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my fav games are honkai3 and honkaiSR, re2/3/4/7, final fantasy(XV, XIV, VII+remake, crisis core), cod, needy streamer overload, yakuza 0-7(and infinite wealth), persona 5-5-4-4-3-3-2-1, sonic frontiers, , fnaf, minecraft, roblox, cyperbunk, animal crossing, nekopara(3 is my fav), danganronpa, bloodstained: ritual of the night, bayonetta, tekken 8, chillas art (all games tbh but the convenience store is my favourite one), catherine classic, stray, project diva, stardew valley, terraria, unpacking, devil may cry, touhou


lamp♥, tbz, monstax, skz, nct all units, twice, svt, exo, undead corporation, girugamesh, malice mizer, kozi, sincrea, gackt, cali gari, larcenciel ♥, screw ♥, suicide ali, mitski, versailles, unite, apink, citypop, metal (death thrash heavy black and otherrr), electronic, rock, indie, visual kei, shibuya kei, siinamota, btob, blockb, psy, bigbang, stayc, shinee, gidle, alex g, cas, duster, ateez, xaaxaa, jiluka, dir en grey, deviloof, korn, babymetal, bandmaid, the smiths, vocaloid+utauloid, shiro sagisu, april, dia, sistar, red velvet, ioi, kittie, snsd, goreshit, everglow, teen top, wonder girls, clc, roar, garakuta, scrubb, xanvala, iosys(touhou), golden bomber, kuroyume, the gazzette, glamscure, lareine, sick2, kaya, maschera, exist trace etc


strangers from hell, weak hero class 1, journey to the shore, young adult matters, linda linda linda, kamikaze girls, voices in the wind, yume wo ataeru isle of dogs


wotakoi, evangelion(all movies as well), death note (another huge hyperfixation), aot, wonder egg priority, bsd, lucky star, parasyte, steins gate, berserk, lain, spirited away, my neighbor totoro, ponyo, whisper of the heart, howls moving castle, ocean waves, high rise invasion, owarinoseraph, cyberpunk, jojo, cardcaptor sakura, beastards, glitter force, saikik, fruits basket, hello kitty, aot, azumanga daioh (+ all other yotsuba animes), banana fish, citrus, fullmetal alchemist, madoka, haikyuu, magi labyrinth, nekopara, no game no life, sk8, your lie in april, lycoris recoil, romantic killer, kage no jitsuryokusha ni naritakute, touhou, 86, 91 days, absolute duo, akame ga kill, angel beats, baccano, black butler, death parade, non non biyori, dokuro-chan, nisemonogatari, tbhk, zombie land saga, soul eater, great pretender, ouran host club, hxh, flcl, blood+, higurashi when they cry, oshi no ko


yotsuba, nana, koi to uso, gakkougurashi, gokushufudou, jojo, tokyo revengers, neun, strobe edge, monster


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my name's sena/nelli! im, slovak and a pisces /21 , 164 i'm my occupation is a student but i always and still do dream of becoming an architect, my favourite animals are cats , dogs , sheeps , bears , owls , giraffes , squirrels and penguins my favourite colours are pink, blue and purple, my favourite sweets are haribo anything , mint and vanilla ice cream + oreo fillings, my favourite foods are homemade pizza , garlic bread , chicken , soup , strawberries , bananas , omellete and rice i love gaming, reading and collecting! i collect manga, albums and figures i finally finished my wotakoi collection! / there i enjoy watching series and cartoons a lot, im always watching something else! i enjoy talking about my biggest interests ff, movies, rh anime series or new sites that i discovered 21/02/24

Who I'd like to meet:

to anyone who isnt braindead, dumb and stubborn, since it would make the 2 of us and that would make trouble

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You have a cool page!

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thank u so much!! i havenmt updated it in months im working on it atm lol!

by :3sena; ; Report

silas ☆

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HAII OMG!! ur layout is ADORBZ!! :D

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by :3sena; ; Report

THANK U OH EM GEE!! U SEEM SOSO KEWL!! plz msg me if u get the chance QwQ

by silas ☆; ; Report


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Thx for the add back!! Your page is so cute!!

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thank you so much! i love yours too!!!!

by :3sena; ; Report


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ur layout is so cool! btw, my name is also sena LOL XD

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ahh tysm!!! i love ur layout too, and omg the coincidence???!?/"!

by :3sena; ; Report

TANX!!! i was so shocked 2 see someone w the same name as me here, haha!! :DD

by sasha; ; Report