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I sit and play the flute under a juniper tree

° Poff * ´ . . gone ~

Interꪀet • Art • Musiᥴ • Movies • Books • Occult odditiꫀs • -σ℘ϑԲ˙βꦨꦺæ´§̨̛̠̤̗̘̺̜͖͈̥͎̪̯̬̤̼̥̹͍͎̪̖͉̖̠͖᪷ᷦ̆ͨ̐ͯ͌̾̾̄͆̔̑̒̒̇̀̉̐ͬͥ̍ͭ̓̋̒̏ͧ͗ͪ̆̍̔̚̚̚͝͏᷎̥̘̼̠̪̬̭̙͎͉̼̹͈ͧ́͒̑̀̅̓͌̿̈̂ͧ̐͋̏̂͠͝ͅ͏͉̯͍̖͚̘̥͙͔͘͡͞ͅꦏ꧀ꦠꦶ:;𝜏~ • Metaphysics • Mindfulness • Activism • Nature • Gotland • Antique furniture • Cabinet of curiosities/ "Wonder rooms" • Lost media • Essential Oils • Plants • Brush my teeth • Psychology • Construct own electronic musical instruments • Lighting design • Take a walk and Philosophize • Hydrating • Tarot/Oracle cards • Zodiac: ♈and/or♉ (Im a "cusp sign") • ℘.. & I think 🧐 I am 🥴 a: INTJ-T ?? (according to the online test) • Trying to sleep •• •

And then, time to wake up! You may need to hear this, or be reminded.. .

Self-portrait with neon + hand

Some drawings made by me: "Once upon a time..."

"The signature of the flame"

"Water essence"

"Transparent puzzle"

"The face behind"

"Zone transmission"

"Make it stop"

"Around trees"

"Phoenix bird"

Participated in a dance performance, where I was supposed to symbolize THE TIME. ~Ah well, hehe´ Costume: Lotta Barlach Choreography: Jukka Korpi And the music was composed by me.

Time went wrong.. .


˙Electroacoustic music (EAM) ˙Text-Sound composition ˙Musique concrète ˙Contemporary Art music ˙Improvised live electronics ˙Avant-garde ˙Outsider Music ˙Field recordings ˙Soundscapes ˙Dark wave ˙Dark ambient ˙Trip hop ˙Krautrock ˙lullabies ˙Free Swing Jazz ˙Electro-industrial ˙IDM ˙Drum 'n' bass ˙Drill 'n' bass ˙Glitch music ˙Circuit bending˙˙ ˙

Atom™ ˙Lars-Gunnar Bodin ˙Sten Hanson ˙Åke Hodell ˙Autechre ˙Akos Rozmann ˙Björk ˙Beck ˙Erik Mikael Karlsson ˙Diary of Dreams ˙Wendy Carlos ˙Reed Gahzala ˙Dorian Electra ˙Beethoven ˙David Bowie ˙Daft Punk ˙Bauhaus ˙Can ˙Clark ˙Clint Mansell ˙Cluster ˙Death Grips ˙Death In Vegas ˙Dir En Grey ˙Dua Lipa ˙Luvu ˙Lhasa De Sela ˙Shy FX ˙Einstürzende Neubauten ˙Ella Fitzgerald ˙Enya ˙Fever Ray ˙Amon Tobin ˙Air ˙Ani Williams ˙Caribou ˙Hildur Gudnadóttir ˙Holly Herndon ˙Kavinsky ˙Robert Normandeau ˙Amorphous Androgynous ˙Aldous Harding ˙Eartha Kitt ˙Glenn Miller ˙Gorillaz ˙Sally Oldfield ˙TV on the Radio ˙Jaakko Eino Kalevi ˙Jóhann Jóhannsson ˙John Carpenter ˙Justice ˙Radiohead ˙Mouse on Mars ˙Kate Bush ˙Glenn Miller ˙Laura Branigan ˙Einar Englund ˙Richard D. James/ Aphex Twin ˙Bella Bartok ˙Howard Shore ˙Caribou ˙Brian Eno ˙Erik Satie ˙Autechre ˙Janes Addiction ˙John Cage ˙Jon Hassell ˙Jon Hopkins ˙Klaus Schulze ˙Tom Jenkinson/ Squarepusher ˙Pan Sonic ˙Alessandro Cortini ˙The Hardy Tree ˙Min Stora Sorg ˙Klein ˙Locust Toybox ˙Luke Slater ˙L-R ˙M83 ˙Matti Bye ˙Metric ˙Miku Hatsune ˙Miles Davis ˙Murcof ˙Gabriel Faure ˙The SONS of GOD ˙Matmos ˙Nicole Dollanganger ˙Nick Cave ˙Laurie Spiegel ˙Emmy Köhler ˙Jules sylvain ˙Ralph Lundsten ˙Billie Eilish ˙Bo Hansson ˙Angel Olsen ˙David Byrne ˙Scott Walker ˙Elliphant ˙Ryuichi Sakamoto ˙Jónsi ˙Vangelis ˙Jóhann Jóhannsson ˙Arvo Pärt ˙Tangerine Dream ˙Kraftwerk ˙100 Gecs ˙Luke Slater ˙Massive attack ˙Midnight Oil ˙Mouse on mars ˙MGMT ˙My Bloody Valentine ˙Nirvana ˙Boards Of Canada ˙Neu! ˙Perry Farrell ˙Pink Floyd ˙Pierre Schaeffer ˙Planningtorock ˙Anders F Rönnblom ˙Roxy Music ˙Arcade Fire ˙Rufus Wainwright ˙The Cure ˙Susanne Sundfør ˙Ralph Vaughan Williams ˙Atari teenage riot ˙Allan Pettersson ˙John Frusciante ˙Aaliyah ˙Television ˙The Knife ˙Tom Waits ˙The Velvet Underground ˙Sade ˙Santigold ˙SHXCXCHCXSH ˙Sigur Rós ˙Spiritualized ˙SOPHIE ˙Syd Barrett ˙Talking Heads ˙The Beach Boys ˙Tricky ˙Karlheinz Stockhausen ˙Henryk Gorecki ˙Jack Wall ˙Lena Willemark ˙Gunnfjauns Kapell ˙Max Richter ˙Trent Reznor ˙The Hardy Tree ˙Lou Reed ˙Ratatat ˙RJD2 ˙The Carpenters ˙Sven-Erik Bäck ˙Iggy Pop ˙David Sylvian ˙X-mal Deutschland ˙Öyvind Fahlström ˙DJ Shadow ˙Dilinja ˙Django Reinhardt ˙Tori Amos ˙Hans Zimmer ˙Hildegard von bingen ˙AND MORE˙˙˙ ˙˙ ˙ 

