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"I can't sleep"

17 years, He/Him, Eng/Esp, Mexico

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You may call me Leo or Leon, I don't mind, I use to be playing games and listen to music but college is killing me rn so sorry if I answer after some time, I really like horror stuffI prefer to speak English or Spanish and I'm mostly active on my Instagram: shodaileo


Deftones, Tv Girl, Akira Yamaoka, Los Retros, Mother Mother, Slipknot, Gorillaz, Lana Del Rey, Mitski, Laufey, Lemon Demon, The Weekend, Olivia Rodrigo, Artic Monkeys, Melanie Martinez, Jack Stauber, Mac DeMarco, The Smiths, Lady Gaga, C.R.O, Rammstein, Metallica, System Of A Down, Skz, Korn and I also listen to videogames OST and classic music


Horror, Godzilla (any kaiju stuff) and action movies mostly, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Carrie, Halloween, Scream, Donnie Darko, My Bloody Valentine, Saw, Hereditary, Terrifier, Friday The 13th, John Wick, Nobody, Pacific Rim, etc.

Also a Scott Pilgrim and Studio Ghibli fan


The Mandalorian, Fallout, TLOU, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Adventure Time, Gumball, Evangelion, Hellsing, Castlevania, TWD, Stranger Things, YOU, The Boys


Junji Ito, I have no mouth and I must scream, Cadáver Exquisito, H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Unworthy of Being Human, Scott Pilgrim Comics, Jurassic Park, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe


I prefer villains and anti-heroes, like slasher killers, Michael Myers, Billy Loomis (Ghost Face), Harry Warden, Frank Anderson, Jason Voorhees and Bubba Sawyer (Leatherface)

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About me:


A silly guy from Mexico City with eisoptrophobia and scopophobia that likes going for a walk at nights and play cod (mostly cold war zombies and Warzone), dead by daylight and overwatch, I play a lot more games but that one's are my main, finally have 17

I really really like Godzilla and dinosaurs


Feel free to send me a message, I like to meet new people from any place c;

Who I'd like to meet:

People around my age, but everyone is welcome

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★ ɴɪᴋ𝟶ᴍ𝟷 ★

★ ɴɪᴋ𝟶ᴍ𝟷 ★'s profile picture

ty for the add !! ur acc is rlly cool and we have sm in common ^^

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▄︻デ☟★ ΜatẸ𝓻ǗⓀ𝕒 ♔══━一

▄︻デ☟★  ΜatẸ𝓻ǗⓀ𝕒 ♔══━一's profile picture

I Have A Horror Movie Recommendation! It's Called 'Evil Dead Rise' I Honestly Think It's A Good Movie! Thanks For The Add!

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Magenta's profile picture

alzo, a horror movie i rlly recommend is black Christmas
both the 1974 one and the 2006 one
still have to watch the 2006 version

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Magenta's profile picture

ur page iz zo kool!! /pos x3

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Pam_x.x's profile picture

≤^.^≥ Ola, con intensiones de dejarle una "cartita" toda pedorra pero con mucho cariño por San Valentín Un besillo ^( '-' )^
Y le dejo una canción:

♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪
┏ ( ) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪

Atte: ió

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Shy_Little_Bunny<3's profile picture

I've been fascinated by Silent hill but never got a chance to watch playthroughs of it. Just started and it's amazing. I love horror and your profile set up is very cozy ^-^

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STAR_VAMPS's profile picture

hola me ree encanta tu perfil

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fwuttershypawz's profile picture

thanks for the add u seem very cool >.<!!

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sleepy's profile picture

your so real for this and cool shakinhg you like soda/pos(thanks for the add your really cool)

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Thank you! You are also really cool! c:

by Leon Loomis; ; Report


by sleepy; ; Report


by sleepy; ; Report


v4mp.n3k0o's profile picture

Good taste : )
Hope u don't mind but I saved it on my Spotify profile

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Thxx, and no worries, I´m glad you liked my playlist <3

by Leon Loomis; ; Report