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- insects (i LOVE CENTIPEDES SO MUCH!!!! and stag beetles, especially the eastern hercules beetle, butterflies, moths, and caterpillars)

- sea/marine life, especially penguins, sea angels, nudibranch, and deep sea life like the giant oarfish!

- music! i am learning guitar and hope to be good enough to major in and teach music history and theory!

- animation! i’ve animated since i was very young @ 9 years old, and used to want to have a job in storyboarding!

- ouroboros and cycles! yeah thats all ill say on this one

games: rhythm games (project sekai, taiko no tatsujin)! and project moon games. fallout 76 (unironically), slime rancher, splatoon, wobbledogs, skullgirls, toontown, town of salem! also i love dungeons and dragons


the garden, jeff rosenstock (saw them live december 2021!), AJJ (saw them live february 2020!), jack stauber, most vocaloid producers (although i like wowaka, maretu, kikou, and neru!), the correspondents, tape girl, franz ferdinand, nero's day at disneyland, thundercat, cosmo sheldrake, cojum dip, miracle musical, tally hall, lemon demon, jerry paper, roar!

i'll listen to mostly anything, i don't really like slow songs unless it's from an artist i already really like and has a swell in it, and i'm not a big fan of country unless it's something old and crunchy or has unique instruments or another genre on top of it :-)


the sematary, isle of dogs, everything everywhere at once (made me bawl), dungeons and dragons honor among thieves (I WANT MORE DND MOVIES WITH NEW PARTIES!!!),

rlly wanna watch unicorn wars!


currently into chainsaw man and watching breaking bad lol!

have really enjoyed tuca and bertie, the midnight gospel, madoka magica, spyxfamily, and over the garden wall!


you already KNOW what's goin on... the metamorphosis, the stranger, hitchhiker's guide to the universe, pet sematary, chainsaw man, mob psycho 100

currently planning on reading don quixote next!


louis wain (cat artist), my professors, and all the sephirot of lobcorp <333 (EXCEPT YOU [points at binah])

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About me:

hi! i'm--
[trips and spills everything everywhere]

i’m julian, im 20 and i like project moon, dungeons and dragons, madoka magica, splatoon, and chainsaw man!

i’m probably one of the few ska punk fans you’ll meet? i unno! :-)

Who I'd like to meet:

projmoon fans SNRLLL!!! especially anyone who likes adam (lobcorp), yesod (lobcorp), or meursault (limbus) :-) and anyone who loves and appreciates carmen is always a friend to me👍

~~~~ the obligatory DNI ~~~~
i don’t really like south park, dsmp, and anything that uses minorities as the butts of jokes sorry! also dont interact if ur “proship”/MAP apologist, vocally bully others for harmless interests like scenecore, or are anti-kin!

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haiii :3 nice to meet you fren fren!!! big hug :3 there's contact info on my profile if you wanna chat!!

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cherry(autoplay 🎶)

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YAAAA PROJMOON HEADS RISE UP!!!! 💪💪 whats ur fave game/character?

by Netz; ; Report

lobcorp was my first pm game so even though it fills me with rage sometimes it still has to be my fave! malkuth is my fav from lobcorp/lor but its so hard to pick a favorite from limbus company since i love all the sinners so much but don quixote is definitely the silliest ^-^

by cherry(autoplay 🎶); ; Report

lobcorp was my first game too!!! :D it is so painful ajshdjf its so hard to recommend it to anyone ;_; MALKUTH AND DON R REALLY GOOD the girlies of all time..
i freaking love how silly don is. im personally obsessed with rodya gregor and yesod. and CARMEN my scrungly

by Netz; ; Report


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Rare PM fan :O

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project moon fans rise up!!! 🤝

by Netz; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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