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I like cats!Cat Milgram (Kotoko my wife!!!Aaaah), Alien Stage, visual novels *explota*, Mystic Messenger ☆, drawing… Although I’m usually too inactive to upload my drawingsT^T hehe… I also like project Sekai a lot, but I don’t play it often, aaah!! (Actually, I haven’t played it for monthsOops )… Lately I haven’t had many interests in things or fandoms, I would be very happy to receive recommendations!Ah eh oh


 :) Serani Poji ♡ Kikuo ♡ Wowaka ♡ deco*27 ♡ Vocaloid Meow ♡ MILGRAM !!! Wiii


Oh… I don’t watch many movies normally, any recommendations? *cry*


Bee and PuppyCat, South Park… oh… Right now I don’t remember what other series I watched, I usually leave them halfway…


Does “Secret alliance” count? Haha, I don’t read books, I accept any recommendation! However, I watch much more visual novels! Among the ones I watched are Broken color, My dear hatchet man, Mushroom Oasis, honey hotline 


Obviously, Kotoko my wife, Mikoto, Shinon and Fone (???)

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About me:

Divisor y^y

Fresita ₊‧ ꒰ა Hi!! I’m Zoop!  ໒꒱ ‧₊Otra fresa, ah

OoOne more little person wandering around this site!

Pat I tend to be a very introverted person, so I ask for patience in case I respond late to messages, I also find it difficult to bring up topics of conversation...However, I am always open to making new friendsÑam ñam!Aah

(English is not my first language, sorry for the spelling mistakesCry


Who I'd like to meet:

Ah eh~Oh! I would really like to be able to interact with people who draw or who share the same interests as me, if you are a person who draws we could draw together in MagmaA!! I’m almost always free, so feel free to write to me if you feel like it!!Oooo


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Dios tu perfil es una bomba rosaaaa. Amooooo(≧∀≦)o💖✨

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Aaaah!!! Recién veo tu comentario!! Muchas Gracias!!! ♡♡♡t^t

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