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"And they replaced me with some.. BLUE. HAIRED. KID."

stan shinto

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friday night funkin (mods include: twinsomnia, shaggy, hypno's lullaby, nonsense, matt, sonic.exe, pibby and possibly more), doki doki! literature club, taiko no tatsujin, cookie run (ion even play it dat much anymore but its ok ig but a bit mid), scratchin' melodii, yansim, memes, etc


masa works design, maretu, kikuo, vocaloid in general, a bit of ghost ig, nightcore but it depends on the song


my neighbor totoro, whisper of the heart, the nightmare before christmas, alice in wonderland (tim burton), charlie and the chocolate factory, idk any other movies i've watched


serial experiments lain, lucky star (on episode 11), ion really watch anything else tbh


i don't really read anything other than like weird fanfics for shits n giggles lmfao, but i'm also not into readin n all that shit at the same time so just recc me some pokepastas


grey and S!3V3N my beloveds..........................

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About me:

hey, i'm grave, but i also go by a concerning amount of other names.

layout was made by me, however i took this layout from my main acc and used it as a base so i can't really say it's FROM scratch. the layout was also slightly inspired by Hanachi, her layout and music are also REALLY fuckin dope though so go friend her if u want.

more is below

this will mainly be a kinposting account, so if you don't wanna see that shit go to my main account, since that account is more on the jokingly shitposting random fucking shit side. i guess i'll just talk about my kintypes here.

Otherkin shit

i am mainly polykin, and i don't have kinshifts that often, although i guess i can talk about my kintypes, but i won't go into TOO much detail, it feels personal? well, i guess i could say that. i am both dollkin and angelkin. i did not choose to be this way. i guess i could say i didn't choose otherkin, otherkin chose me. or is that too deep? meh, fuck it.

oh, and the whole angelkin thing; i am not religious, i will not push religion onto you because why would i push something i don't really believe in onto a person who most likely doesn't, either? (i do believe in jesus n god n some certain shit, just not all of it)

other than doing silly little posts about my kintypes, i'll also sometimes rant n shit and talk abt the latest drama like it's abc news. you can find other info in a blog so uhhh... yeah. STAN SHINTO!!!!!!!

P.S. i also don't use this acc often so yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Pokeball - Pokemon

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i am literally in a whole different fucking tab just to be on my fucking alt

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when you read Ohio booty tickler as Ohio booty licker ;-;

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