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im a silly guy, im also 17 lol

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e2000’s, early internet, 2000’s Tech, steam, old yt, tf2, America, japan


A Day To Remember, The Bouncing Soul’s, Chicane, sElf, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Justice, Aphex Twin, Calm Trance, Alternative


Interstellar, Transformers, Taxi(A French movie series), Night at The Museum


Xavier Renegade Angel, The Office, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Drake n Josh, Any Nickelodeon Series, Azumanga Daioh



gabe newell

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About me:

hai helo!!!

im mikey, im a huge fan of steam and other stuff related to valve :P i do video editing and i also love messing around the source engine, its somthin i love doin

im trying to start learning japanese... well, technically, i know hiragana already but i cant get further cause of sum stuff irl

just a quick note, i dont rlly speak that much wit people on spacehey, so, if you can, ask me for my discord tag and msn tag, i am way more active on there and also more active there

oh, and if any russians add me, pls know that i dont like speaking russian since i feel uncomftorable doing so, speak with me in english instead, ty!

thx 4 visting this profile!


oh, btw, i made this layout ( ・∇・)

Who I'd like to meet:

someone that has a lot in common, some of my friends

who I would NOT like to interact with

mental disease glorifiers

friends collectors


people who don’t have the same interests
(sorry… (−_−;)but try tho!)

music accounts


mocknostalgia people who don’t put effort in their videos
(learn how to make real content bozos (^_^))

micheal P worshippers
(i realllyyyy have to put this here, do i?)

pedo glorifiers(self explainatory)

people below 16(no, just no. im not comftorable with that)

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silas ☆

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we talked before btw

by Mikey; ; Report


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by Mikey; ; Report


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i see u like 2000s n also games omg omg thank u for adding me back!!! also i love ur layout its so cool

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Hey, thanks! (・∀・)
I made the layout myself ^_^

by Mikey; ; Report

thats so cool honestly i personally can barely use css so i used little snippets of like every layout out there ;v; took me a long time to make it look ok

by pissbaby; ; Report

Oh, well, I learnt how to use HTML and CSS, and also learnt design as well

by Mikey; ; Report

ooo at school or self taught? i learned both at school but it was pretty much useless (╥﹏╥)

by pissbaby; ; Report

Special lesson, had them for 2 years

by Mikey; ; Report

that explains it lmao (ive had like 3 lessons each i think it shows...)

by pissbaby; ; Report

True, wanna talk via IM? Don’t really think filling the comments section gonna so it

by Mikey; ; Report


by pissbaby; ; Report


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epic azumanga layout

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by Mikey; ; Report

we love azumanga here

by silenthill; ; Report


yumen1✩*̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ 's profile picture

aaa u seem super kool thanx for adding me back ^o^

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Marisa momento

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Hello CIA Operative here, I agree America is based

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tru, tru

by Mikey; ; Report


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Don't you dare.... hiding from me.....? :3

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by Mikey; ; Report


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first comment

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