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"probably reading a shitty fanfic"

he/him, trans, gay and a minor, but im cool i swear..

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my birthday is on march 10, im a huge Sonic, Hazbin Hotel AND Helluva Boss fan, i was born in 2010 and my personality is quiet, i dont like people noticing me so i try to not talk irl, im really shy but when it comes to my hyperfixations.. its really hard to shut my mouth, i talk spanish, its my first language, i like pizza but just sometimes because i feel like throwing up when i think about food and specially pizza, i dont really eat much and i have ANEMIA (idk how to write it in english, sorry), i also have a roblox acc, its called XxMarynJXx, i made it when i was nine, i like to draw, i usually draw the Osomatsu sextuplets because theyre really easy to draw, i also know how to draw Sonic and Tails but i dont draw them very often, i dont really like most of the Sonic ships but i really like Knuckles x Rouge, Shadow x Sonic, Sonic x Amy, Tails x Cosmo and Silver x Sonic (i like Blaze x Silver too, dont attack me im just a kid!! -_-..) now Hazbin Hotel ships: radiostatic, radioapple, Vox and Valentino AND MY FAVE ONE, huskerdust:3, im holding my Knuckles plushie/backpack while im writing all this, i also have other two spacehey accounts but i wont use them again, not because i lost them, just bc i got bored of them :p, i only have two irl friends and actually, im totally fine with that, i dont like to be around people, some of them make me sick! specially my classmates, i just cant stand them, theyre really mean to me and my friends, they remind me of my bullies i used to have in elementary school :/,, soooooo thats it, man my butt really hurts from sitting all this time, uughh, i really want to rewatch the Megan Is Missing movie, if you havent watched it yet, do it, you wont regret it. my hyperfixations are Sonic The Hedgehog and Hazbin Hotel.


i like a lot of music and i have a lot of playlists, it would be really hard to name every artist or group so ill just put a link :).


i REALLY loved the Sonic movies, some people hated them but on my opinion they were awesome, i like horror movies, well more like i love them, one of my favs is Blair Witch, you should really watch it!


i dont watch tv and if i do its just to use yt or spotify so what am i supossed to put here..


hmmm, i love to read but tbh what i always read are fanfics so idkkk, i like the FNAF books (i only own one..), i also have two Death Note mangas and i absolutely love them, i used to have a hyperfixation with Death Note, i still like it but its not an obsession anymore.


Sonic and Sir Pentious :33. (I MISS HIM)

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About me:

im Nicolas, but yall can call me Nick, im 13 years old AND ALMOST 14 AHHHHHAGGDAJD.. im neurodivergent and as you can see, my hyperfixation is Sonic The Hedgehog and Hazbin Hotel :) also the gifs and stamps are a complete MESS, but whatever ugh GIF GIF GIF GIF GIF

Who I'd like to meet:

i would like to meet other Hazbin Hotel and Sonic fans

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doesnt looks empty anymore

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aaaaaaaaaaaaa me aburrooooooooo

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also i forgot abt my pronouns, he/him!!!! im a trans boy but im too silly to put that on general.


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this part is too empty, i hate itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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