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"watching a whale documentary!"

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frutiger aero/web 2.0 gloss, wii, frutiger metro, anime, manga, video essays, sims 4, minecraft, alice in wonderland, gothic literature, bass, art, sea animals, music and fashion!!


sheena ringo, lemon demon, fiona apple, perfume, bôa, millionaires, tommy february6, tommy heavenly6, lily chou-chou, poison girl friend, diva destruction, type o negative, soad, korn, ptv, mcr, 6arelyhuman, paramore, nin, siouxsie and the banshees, bauhaus, miw, twin tribes, dir en grey, the gazette, slowdive, vocaloid and more!!


paprika, perfect blue, the violet evergarden movie, avatar 1 & 2, girl interrupted, re-animator, i want to eat your pancreas, belle, spirited away, alice in wonderland, coraline, saltburn, and more!! DC6-EA290-4-C93-4505-B155-620-B821-CDF1-E


lain, violet evergarden, princess precure, invader zim, dead end paranormal park, bojack horseman, paradise kiss, sound euphonium, k-on, asobi asobase, ahs, criminal minds, and more!


emily the strange, frankenstein, a certain hunger, kamisama kiss, no longer human, emma, pride & prejudice, lou!, pandora hearts, and more!!


lain, hatsune miku, mana sama, emily the strange, spider-man

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About me:

hii you can call me wiispy (yes like the wii (^▽^)) or mimmi! i'm 18 and have auDHD! i love all things internet and cute! and trashy!! Shark

cat kittycat
shork swimmy :)
I love love love games n horror movies!!! I’ve been editing this blog 4 hours(_ _).。o○

Who I'd like to meet:

ppl with the same interests as me, etc. feel free to add me as long as you're nice and respectful ofc! i want to make lots of friends!! <3 ( ) 。°̥。◦ a u t i s m ⊰✧

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heyaa i luv ur profile smm!!! also I was wondering if u could give me the code for the spinning miku?? :o tysm for the add btw! <3

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SENT!!! and ofccc!! <33

by wiispy!!; ; Report


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Guh I luv ur profile. Thanks for the add

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by wiispy!!; ; Report


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Oh my gosh your profile is so cool!! I love your style and thank you so much for adding me!!! :D

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ofc!! and thank youuuu

by wiispy!!; ; Report


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Hatsune Miku 🔛🔝 <3

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by wiispy!!; ; Report


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i <3 ur profile !!

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omg tysm! i love urs too!! <3

by wiispy!!; ; Report