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Camp Half-Blood. Cipher Statue Hunt ARG. Huntress of Artemis. Omori. The intro to the Gravity Falls finale Weirdmageddon I play Animal Jam The Owl House Intro A gif of Pearl from Steven Universe twirling her spear in front of the flag of Rose Quartz M.M.D. MikuMikuDance User. OneShot. VRChat.


I love Cryptozoology (The study of mythical creatures). Plague Doctors. My OCs are my babies. Worm On A String Asexual Pride Flag. Heck Yeah Worm On A String. Paranorman. Beetlejuice. Invader Zim. V.F.D. From a series of unfortunate events. Spiderverse. S.C.P.: Secure, Contain, Protect. Nancy Drew. Wordgirl. Marceline from Adventure Time. Entrapta from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Carmen Sandiego. Ever After High. Toph from Avatar The Last Airbender. Scooby Doo Mystery Incorperated. Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun. Molly Blindeff from Epithet Erased. Pipis Person, a reference to Deltarune character Spamton G Spamton. I support Undertale AUs. Red Son from Lego Monkie Kid. Ouran High School Host Club. Jack Skellington. Corpse Bride. The Princess Bride. Phineas and Ferb. Milo Murphy's Law. Minecraft Story Mode. Lego Ninago. Ducktales. Infinity Train. Pokemon XY Anime. Bee and Puppycat. Revolutionary Girl Utena. Princess Tutu. Coraline.



Kasane Teto bouncing her head rhythmically.


The Shopkins Logo. Scratch. Clip Studio Paint. This webmaster watches Izzzyzzz This webmaster has read the mystery kids fanfiction This webmaster watches Underverse and will tell you all about it please I have a powerpoint and everything Wendell and Wild. A button with the logo for VRoid Studio, . A button displaying the logo of Cursed Princess Club, which is a web comic. A button displaying the logo of Dead End Paranormal Park, a criminally underrated cartoon series. Neocities. Omegamart. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sun and Moon from Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach. Tumblr Sexyman Descendants. I love anything paranormal. I support randomly screwing around in M.S. Paint. Girls are cool with a rainbow background and lgbtqia2s+ implication. A computer from Ye Olden Days with the caption: I love old web. A brighly colored rainbow themed stamp that says A danger alert that reads: Dumbass webmaster ahead. It's me: I'm the dumbass webmaster.


A screenshot of a scene from the videogame Psychonauts. Dr. Loboto is standing above Dogen Boole as he declares that Dogen has the Insanity Of A Manatee. Undertale Is Awesome

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About me:

It's a tamaNOTchi named Pinty Click to feed!

Profile and layout edits still WIP!
Amazing layout created by (gaz).lene (!!
Epic Pfp base by BakaMichi! (

Adorable Pixel Doll base by Usagi-Natsumi on DA! (
a rainbow banner with black slime text that says I support Mary sues and sparkle dogs Leave selfship/sparkledog/fan oc/young/novice artists alone blatant harassment isn't criticism no more snark cringe or bullying.
mort als!
She/They + Minor, NSFW DNI
Cute Graveyard. Cute Graveyard.
Best viewed on desktop. An advertisement for the concept of piracy: sharing is caring. This is an anti-n.f.t. site. To N.F.T. bros: I don't know how you found this you hexagon profile pic haver but go back to Twitter. Social distancing survivor 2020. On an unrelated note major props to Plastic Dino for naming this file 2020 sucks because mood. A button with the golden ratio labed on it: 88 by 31 pixels.

Who I'd like to meet:

Preferably not serial killers! I'd like to meet people to talk about my interests with! Since I'm working on a Neocities site rn it'd also be cool to talk about HTML with someone while I try to figure this stuff out!

Spinning box gif with the Kinitopet game box art. Watch out for girl doll with dress. A cool skeleton banner with text that says my tummy hurts Spoopy
A pixel doll of my character/sona, Mewdusa.

*hiiii!! welcome
to my page!!! ^.^

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A picture of Garfield with the overlay text: You are not immune to propaganda. A windows popup that asks if you have taken your medicine today. Keep The Web Free, say No to WEB3.

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i love ur layout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the eyez r so kewl XD

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thankyouuuuuu!!! i made them m(eye)self XD

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