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I like playing video games, reading comics and mangas. I like watching anime and I'm into horror. I'm a weird person and well, more, Ig. Wahh, this is basically the same thing I wrote in the 'about me thing' so I don't know what to write, I gues that from before works, or at least I hope :D


Actually I listen a bit of everything, but I'm gonna' write you some of my favourite songs, or the ones I hear the most! (they're a lot but not all, haha) 

-No More tears (Ozzy Osbourne) 

-I'm so crazy for youuu (Rebzyyx) 

-Any song of Mitski, KISS, Marina, Tv Girl, Nirvana, Queen, Ramnstein or Artic Monkeys

-Girls just Want to Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper) 

-One Way Or Another (Blondie) 

-Cigarette Duet (Princess Chelsea) 

-Dream on (Aerosmith) 

-Atomic City (U2) 

-Nothing's New (Rio Romero) 

-(You're The) Devil in disguise AND Can't Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley) 

-Nonsense Bungaku (Eve, PJSK) 

-As the World Caves In (Matt Maltese) 

-You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi) 

-Shut Me Up (Mindless Self Indulgence) 

-Always Forever (Cults) 

-Bust your Knee Caps- Johnny Don't Leave Me (Pomplamoose) 

-SIU (Maretu) 

-Shut Up (And Sleep with me) (Sin With Sebastian) 

-All I want is you (Rebzyyx, hoshie star) 

-IN MY MOUTH (Black Dresses) 


-Fighting With The Melody (Jimmy Urine) 

-Somethin' stupid (Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra) 

-Duvet (Bôa) 



I don't really watch movies, but I have watch some and I'm going to write them I guess. 

-Los Ancianos

-El orfanato

-The Conjuring



-Howls Moving Castle


Does Howls Moving Castle count? Yeaahhh, let's say It does. 


Uhm, I'm not really sure what to say. I don't really watch TV, but if I do I just watch what's there, so I don't know. But I watch animes like BSD, Banana Fish, Vanitas No Carte, Seraph of The End, Heaven Official's Blessing, Diabolik Lovers, sk8, etc... 

Actually I've watched skins and I love it, hehehe


Wahh, I don't really like books, but I'll tell ya' some I like.

-Invisible (Eloy Moreno) 

-The crow (Edgar Allan Poe) 

-The Black Cat (Edgar Allan Poe) 

-No Longer Human (Osamu Dazai) 

-Crime and Punishment (Fyodor Dostoevsky) 

I usually read fanfics more then anything, haha. 


Uhh, I don't really know what this means, so nothing again, I'm sooooooorryyyyyy :p 

It was nice doing this :3

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About me:

First of all I'm Alex, but you can call me Ale, hehe. I'm a cis female that goes by she/her and I'm a teen. I'm Spanish/Bulgarian but I'm currently learning English, so sorry for my writing mistakes.

I'm a Randaaaaaaallllll kinnie (please send help)

I love playing videogames, but I really like Tlou, resident evil, sally face, red dead redemption, detroit, genshin, yandere sim and more. Those are my favourites btw.

I really love reading comics, mangas, manwhas, etc... I love watching anime too.

My favourite colors are red, black and white. I dislike orange but I use it for drawings, haha.

I'm really interested into spooky things, I like horror. I like comedy too tho. I love gore. Hehe.

I'm a introvert person but if I get too comfortable I might even tell you really random things. I think I'm a good friend tho.

I can be a little possesive and a little masochist. I'd only show it with my lover, hehe. I don't have one, I'm really lonely, I know. That's why I'm not really mentally stable but it's because of my other issues too. For example: trust issues, dependance issues, jealousy issues, etc...I have anxious attatchment too. Actually I'm a really loud but sensible person. (I'm versatile too :3)

I love letters and poems. I really like drawing in digital but sometimes I draw in traditional, most of the time in digital tho :3

I really like listening to music, it makes me feel happy.

I like the loneliness but I would love to talk with someone for hours and go out with them. In short words, I like to hang out.

Who I'd like to meet:

New people I guess, hehe. I would love to meet anyone with my interests :p 

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I hate my life soooo muchhhhh

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Can anybody kill me? Plz

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Ofcc nott

by Marina♡; ; Report

tsk, you're no fun, Mari (WHY TF NOTTT?)

by michii; ; Report

Because no you little girly

by Marina♡; ; Report

Shut up, you oldass, UGH

by michii; ; Report

old? I'm 15, i'm as good as a newborn. You youngster >:C

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Life is horrible, FR.

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DANGER!!!! this comment tells the truth

by BruZam; ; Report