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im not up here. Anymore!!!

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hi im ribcage or adam, im a MAJOR like fucking HUUUUGE saw fanatic and radiohead one too atm. like the name and layout wasnt enough. im a big nerd about a bunch of things too like postal, cod, hl/hlvrai, SILENT HILL!!, DEAD BY DAYLIGHT!!!, DISCO ELYSIUM!, APEX LEGENDS!, METAL GEAR SOLID!!!, SAW!!!!!!!!!, vocaloid, scott pilgrim (except i only care 4 the girls and the gays), hotline miami, ultrakill, yume nikki, slenderverse series omg, creepypasta, sinjin drowninggggg, metalocalypse, gta, fnaf, khonjin house, supermental, AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE!!!!, and many more i just cant think when it comes to interests.......


RADIOHEAD!!!!!!!, THE SMILE!!!!!!!, JEFF BUCKLEY!!!!!!, the aquabats, bjork, a tribe called quest, limp bizkit, deftones, bo en, pinkpantheress, the smile, odetari, brent fraiyaz, cocteau twins, (trigger warning kpop lol) shinee, xdinary heroes, newjeans, itzy, red velvet, twice, le seerafilm, tyler the creator, lady gaga, CIBO MATTO!!!!!, blue iverson, wham!, MF DOOM, linkin park, tv girl, kikuo, atarashii gakko!, datfootdive, the garden, puzzle, DETHKLOK!!!, enjoy, oingo boingo, chuck salamone, akira yamaoka, destroy lonely, gorillaz, alice in chains, system of a down, red hot chili peppers, red vox, lamp, paramore, milkcan, sex bob-omb, ice spice, the smiths, laila france, thom yorke, nirvana, sleeping with sirens


the nice guy, the fly, black swan, saw 2004, saw 2, saw 3, saw 4, saw 5, spiral: from the book of saw, amsterdam, fnaf movie, mulholland drive, heat, mid90s, the platform, reanimator, bride of the reanimator, the shining, doctor sleep, captain underpants the first epic movie


fellow travalers, athf, metalocalypse, the venture bros, solar opposites, thats all the actual tv i watch so here's youtube stuff, everymanhybrid, marble hornets, tribetwelve fuck the creator tho, mlanderson0, dashiexp, coryxkenshin, kubz scouts, JERMAAAAA, a fox in space, mandela catalogue, the walten files, greylock, harmony and horror, bugby, ch/ss, chezzkids, dead meat, gemini home entertainment, basically analog horror and slenderverse.....


stuff on ao3 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不 besides that look at them ohh boo hoos....


thom yorke and jonny greenwood! and jennifer tilly!! and every other woman i find very attractive!!! (theres too many to put)

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About me:

    STOOOOP!!!! scroll past thom now :3

    my profile is very ugly

    and very wacky

    beware of a ton of gifs, radiohead stuff, more radiohead stuff, ironic yaoi and yuri mentions, gay men and women, thom yorke, and much more!

    click below IF (freaking typo) ur ready for yaoi hell!!!!
    yaoi here i come!
    no thanks dude...

    creds to tae!
uhhhhh look at my interests or pinned blog for stuff about me! thanks!! radiohead yaoi idk how to code guys

Who I'd like to meet:

radiohead, nick cage, leigh whannel, cibo matto, literally just a whole bunch of music artists. IM THE DUMBEST PERSON ALIVE IT MEANT PEOPLE ON HERE..... well uh i wanna meet major SAW AND RADIOHEAD FANS!!!!!! also ppl that are big horror geeks like me! honorable mentions are ppl who like the same analog/digital horror, video games, slenderverse/creepypasta, and general media in my interests as meeeee! PLEASE talk to me about radiohead or saw tho it's a MAJOR MAJOR hyperfixation rn... i beg i love the later... with jools holland 1997 live/nobody does it better live at most wanted 1995 performance a ton. can you tell. is it obvious

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Oh hell yeah you're so fucking cool dude Keep up the good work

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saw yaoi AND radiohead enjoyer??? AMEN!!!!!!1 ur profile is sick

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NOT AS SICK AS YOURS!!1!1!!??1/ BUT THANK U im changing the world shifting the universe with saw yaoi. #yaoi #radiohead

by chainshippingyaoi (byebye!); ; Report


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ty for adding me back ^o^
i just watched Saw and im so obsessed omg

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AS YOU SHOULD BE!!!!! UR TRAPPED IN SAW FRANCHISE 4 LIFE!!! welcome :3 (sorry it took me so long to reply im out. of it)

by chainshippingyaoi (byebye!); ; Report


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ty for the add!!!
saw >>>>>>>

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yessssss saw>>>>>> !!!!!

by chainshippingyaoi (byebye!); ; Report


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Saw Yaoi is very real, I was Adam's Eyebrow

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the realest ever... so true. saw yaoi B]

by chainshippingyaoi (byebye!); ; Report


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DUDEEE UR SO AWESOMNE also Adam from saw is kindaaa <333

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THAANKU SM.... ^___^ also yes he absolutely is i love adam

by chainshippingyaoi (byebye!); ; Report

Ted The Businessman

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I love yaoi!

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wow ted me too!! (((o(*嚝踝*)o)))

by chainshippingyaoi (byebye!); ; Report


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I LOVE UR PROFILE MAN!!! and ur interests omge...

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by chainshippingyaoi (byebye!); ; Report


by Myles; ; Report

sal 潀

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by chainshippingyaoi (byebye!); ; Report


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doomed chainshipping yaoi...

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love me some doomed chainshipping yaoi *: .嚚. o(把賤)o .嚚.:*

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THANK U IM SO HAPPY THAT NOBODY USED !!!! also its like the first thing that came to mind

by chainshippingyaoi (byebye!); ; Report

chainshipping does that to an mf /hj

by sugaryouth; ; Report

literally in my case....... im basically adam trapped in the dang bathroom w/ my hyperfixiation

by chainshippingyaoi (byebye!); ; Report

me too pook... me too

by sugaryouth; ; Report