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˚ ༘ ೀ⋆。˚˚ ༘ ೀ⋆。˚ ♡⸝⸝ hi!!!!!! I''m mae,,^⩊^ my general interests are fashion ࣭ ⭑,, video games, pinterest, designing, my cats and more'୨୧˚ often people get the wrong idea of who I am or my style ectectect 0﹏0 and honestly sometimez i dont even know myself, I'm really interested in vivenne westwood, goodnight punpun, fatal frame, chobits, seven star cigarettes, Lain, nana & my cats,, i hoped that opened up a introduction to what i like or who i am.. although i change aesthetics a lootttt ;3 I am very interested in fashion and i think for right now the office and fatal frame aesthetic outfits have got me hooked, although I take inspiration from many online characters..soon my pinterest will be linked so if you'd like to take a look for an idea u can do that!!' to be v honest most people think my aesthestic is very soft and cute, in which i cant argue with because honestly i find that very cute and sometimes thats how i do dress, but im trying to change into more of who i actually am and want 2 become, I'd say my personality is very similar to hachi from nana but irl i am very veryy quiet. Although one thing that annoys me is people who lie to be better or lie about things they like, i dont think its fair i dont name smth bad abt myself so id probably say overthinking is a worst habit of mine!!! N e wayz thats all for now ill continue to update this once i figure myself out more but feel free 2 send friend reqs (⋆❛ ہ ❛⋆) ⊹₊。ꕤ˚₊⊹


ೀ๋ ࣭ ⭑ My music taste varies a lot which is a bit confusing but let me break it down for you!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ♪♫~ I listen to a lot of mazzy star + similar artists, lamp, deftones, julie, hole, Anna tsuchiya, nosgov, fiona apple, lily chou chou and more! I also listen to artists like Bladee, thaiboi digital, ecco2k, lil peep, yung lean, yung bruh, crystal castles, A$ap Rocky ect ect, Oh! and how cld I forget "( – ⌓ – ) Riven, Luci4, roshyw, rebzyyx, qtae, xaxanity blah blah blah.... That obviously isnt every1 i listen to buut its like almost 1 am and im 2 tired to name every1, but!!! my spotify is linked if ur interested in finding out more :3''.* ࣭ ⭑ ೀ๋ ࣭


。ꕤ˚₊⊹ (ó﹏ò。) Hmmmm.... my movies r pretty boring since I dont rlly like watching recent made movies as i find thy r not as good as older movies ect!!!!! but I am very interested in japanese films especially low budget or low quality made movies that are mostly very old! becuz of the messages most of them display ´ ˘ ` lily chou chou, mirrored mind, 1 million yen girl, Blue, Love & Pop, Tag.,linda linda linda, voices in the wind.. I find those movies very beautiful in a way and they inspire me to be who i am,, which sounds corny but after watching them u might understand1!! ࣭ ⭑ there are other old movies which i like such as girl interrupted, the virgin suicides, cherry, when friendship kills, jennifers body and more. I also cant forget child hood favorites.., Basically any ghibli movie as i've probably seen them all, but spirited away must be my most watched ˚❀₊⊹ coraline is probably my favorite childhood movie and i have seen it maybe 300 times? anyways this page is getting full but if any 1 has anymore recommendations of good movies please add me and let me know!! ⸜(˙꒳​˙ )




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LOVE YOUR PROFILE!!!!!!!!! >_< ;333333

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! ;P ♡⸝⸝

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