 15 is the minimum age i will accept frqs from (current friends are alright). lastly, please do not repost my layouts or use them without at least commenting first, thank you. other than that, we're cool!

image my discord: dreamofgyu image Blinking Pink Hello Kitty

Who I'd like to meet:

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hi nara !! thank you for accepting my friend request <3 (it might interest you to know it's been raining all week where I live ! I love the rain ahhh)

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yes ofc, thank you for adding me !! and yay, rainy days are the best <33

by nara; ; Report

meatbuuuuuns (autoplay)

meatbuuuuuns (autoplay)'s profile picture

thank you for the add!!! (´▽`) your layout is so adorable, i love it!

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thank you so much!! <3

by nara; ; Report

yeonjunie :)

yeonjunie :)'s profile picture

thank you so much for adding me!!!!!!!!!🫶

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no problem! <33

by nara; ; Report


SEIF/سيف's profile picture

omg i love ur music taste so much!!! and another spongebob fan?!?!?! W!!!

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thanks! i prefer spongebob and other cartoons over real tv people 💗

by nara; ; Report

thats rlly cool!! i personally like gumball ^^ its my fav cartoon!

by SEIF/سيف; ; Report

I LOVE GUMBALL!! that show was so hilarious

by nara; ; Report


by SEIF/سيف; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

Awesome profile and I love the music, what's the name of the song?

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que sera será by ily:1 🫶

by nara; ; Report

sera* oops

by nara; ; Report


by Wubzilla; ; Report


nora's profile picture

HIII I love ur profile! its so cute and calming in a way lol!!

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thank you! i also find it rly cool how we both have similar usernames ^^

by nara; ; Report


wonyy's profile picture

love your profile its so cute!! also may i add you on discord??

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yes ofc! although it may be awhile before i can add back bc i’m having some difficulty w my login so sorryy

by nara; ; Report

Riri <3

Riri <3's profile picture

your profile is so cute!!<3

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thank you so much!!! <33

by nara; ; Report


AJ's profile picture

is it alright if i add you on discord??

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by nara; ; Report


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ty for add back! i too am anxious about anxiety. love the layout (and yeonjun) hehe

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ikr yeonjun is so cool

by nara; ; Report


bunny's profile picture

I LOVE YEONJUN!! soobin's my bias tho :D

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i adore yeonjun since day one 🤞 but SOOBIN… i love him smsmsm he’s so amazing <33

by nara; ; Report

srsly he's such a soobin

by bunny; ; Report


DAMON 's profile picture

your profile is so cute !! thx for adding me back !

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much appreciated!!

by nara; ; Report

Kaitlyn 🍕

Kaitlyn 🍕's profile picture

Your profile is super cute!!

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tysm!! it took foreverrr

by nara; ; Report

ashford 💤 !?

ashford 💤 !?'s profile picture

hi hi !! thanks for requesting you seem so cool <33 <3

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awhh thanks!!! u seem rly cool too <3

by nara; ; Report


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by nara; ; Report


by Sophie; ; Report


by nara; ; Report

Danngg, I AM SORRY. :''0 Someday fr.

by Sophie; ; Report


chlocolates's profile picture

i love your layoutttttt <3333

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ty i made it myself <33

by nara; ; Report


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Thanks for add 💗💗

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welcomeee ^^

by nara; ; Report


Bunny's profile picture

Hii!:) you seem really cool!

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tyyy !! <3

by nara; ; Report

thats alright!! :)

by Bunny; ; Report


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omg u seem so sweet I love ur layout <3

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tysm!! ur very kind <3

by nara; ; Report

aaaaah thankie!!<3

by Noé; ; Report

i love ur layout too btw! 💕

by nara; ; Report

aaah tysm AGAIN <3

by Noé; ; Report

you’re welcome, it’s ntmy :)

by nara; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

Perty The Virtual Musicia...'s profile picture

💖 ✨

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by nara; ; Report