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"creating my EP"

28, Australia

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Guitar, Music, Writing, Singing, listening to wild music Talking to people who like similar stuff to me!


I'd say the music i listen to the most is: Foo Fighters Ghost korn Weezer Lady Gaga Demi Lovato recently started getting into bloodbath and repugnant, send help i cant stop listening to them both


Final Destination series is pretty good ;)





Nita Strauss, Per Eriksson, Brian May, Angus Young

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About me:

If Foo Fighters and Garbage had a child, it would be this. MORGANX is an Australian rock artist, currently working on the first EP

[listen to morganx's new song here]
this is the only place you can hear it so far...just for you guys :3

Who I'd like to meet:

People who love loud music!

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yoo tysm for the add!! u seem super cool, ill be sure to check out ur music!

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aww thanks! as do you :3

by MORGANX; ; Report


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i love love love foo fighters n you seem SUUPER cool, thanks for the add

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Ahhh Foo Fighters are my fav band!! and thanks :D

by MORGANX; ; Report


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Thank you for the request ใƒพ(โ—ฯ‰โ—)ใƒŽ

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of course :) have a good day now

by MORGANX; ; Report


MRS HOPFROG 's profile picture

Thanks for the request

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Of course! i hope you're having a lovely day :)

by MORGANX; ; Report


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Nice profile!

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well thank you :)

by MORGANX; ; Report


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Greetings! Thanks for the add

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no problem have a fun day :)

by MORGANX; ; Report

Fred The Boy Blue

Fred The Boy Blue's profile picture

thank you for accepting my friend request

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Of course! :) have a great day!

by MORGANX; ; Report

ty whoop whoop

by Fred The Boy Blue; ; Report

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hey thanks for the add!

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thx for the add :)

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thanks for add :3

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๐ŸฉธDripping Venom๐Ÿฉธ

๐ŸฉธDripping Venom๐Ÿฉธ's profile picture


I'm Lu.

Thank You.

Have A Great Day Always.....


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Hi Lu, hope you have a great day :)

by MORGANX; ; Report


Diana's profile picture

Dropping by to wish you a good day! Going to check out your content soon. Anything new you're working on?

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Aww thank you! Yes, in fact I've got a new song that will be coming out very soon, I'm thinking I might even upload it here first before streaming platforms etc since everyone has been so supportive to me (if i can figure out how to do so)

by MORGANX; ; Report

You're welcome! Oh cool! I'd be down to listen if you can get it posted, whenever you get the chance to do so. If you need help, I can send you the link to how to post youtube links (barely learned recently). Not sure which way you'd want to share but there's definitely a way to do so.

by Diana; ; Report

๐Ÿ”ฎ Danitza

๐Ÿ”ฎ Danitza๐ŸŒ™'s profile picture

โœจ๏ธ๐Ÿช„ Thanks for the add! May the Moon bless you and illuminate your nights. ๐Ÿช„โœจ๏ธ

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...And may it do the same for you :)

by MORGANX; ; Report


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Your layout rocks!!! Good luck on your EP it looks like it's gonna be awesome

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Ahh thank you so so much!!

by MORGANX; ; Report

Justin Wicker

Justin Wicker's profile picture

Hey Morgan, thanks for the add back! :) Hope your week is going well!

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A very busy week, but a good one none the less :)

by MORGANX; ; Report

There is certainly a bad busy and a good busy some weeks. I'm glad to hear yours has been good!

by Justin Wicker; ; Report


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Hey thanks for adding me!

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Of course! :) thanks for accepting!

by MORGANX; ; Report

You're so welcome!!

by Vexo; ; Report


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Awesome page and it's also awesome that you play guitar! I'll be sure to give your music a listen.

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Thanks so much!! :)

by MORGANX; ; Report


lฬถอ‹อฬ‹ฬฌฬชฬญอ‰อšฬ˜uฬธออ‚ฬˆฬ†ฬ‚ฬฬฬอ–ฬคฬ™อš...'s profile picture

Thank you for the add!

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ALEX !'s profile picture

HELLO ! you seem really cool and i really like your music :3 thanks for the add <33

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of course! and thank u for listening to my music ^_^

by MORGANX; ; Report


SEIF/ุณูŠู's profile picture

hey! u seem rlly cool ^^ i just listened to some of ur songs, i loved outcast!

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Ahh thank you so so much! I'm doing an remastered re-release of that song later this year for my EP bc so many people tell me they like it :D

by MORGANX; ; Report