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16 y/o - Gay mexican

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Vocaloid, Creepypasta, Petscop, making OCs, drawing, writing, reading, Keroppi, collecting posters, stickers, figures, plushies, jewelry, figures, dolls, books and albums, playing games, Happy Meat Farms


Lies of P, Visual Novels, Sally Face, Little Nightmares, Indie Games, Oneshot, Bendy and the Ink Machine, The legend of Zelda, Sonic, Rythm games, horror games, Kirby, Slime Rancher, Fran Bow, Little Misfortune, Inside, Limbo, Yandere simulator (i DON'T suport Yanderedev), AER: Memories of old, Sky: children of the light, Afraid of Monsters, Cry of Fear, Resident Evil, Dead by Daylight, Gris, Okami, Pokemon Cafe Remix, Project Diva/Sekai, Genshin Impact (not playing rn)


Bands/Groups/Producers: Get Scared, Ghost, Stray Kids, Twice, Ghost and Pals, Artio, Destroy Boys, Ado, Mitski, Wowaka, Melanie Martinez, One OK Rock, Tomorrow X Together, Xdinary Heroes, Kikuo, MARETU, The crane wives, Cuarteto de Nos, Sonic Music Team, Malice Mizer, Dreamcatcher, Heartsteel, Lady Gaga, Masa Works Desing. Genres: Rock, Metal, Vkei, Kpop, Jpop, Alternative pop, Vocaloid, Goth, Hyperpop, Game osts, Emo, Musicals, Folkloric metal, Indie, Indie-folk


The Black Phone, Howls Moving Castle, Barbie Thumbelina, Thomas and the Magic Railroad, A Silent Voice, Five Nights at Freddys, Harry Potter, The Muppets, Annie the movie, The LEGO movie, The Phantom of the Opera, Kiki delivery service, Scott Pilgrim against the world, Resident Evil (Degeneration, Damnation, Vendetta, Dead Island)


Black Butler, Saiki K, Ouran High School Host Club, Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, Angels of Death, Sonic Prime, Hazbin Hotel, Chainsaw Man, Demon Slayer, Assassination Classroom, Given, Blue eye samurai, This World Can't Tear Me Down, Black Mirror


Una vida ajena by Olivia Sudjic, El reflejo de la bruja by Raiza Revelles, El jardin de las mariposas by Dot Hutchinson, Ruroni Kenshin, Vanitas no Carte, Killing Stalking


Shadow the hedgehog/hj

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About me:

highschool 5by1-Rc-70424daa1ddfecc62e4cc6bf73abcbf1b2ddbfe3-gifv Hello, i'm Niko, artist, fanduber, Lies of P lover and part-time writer. I'm a 16 years old autistic teen with a lovely cat. I'm enby and gay, and i use he/him, it/its and they/them pronouns (they/them only in english btw). My favorite color is green and i love collecting books, figures, posters and whatever is collectible. I'm also an traditional satanist, so if you aren't ok with that just dni.

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