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he/him, eng/no & learning jp

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Mood: i think im gonna change my name to me-you

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MUSIC RULES MY LIFE!!!! i also like chess, anime, computerstuffs, chemistry and last but not least my partner :)


talking heads / anco / yung lean / car seat headrest / slowdive / the cardigans / lil ugly mane / death cab for cutie / ecco2k / pavement / death grips / flying lotus / venetian snares / tyler the creator


napoleon dynamite / empire records / fight club / high fidelity / my own private idaho / trainspotting / synecdoche, new york / a family finds entertainment



invisible cities / slaughterhouse-five / franny & zooey


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16. lunarian. i luv cats. :3 cancer sun, cancer moon, and virgo rising. intp 5w4. proud transgender-er... i'm transgendering.

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You stink

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Perty The Virtual Singer

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💕 💞

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Elevator or escalator?
Hmmm, I choose the stairs. And you?

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elevator.....i mean escalator....the box shaped things :p

by mktralfamadorian; ; Report


ᧁꫀꪮ᥅ᧁ꠸ꪖ's profile picture

thanks for the add :) I LOVE YOUR TASTE IN MUSIC WHAT

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thank you! added because i liked your music taste too :)

by mktralfamadorian; ; Report


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sup homie!

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whats uuuuppppp!:)

by mktralfamadorian; ; Report


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ooh, your music taste is really cool too! other than the overlapping ones, I also like Muse, Deftones and Sonic Youth (the first I left off because I've not listened for so long (but I love Origin of Symmetry and I've binged tracks from The Resistance and The 2nd Law to death!), the second, I've only really listened to White Pony but I love it a lot, I should try their other stuff (I've heard Koi No Yokan once but k don't remember it)! and for the third, I've heard Goo, Daydream Nation and Murray St but only like once or twice and I can't really remember anything but I enjoyed them :)
ive heard a couple Kendrick albums (Damn and To Pimp A Butterfly) and I liked those too, and Swimming Pools is very addictive! My mum likes Of Montreal and I've heard at least one song but no memories, I'll check them out!
I'll probably steal a few of these to my list heh! I also liked Adventure Time and Invader Zim but I've barely watched anything for like 4 years and it's hard to remember what I enjoyed and it's hard to get the motivation to sit down and watch stuff now, I'm just terminally lazy :s anyway, thanks for the add!

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:OO ofcourse, and alllsooo if you wanna start with of montreal try cherry peel or hissing fauna ^^

by mktralfamadorian; ; Report

thank you so much for the recs!! :) Cherry Peel was cute as heck, I love Tim I Wish You Were Born A Girl and i think i've heard it before because of my mum but. Don't Ask Me To Explain is also a fav from my first listen i think eheh :) gosh, Hissing Fauna is a totally different vibe and so so good! Gronlandic Edit, bunny ain't no kind of rider, the past is a grotesque animal, suffer for fashion, heimdalsgate, a sentence of sorts, we were born the mutants, tbh every track was great. the album flows so well and the track transitions are so smooth too gaa!

by flutterbat; ; Report

glad u liked! :D those are my two favorites.

by mktralfamadorian; ; Report


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i also enjoy azumanga ^_^

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Perty The Virtual Singer

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💖 ✨

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♥ Luna ♥

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Hey thanks for the add! Can you enlighten me? Im just curious why younger people use this site, for me its purley nostalgia because it was 2007 when i used it. Just curius, thanks! (:

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you’re welcome! me personally i had friendproject back in 2019 and my special interest has been old internet stuff for a long time so thats mostly why i joined :p

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thanks 4 the add! i love flcl too!

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mfw scott pilgrim pfp :D

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mfw claus pfp :33

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I'm spreading my Todd Ingram lovemail propaganda here

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D3FT0NT4$s⋆ ★

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ahh! ty 4 adding me back your page is really unique and pretty.

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of course! & thank you :)

by mktralfamadorian; ; Report


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one orange two three four five six seven eight nine yeah thats right

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very cute profile! love it :3

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aww thank u :’D!!

by mktralfamadorian; ; Report

sarah ♡

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Filmhey is up!

i do hate to advertise anything on anyone's page, but i wanted to invite you to check out filmhey, a new movie-lovers/creators community group !!
of course there's no obligation to join if this isn't up your alley but if it is, we would love you have you!!

come check it out if you're interested!!

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cj sawyer

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thank you for the add !! nice to have another music fan adde- *sees third eye blind and metric and passes away* (/pos)

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:DD nice to see another metric and third eye blind fan!

by mktralfamadorian; ; Report


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meowmeowmeowmeowmeo :3

by mktralfamadorian; ; Report


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Thx 4 the add d00d!!

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