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I’m a late 20s Therapist located in the heart of the midwest. I have a healthy sense of humor and try not to take myself too seriously. I lean left politically. Happily partnered for 3 years πŸŽ‰ The Elders Scroll Skyrim - Precision Have a great day!! πŸŽ…

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I’d love to meet folks to chat about video games, anime and manga with.

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Nice pixel art intro/header. I see you like games / anime / manga. What are you currently playing / watching / reading?

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Thanks for asking! Not reading much at the moment (I tend to go off and on) but I still need to slowly but surely work my way through WoT I’m on like book 4 of 13 and have resolved only to finish them before I die lol

Games-wise, right now I’m alternating between Bayonetta 3, Bug Fables, and the first professor Layton game. Since they finally announced a new Layton I decided to replay them all, and thankfully it seems enough time has passed that I don’t remember the solutions to most of the puzzles.

The anime I’ve been following are on break right now, but I have been working my way through both Bojack Horseman and Steven Universe again.

What about you, reading/watching/playing anything interesting at the moment?

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The last book I read was Moon of the Crusted Snow.

I've been watching Nichijou and the new Trigun reboot Trigun Stampede which is awesome.

Seasonal/general depression has been brutal so I've had some trouble playing any games regularly, so I've mostly been on really casual social things like VRChat (no VR device, just desktop mode). I like Phasmophobia and Roblox games with friends though.

Roblox gets a bad reputation as being some low quality kids game thing, but most games have that kind of reputation to non-game people. It's a million user-created games and some are really interesting. Like someone ported Among Us with accurate maps and everything, played from a first person perspective.

by π™³πš’πš›πš”; ; Report

Nichijou is on my list to watch eventually! What little I’ve seen has been a major gutbuster. Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. Absolutely no shame for playing whatever feels right at the time! I shamelessly play Huniepop as a gay man because I like the gameplay and think the writing is hilarious. If VRchat and Roblox help you weather through the tough times, you should keep it up!

I’m on Spacehey a bit sporadically, but don’t be afraid to give me a shout sometime! I’d love to chat more about anime/manga/games, especially if we happen to line up and engage with the same ones at some point.

by Mike; ; Report

What a coincidence, I too have been known to play HuniePop despite being not the target demographic for that. Haven't tried 2 though. Speaking of that kind of game, I'm about to start (and attempt to stick with) two with very different vibes; Slow Damage, and Hatoful Boyfriend which is about dating pigeons. It's my greatest failure in life that I haven't played many dating sims, they're hilarious.

by π™³πš’πš›πš”; ; Report

Huniepop 2 is awesome, and the writing is even better IMO, but the gameplay is one or two orders of magnitude more complicated. It’s great, but tough! Dating sims are definitely a genre I’ve overlooked in the past, especially the more comedic ones like Hunie and Hatoful Boyfriend. Dream Daddy is pretty decent in that department too. By all means, pile on the recs whenever you stumble on some good ones :)

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