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"no thunderstorms :("

I am a DID system, 22

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Rainmaker's Interests


Physical Media (CDs, Physical game cartriges, books)


the Frutiger Aero Aesthetic

the 90s and 2000s

Creatures of Sonaria





Citizen Soldier


Black Light Burns

Hollywood Undead

Big Dumb Face

Poweman 5000


Eat The Day

Wes Borland

System of A Down

The soundtracks of the games mentioned in my general interests, especially MOTHER and Splatoon


Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Various Pokémon Movies



The Midnight Gospel

CSI Miami


Books about haunted or abandoned places

Coroika (Splatoon Manga)

Final Fantasy VII: On The Way To A The Smile

Bioshock Rapture

The various Cookie Run manga

Art Books (Specifically the ones for Splatoon 2 and Borderlands 3)

House Of Leaves

The "Welcome To Nightvale" Novels

Coro Coro magazines


All of the Agents in Splatoon they are so cool!!!

Wes Borland

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About me:

This page is run by a variety of introjects in a DID system, I like Splatoon, Mother/Earthbound, and Nu Metal. I draw sometimes but post that more on Tumblr. Feel free to dm if you wanna chat!. If you run into me in Splatoon our user is Rain #3060. Please read pinned blog post before sending a friend request!

Icon by kartribou

All credits for stamps and blinkies has moved to the link labled "Credits for stamps and dividers here!" Layout by King Boo on Spacehey! Music code by K0R1 on Spacehey.

Song is Fallling Away From Me by Korn

Dividers are by kgymz on Tumblr.

Who I'd like to meet:

Other people like me, and people who like Nu Metal I don't have a lot of friends who do.

Credits for the Stamps and dividers are here! (Not a complete list of sources yet! It is a WIP)

i'm not a perfect person stamp by MiitukiiChan on DeviantArt

I Confuse People stamp by Foxxie-Chan on DeviantArt

Read my mind stamp by MafiaVamp on DeviantArt

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i love earthbound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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I do too!!! The icon I'm using is by katribou on Tumblr! I always love the way they draw Ninten.

by Rainmaker; ; Report

such a talented artist!! thank you

by dj; ; Report

np 👍

by Rainmaker; ; Report


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Well hello there Munky!

by Rainmaker; ; Report


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Ur page is so SICK!!! I love it!! Thx for accept my friend req :(

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No problem! Jonathan had the idea for finding a Korn Layout on here same with the song!!

by Rainmaker; ; Report

Kidnap The Sandy Claus is so good!!

by Erick‼; ; Report

We are currently figuring out what to replace it with when Christmas is over. There are so many Korn songs up on here.

by Rainmaker; ; Report

Yeah, It's true.


by Erick‼; ; Report


by Rainmaker; ; Report


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You have a cool profile!

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Thanks. Warabi keeps trying to change it to this overly bright and colorful theme, but I like this one a lot.

by Rainmaker; ; Report


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Love your profile!!

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Thanks I love yours too!

by Rainmaker; ; Report


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you fool you cant stop the toe lord

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Marie Squid Sisters

by Rainmaker; ; Report

my power gone :< how did u know

by 52GalWonder; ; Report


by 52GalWonder; ; Report