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18, she/her

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genshin impact ✩ minecraft ✩ roblox ✩ overwatch ✩ cookie run kingdom ✩ needy streamer overload ✩ mystic messenger ✩ persona 5 royal ✩ goddess of victory: nikke ✩ honkai star rail

(~✮ awaiting zenless zone zero)


now playing ▹[YAMADA MUSIC PLAYLIST/「山田くんとLv999の恋をする」 ✩ vocaloid ✩ jrock/jpop ✩ kpop/k r&b ✩ more genres except most country


MAQUIA: the promised flower blooms ✩ madoka magica: rebellion ✩ the end of evangelion ✩ howl's moving castle ✩ perfect blue ✩ ride your wave ✩ puss in boots 2 ✩ megamind ✩ coraline ✩ barbie series ✩ SPIDERVERSE


BOCCHI THE ROCK! ✩ neon genesis evangelion ✩ hunter x hunter ✩ MADOKA MAGICA ✩ SONNY BOY ✩ the disastrous life of saiki k ✩ my little pony ✩ monster high ✩ ever after high ✩ barbie life in the dreamhouse ✩ the amazing world of gumball

(~✮ fav genres → psychological, horror, comedy, romance, drama, mystery, action/adventure, not big on sci-fi! )


JK HARU IS A SEX WORKER ✩ MY LOVE FOR YAMADA KUN AT LVL999 ✩ toilet-bound hanako-kun ✩ soul eater ✩ chainsaw man ✩ happy sugar life ✩ kamisama kiss

(~✮ manga i'm dying to read → blue period, land of the lustrous, shadows house, neon genesis evangelion, oyasumi punpun )


soul eater → death the kid ✩ bocchi the rock → BOCCHI ✩ chainsaw man → reze ✩ evangelion → kaworu ✩ hunter x hunter → killua ✩ saiki k → kaidou ✩ promare → lio ✩ and more but my fav person ever is you ✩!

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About me:

hi! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ✩彡

nice to meet you,

i am currently a zombie on hibernation mode <\3

credits 2 catboy groove ✮

Who I'd like to meet:

✩ timezone PST & slow @ responding!

✩ up for random chats anytime abt any common interests

✩ dni if you're bad!!! don't be weird!!!

✩ if unfriended, don't take it personally either!

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suddenly, kittens!

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hai there! your fav mustached friend is back!

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by milk ✩!; ; Report


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ty for adding me!! love your layout

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awww thank you!! i adore your kamisama kiss layout i miss that show so much i reread the manga 2 times

by milk ✩!; ; Report

Lo ✦

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ur profile is SO CUTE, i love pompom

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awwhhhhhh thank you!! pom pom lovers unite (♡˙︶˙♡)

by milk ✩!; ; Report


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Thank you so much 💖
You have a such adorable layout<3

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omg hi!! i love the aesthetic of your layout too!!! its so pretty <33

by milk ✩!; ; Report

Thank you sweetheart it means a lot 🍓🌟

by Joe; ; Report


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thanks for accepting X3 ur layout is so cute

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tysm!! <333

by milk ✩!; ; Report

Autumn ⋰˚☆

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Hello! :D I just want to say I love your layout and profile! I haven't watched/read Dress Up Darling yet, but it seems really cutie :]

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aww thank you! <33 i love your layout too! i havent actually finished watching dress up darling but i think marin is a really cute character! there's a looooot of fanservice tho which can make it uncomfortable so if you ever give it a try, keep that in mind !! ive always wanted to get into nier automata bc its soo pretty

by milk ✩!; ; Report

Alrighty! Thank you! :D I think you would really like the game! The graphics are amazing and characters *chef kiss*

by Autumn ⋰˚☆; ; Report