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"Carving sigils on the wood."

I'm Argentine, a librarian of sorts.

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I am interested in all sorts of cultural and social media, theology, thermals, literature and mental health / Psychology, I am boring most of the time, I have a special place for animals and an undescribed love for people. Currently painting Necron Deathmarks.


What you're listening is Onda Vaga - La Maga. I am a melomaniac. Currently going knee's deep at punk rock and simply german synth new wave.


• The Seventh Seal (1957) • Lady Killer (1995) • Young Frankenstein (1974) • The lighthouse (2019) • Shadow Of The Vampire (2000) • And more, I watch a movie every other day, if you're curious if I saw one I most probably did, ask for it.


• Mr.Robot (2015) • The Witcher (2019) • Daria • The Mentalist •


• Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas (1870) • Sea of Rust (2017) • The Alchemist Secret (2011) • 84, Charing Cross Road (1970) • Solaris (1961) Currently reading: Shadowhunter - Jeffrey Archer My favorite book saga is The Lord Of The Rings.


Klaus Nomi, Tatsuro Yamashita, Jorge Luis Borges

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About me:

My name is Mobus. I have been concealed once again with oscilloscopic visions, only a line that moves fast and carefully to not displace wrongly, I like literature, I like helping people out, I like a lot of things, and so I hate too, be wary of my natural lack of talkative quality... hello please add me in the spacehey's unofficial random blogroll, thanks ...

Who I'd like to meet:

I don't mind nor I care. You can add me on this discord if SpaceHey is not your jam (tmobus)

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It's funny how few we Mr. Robot enjoyers are on this site. I feel like there would be more if spacehey was more like windows93 myspace in terms of demographics.

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Greetings and Good tidings.

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Tub Girl

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ty for adding me back, Klaus Mobus. I love the vibe of ur profile :~)

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flower child

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thanks for the add back! i love your layout!

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klaus nomi <3

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Klaus Nomi indeed <3

by Möbus; ; Report


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I walked away from love
I always had myself to blame

by Möbus; ; Report


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thanks for the add!<3
me gusta la musica de tu profil! quien es el artista?

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Esta en el apartado musica, son Onda Vaga.
Es una banda de Rock/Reggae que habras escuchado mil veces y nunca supiste que eran ellos, tienen un sonido muy amiguero y son bastante esotericos en algunos temas.

by Möbus; ; Report

Me llega la musica de ellos. Thank You!

by js; ; Report


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Super cool profile!

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Do you have a favorite poem?

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We can translade this question to different roundabouts, my favorite sonnets? my favorite long poems? my favorite short poems? my favorite poets? my favorite poetic rules and guidelines? favorite age of poetry? my own rating of the best ones?

It's too vague for only a reply.

by Möbus; ; Report

true...tell me all of them :D

by scientist_axolotl; ; Report

Sonnets 61 & 62 from Shakespear and almost all Quevedo sonnets too.

Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti, The History of Red by Linda Hogan and The Crow of Edgar Allan Poe.

A Vow by Sudesh Mishra, The Apparition by Jhon Donne and The Lamb by Linda Gregg

Edgar Allan Poe, Facundo Quiroga, Pablo Neruda and Jorge Luis Borges of course.

Haikus and Ballads are some of the most interesting to me, as well as the combinations between rimas as Ottava and Terza, Blank and Free verses have some of the most unique formating around poetries, I enjoy them dearly. Illiterations, anaphoras and metaphors as well as similes and aphorisms are my favorite formats, they all are so classically beautiful in their own sentiment, it's almost a shame not including them. The Prose poems and the Epistles are my favorite modes of poetry, because they are the most vague in their opening and most interesting in their interines.

My favorite age would be the Spaniard Golden Age, as well as the Augustean period and the Georgian one, both of them in their own special way of transporting one to the dreads of the extravaganza of poverty and suffering in the old times. It's a special way to conduct the mind you know? The one of consciousness so far back in time, it's almost magic, it is magical.

by Möbus; ; Report

The things you wrote made me learn so much new things about poetry, which i love very much also. Seems like you have great taste when it comes to it too, plus I agree your comment on the "magic" side of it, I truly belive some things in life, like what you said, are magic!!

by scientist_axolotl; ; Report

What about you? something good lately?

by Möbus; ; Report

well recently I stumbled upon a poem that I quite like from An-sifakah again, its called Icarus. Have you heard of it before?

by scientist_axolotl; ; Report

I saw beauty. Others saw pain
I loved it you see,
It was addictive.
Even Dionysis
Would marvel at my insanity
There is no beauty
Without pain.

by Möbus; ; Report


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yoo finally someone else who also watched Daria lol

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I have just sent an audio to my sister on how much I love Jane Lane, and how good of a best friend she was to Daria thorough the show.

by Möbus; ; Report

I agree %100

by scientist_axolotl; ; Report


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Very cool layout 10/10

What's your favorite Mr. Robot episode?

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Season 2
Episode 3

Best episode besides the first one.

by Möbus; ; Report

Very interesting

by stargazer; ; Report


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greetings Mobus, I like your layout a lot it's so classic the colors the vibe, the mushroom at the beginning it makes me happy when I saw it, and the music, great choice! it's very fitting, also thank you for the add hope you'll have a great day.

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Thank you, I also like your layout. The letter and the colors remind me of old wicca aesthetics.

by Möbus; ; Report

yayy I'm glad to hear that, thank you!

by Crows.Lady; ; Report

Franz or BRUCIE

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You seem so fascinating, I am delighted by the look of your profile! I'd like to have a pick at your brain sometime!

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I am thoroughly intrigued by you. let me study you under a microscope, pls

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If you state the motive, sure. I am already under vigilance.

by Möbus; ; Report

Motive is purely interest and curiosity. no malicious intent here, kind friend.

by t8pworm; ; Report


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tysm for the add! ur profile looks rly cool and interesting, hopefully u have a good day!

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thanks for the add! :) i adore your taste in movies; labyrinth is so underrated IMO

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In general I think people undermine the art direction fantasy movies took during the 80's and forget how good they were, there are a lot of movies that are visually stunning and carefully written into a dreamscape that never were even published out of france or germany.

Which is a shame, so good cinema is locked not only by obscurity but by language. Good times to know french well enough for understanding it spoken out.

by Möbus; ; Report


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Thanks for the add!

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love to see district 9 on your movie interests. that movie is so, so underrated.

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