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Making various arts, including pictures, models, and music, Object Shows, Various musicians, Watching dumb shit informative vids, Stable Diffusion, and some other stuff.


Some of my very favorites are: DDS.wmv, NMesh,Death Grips, Daft Punk as well as some other French Touch artists and of course The Caretaker (he always perseveres). Oh and I also recently started being a Beatlemaniac and a Siivagunner enjoyer too.


All Final Destinations except 5, Forest Gump, that one about a guy turning into metal, and some others.


Technically not television, but Tier One is sooo good.


Every book by Chuck Tingle and Leonard Delaney.


Valentine ❤️

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About me:

Hey there, Mark/Maily here!

Im your average run of the mill artist and small musician, wanting to get big on the scene! even though you can't lmao Im 16 or so, pansexual (aka i love regardless of gender), posic (this stands for Perception of Object Sentience, Individuality, and Consciousness), objectum, and im a living envelope! not really, but just roll with it! Im also Russian, so please be kind or you WILL be executed! Song is Parade by Justice.

What I do.

I make music in the cool genre of ~French Touch~, think Justice but slightly more mid. I used to make stuff in the style of The Caretaker (and still can), but I've since moved away to more original forms of sampling. I also draw stuff! Mainly object show related things like OC's and whatnot, and I've myself piled a mass of OC's. I'm also also starting to do 3D stuff with Blockbench. Basically trying my hands on everything lmao.

What I use.

For ripping videos and audio, I use an online tool called getmp3. y2mate was old and full of ads, but fuck is this way more reliable. For video editing I primarily use Vegas 17, but before that I used VideoPad, and before that I used Olive. For music, I make it primarily in Ableton Live 10 (obviously cracked), before that i used FL Studio (cracked) and before that Ableton Live 11 (also cracked). Sometimes I may use Audacity for messing. For various graphical elements, I use Photopea. For drawing I use primarily Krita, but for doodles the site Kleki and MSPaint does it best. For browsing the giant network of corporate-owned websites, I use Firefox.

Who I'd like to meet:

Fellows who are just like me, (especially) including sentient objects! You can also meet me at on Escargot! I use WLM 8.5 and 2009.

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Thank you for a pretty nice layout! Using it right now!

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no problem!!

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dude you are so awesomesauce wtf

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schfart schfartzer mcschfartington

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hiiii thanks formthe add :))))))))))

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thank you!

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thank you! im a silly goofball indeed.

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nice profile ^_^

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thanks !

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HIIII love ur profilee!!! u sound super cool and nice , (⌒▽⌒)☆

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thank you!! appreciate the words!

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Briana Roy

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Stopping by to show your page some love . I hope 2022 showers you with love , happiness and lots of success ! This year is YOUR YEAR

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thanks lady gaga

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