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About me:

I have scrolled through the "Fwiend Finder," searched for key words in the SpaceHey search bar, and browsed the "All Users" pages of MySpace46 and DameDaNeSpace to create the MySpace93 Refugee List, a list of users who were on MySpace93 before it shut down on June 29, 2021. γ…€γ…€

I have added approximately 100 users to the MySpace93 Refugee List and I am continuing to add more users as I find them with the purpose of helping former MySpace93 users find their "Fwiends."

To be added to the list, you must ask me via Instant Messenger or by commenting on the list itself with your MySpace93 id (and your MySpace46 or DameDaNeSpace account links, if desired).

* Friending me is not required to be added to the MySpace93 Refugee List.
* If I friend request you more than once, it was an accident. I apologize in advance.
* Please do not send me a friend request unless you are from MySpace93.

Who I'd like to meet:


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omg yeah!! i miss windows 93 s0 much
this was my acc! (its old soo dont grill me about how i used most of stockings cssT-T)

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by BLUSHIN ReT; ; Report

I added you to the list. πŸ‘

by MYSPACE; ; Report


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hey! if you're a myspace93 refugee i created a discord server in hopes of reconnecting everyone who used to use myspace93, you should totally join,,

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Thank you for sharing!

by MYSPACE; ; Report


M0R0NTV's profile picture

Hey, Just wanted to reply and say thanks for add as well! Love to see a page for this. I deeply miss that old site.

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I am glad to help!

by MYSPACE; ; Report


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Thank you very much for the add!

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Thank you! πŸ™

by MYSPACE; ; Report


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no problem mate

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by MYSPACE; ; Report


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You're welcome.

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by MYSPACE; ; Report