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"barely existing"

she/he/they | ontario

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my bed, pizza, downy unstoppables scent beads in "lush," putting a bunch of stuff in my online shopping cart with no intention of purchasing it


i like sad girl music and disco


i have disliked 90% of the movies that i have watched but i keep trying in case i suddenly stop being a joyless human being one day


reality shows from the mid 2000s and anything dramatic that doesn't take place in a hospital or courtroom


reading makes me too tired honestly


mr rogers

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don't go wasting your emotion
lay all your love on me

hi i'm tessa

i'm fat, disabled, almost 30, and my favorite cereal is frosted flakes.
taurus sun, capricorn moon, leo rising
laziest goth on the planet
american expat in canada
artist who never draws anymore
hopelessly devoted to my cat, october

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Nicole Nirvana

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he y! your profile and cat is soo cuteee ^.^ thanks for the add~ im also very lazy ahah

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Toxic Lush

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hey beauty :)

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Rough Dreams

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Thanks for accepting us, Tessa. Hope you enjoy our music 🤞

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WeatzKetchum's profile picture

Thanks for the accept.

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Lilith's profile picture

Thanks for the add. Sorry if this is weird but your profile pic makes me think of Penelope from criminal minds (idk if you’ve ever seen it but you look a lot like her in this pic )

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i just looked her up and you know what, yeah! i'm like a fatter redheaded version of her hahaha

by ❥ tessa; ; Report


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Hell yeah legoshi is the best. Thanks for the add!

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yesss i just finished the manga yesterday! hope you had a great weekend ~

by ❥ tessa; ; Report


Smashley's profile picture

I love everything Goth, thanks for accepting My Friend request!!! ❤❤❤

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Toby's profile picture

"reading makes me too tired honestly"

haha I love that. Thanks for accepting.
I get good vibes from you

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aww that's sweet of you~ thanks!

by ❥ tessa; ; Report

Michelle Alyse

Michelle Alyse's profile picture

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by ❥ tessa; ; Report


D33ZY's profile picture

Hello thank you for adding me my new friend happy valentine's day!!! Have a great day!!

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happy valentine's day!

by ❥ tessa; ; Report


Tia's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Let the good times roll!

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Nessa_PeterPan's profile picture

Your art is cute

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thanks so much 🖤

by ❥ tessa; ; Report

Action Cat

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Thanks for the add! :D

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Mr. M

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Thanks for the add.

Libra Sun Pluto Conjunct
Taurus Moon
Sagittarius Ascendant in modern astrology

Pleasure to meet you. Your art is dope btw.

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hey thank you!!

and yooo my best friend is a libra sun taurus moon

by ❥ tessa; ; Report

That's cool, we should look at each other's natal charts if that's cool. My highest degree is 26 Venus Leo, but Pluto falls in my eleventh house, & to top it off my North Node is Scorpio which of course makes my South Node Taurus that is in conjunction with the moon in Taurus, Very heavy karma in relation to other people. I'm getting darker & joyless by the minute! =D

by Mr. M; ; Report

mood lmfao

my co-star is monsterbetch; you're free to add me if you're on there!

by ❥ tessa; ; Report

I'll get that app now! I didn't know it let us add or follow other users on costar! Thanks.

by Mr. M; ; Report


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thanks for the add! awesome page you got here!

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Ember Ashes

Ember Ashes's profile picture

thanks for adding me!!

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☽neris☾'s profile picture

thanks for the add!! your fat positivity is exactly what i'm looking for in SH friends ♥♥

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yessss i can't wait for the groups feature to go live! maybe we can make a space for fat babes🖤

by ❥ tessa; ; Report

YES i love it!

by ☽neris☾; ; Report


Doctor's profile picture

Hi! Thanks for accepting!


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thanks for the add~

by ❥ tessa; ; Report


alex's profile picture

yo thanks for the add, cute blog! :D

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Ginger_snap's profile picture

Hey heeeey! Thanks for the ad!
Love and light to you!


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tysm you too~!

by ❥ tessa; ; Report