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"It's snowing :o"

"I cannot physically touch you, but I can get very close." - DF

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Just saying folks MEME2021-01-16-03-23-42 Just a flashback to the 2000's FB-IMG-1610728977204 I love this tea, I'm so random! Screenshot-20210116-140734-2 Photography Screenshot-20210116-143328-2 We love camping Screenshot-20210116-144225-2 Screenshot-20210116-173951-2 Born in the late 80's and so glad! 1-12 Screenshot-20210116-150219-2 Can we get this back :D 5-KR7-AHGPX4-YKEHJJ5-GDYMI5-OJU Do you miss yahoo pool like I do? Know of anything almost exactly like it? pp18-Cl-DRAJ57-Frvzb-Xa-Cb5-AIOjjb-NJ9bq1-A3-A1i-N-IU


I love all sorts of music, my playlist is such a mix. What's posted is similar to the list I had when on my myspace. I just wanted to get those old vibes again. FB-IMG-1610830106476-2 Acclaimed-Heartfelt-Goat-size-restricted R-3323602-1550518850-5702-jpeg My dad


Save-The-Last-Dance Love-And-Basketball il-794x-N-2389150932-m1p0 81e-X3-LTw-Le-L-SL1500


https-hiddenremote-com-files-image-exchange-2018-08-ie-57175-850x560 930697-this-is-us-5-828x1104 MV5-BNWQ1-Zm-M3-MTQt-NTVh-ZC00-MWVl-LWI5-Zjgt-Ym-Zi-YWQx-Zj-Uz-ZWM0-Xk-Ey-Xk-Fqc-Gde-QXVy-Mz-Q2-MDI5


Also sharing quotes section for me 51os-OBEcf-YL-SY300 The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed. -Eminem Screenshot-20210116-171803-2


original-3713365-2 I miss my mother everyday!

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About me:

Just reliving some moments of my past. This is great for I didn't join myspace until 2006. It's neat to see what it was like before I joined. I had no idea what is was at the time, I quickly joined and loved choosing my layout and having my music play for anyone who came to see my profile. It would be nice to have people to keep in touch with from here :) My husband and I have been together for years and have four children. We did lose one at 32 weeks. Three living children and an angel. My mother passed last year, that's been a struggle for me. Profile made by K A T I E https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=7335

Who I'd like to meet:

I just want to meet people that are kind and hopefully stay in touch with! I don't why friends are so hard for me to have in my personal life. I'm fine with having great friends through this :) Mean Girls Mean Girls


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Hii Milly!✋🏼

Thank you for the add, nice profile, and welcome to Spacehey, the coolest place on the Internet since the old Myspace. I'm relatively new here too, and this platform is pretty fun

~Frankkie R.

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Hii! You're very welcome, and that's so awesome, I'm happy you're loving the vibe. And thank you for the compliment about my profile.

Yes, it's definitely taken us back to a pleasant time on the web. I think we've been longing for something like this for a while now, and it finally came lol.

Well, I'm so glad that you found Spacehey, it's great to meet you, and we should definitely keep in touch!

~Frankkie R.

by Frankkie; ; Report

Agreed! Yes we should. So far a good amount of people from here I want to stay in touch with

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report

Hii Milly!

That's nice to hear that you're meeting people you want to stay in touch with on here.

And great, I'm actually going to add you to my Favorites. That's my small, but elite group of Spaceheyers lol. I'm happy to put you there!

by Frankkie; ; Report

That is super to be added to favorites I forgot about that section. That does make it easier for sure.

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report

Hii Milly! Haha, yes it does make it easier, and you have earned your spot there! lol.

Also, feel free to email anytime me too. I put a link to my address on my profile for any of my friends on here that would like to keep in touch better. I wouldn't do this on ANY other sm site, but this one is an exception. I do get random emails from friends occasionally and it's so much fun lol.

What I'm really looking to do is gain just a few good email pen-pals. It's been so long since I had any, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to be able to find some.

I remember back in the Myspace days that I was able to connect with about 5 or 6 really nice people, and keep in contact that way. I really miss those days lol.

Anyway, I hope you're having a great day!

Frankkie R.

by Frankkie; ; Report

I love the thought of this for sure ️">

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report

Hii Milly! Awesome, I'd love to be able to write with you. You can send me an email from my profile, and I'll respond asap.

Oh, and as I mention on there also, if you want to hear about the business name story that everyone asks me about, I'll be very happy to share the story with you too (I'll include the story in my reply). Everybody gets a kick out of it lol.

And by the way, Happy Friday!

by Frankkie; ; Report


J03Bear's profile picture

Thanks for accepting the add!

Hope your day has been full of peace, love, and positivity!

Talk soon! 🐻

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ash lynx

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thanks for the add ! i love your profile.

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Calvin K

Calvin K 🌞's profile picture

Hey, thanks for accepting. I love the Mean Girls background!

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NP and thanks it was made by K a t i e :) she's always coming up with great layouts for spacehey. How are you?

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report

She sure is! I got some of my layouts from her as well. I’m doing pretty well, happy it’s Friday how are you?!

by Calvin K ; ; Report

Awesome! It's going, I just can't wait until spring. It's gonna be chilly here this weekend :( I just keep counting down the days

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report

Brittany Heffern

Brittany Heffern's profile picture

Thanks for becoming my friend beautiful

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Np, I look forward to learning more about you. This has been a really great place with meeting new people.

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report

I am one of a kind I tell you lmao
Do you have snapchat

by Brittany Heffern; ; Report

Nothing wrong with that, that's why I'm loving this space so far. Everyone is different and I'm loving it and I do have one. I don't really use it often. Here it is milly412 or I think. I mostly used it for filters and video fun at different times in my life.

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report


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Yeah I paid a the 5 dollars to see all my pictures. This week im going to move all those pictures to google instead.

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Yeah I paid a the 5 dollars to see all my pictures. This week im going to move all those pictures to google instead.

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That makes sense and it's worth the money for the memories. I'm a sucker for photos. I have so many different external hard drives. I've lost some photos along the way :(

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report


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Thank you for the add

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No problem, I just left you a comment probably at the same time. Welcome!

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report


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oh yes. I cant wait for more development and more things for me to learn.

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FB is useless cause no one reeeeaaallly wants to talk or be friends, they just want to stalk. IG is pictures and status, Tiktok is either consuming or become a content creator eek. Twitter is: Are you clever? Tumblr is: Are you mysterious and horny?

So no, it makes sense. So far this place is pretty safe and welcoming. There are some trolls and goblins around now I hear.

by Gio; ; Report

I do agree with all those sites. Also everyone is just on edge and mean and I'm not into any of that. I found this at a great time in my life. I suppose with any site we'll come across spammers/rude people and hopefully they get blocked for good. I'm excited also to see where this site will go :)

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report


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Thank you v much, your is a vibe as well! Make me want honey for some reason haha

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that sounds about right. I'm sure many vibes will come into play. Random is my life.

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report


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hey girl ♥

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Hey pretty lady! Loving the profile picture 💓

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report


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Hello! Thanks for the add! Welcome!

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No problem and thank you! I'm loving it so far. Takes me back to simpler times.

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report