I get completely messed up in my head ... there is so much to dO°˙.. . seE, heaR, feeL, experiencE . ..Å Ä Ö
-Right?.. turn to the Left!

Do you know Richard D James / Aphex Twin..?

..And do you know Richard's friend Tom Jenkinson / Squarepusher ?

Ok, y'all emo kids, now some hardcore Text-Sound Compositions "...From Any Point to Any Other Point" by Lars-Gunnar Bodin (1969)

-Jajajaaa, Lets chill ,, >> Arty´ Party´ - Love this unofficial video of MGMT:s "Kids" made by some fans back in 2007 when myspace was at its greatest!

Rafael Anton Irisarri - Empire Systems

Planningtorock - `The Breaks´

Alessandro Cortini + Don Buchla, performing the piece `everything ends here´

Beck - E-Pro

Radiohead - Daydreaming

>>>Synthwave Mix>>> 1hr 28min 57sek

Laurie Spiegel! - a pioneer in electronic music.

These `Shakespeare sonnets´ with music by Rufus Wainwright are so cool.

Arne Vinzon has a.. strange repetitive style of singing.

"CON TODA PALABRA" by Lhasa De Sela.. . Who unfortunately died far too young (cancer), she made fabulous music *´

AIR - `Caramel Prisoner´

Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony 7


Biome - "The Joker" . . FACE get Down to the BASS~ ~ ~~ ~~~ A real "sound design" tune.

1 hour Synthwave Mix.. .

TV On the Radio - Dreams * ´

~ oh my´gOsh! That flute in the first song, fabulously beautiful! The entire album "Through Passes of Time" by The Hardy Tree is hugely good! hehe´ hugely,., . love that vintage vibe.. . sounds so "far away in time and space", although it was released in 2016.

And this IS really music from a bygone era >>"MOONLIGHT SERENADE" BY GLENN MILLER. Love it!
"In the Mood" ... .. . Wonderfull! ` * ´
Julie London - "Round Midnight".. . `wOw´

M83 'Midnight City' ..Special powers

Terrible, Sophie fell from the roof of her house when she had climbed up to look at the full moon at 04 at night 30 January 2021.. she killed herself, was only 34 years old. Had just released this new song. (You can kill yourself if you climb a RAUK too ... must be careful.)

Perry Farrell - Song Yet To Be Sung

Diary of Dreams - a day in December.

RJD2 - `The Perfect Occasion´

Eluvium - `Regenerative Being´

Amon Tobin - `Keep Your Distance´

David Lynch - `She Rise Up´

Jóhann Jóhannsson - `Industrial And Provident, We Unite To Assist Each Other - Pt.2´ (Soundtrack)


˙Adaptation ˙A Beautiful Mind ˙A cure for wellness ˙Annie Hall ˙Dark City ˙Dead Man ˙El Topo ˙Existenz ˙Holy Mountain ˙The Sacrifice (Offret) ˙Immortal beloved ˙Interstellar ˙Joker ˙Bad Taste ˙Banketten ˙Beautiful beast ˙Big Trouble in Little China ˙Black Swan ˙Blade Runner ˙Brazil ˙Close Encounters of Third Kind ˙Coraline ˙Corpse Bride ˙Curse of the Jade Scorpion ˙Drag Me to Hell ˙Spider ˙Ed Wood ˙Elegy of a Voyage ˙Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind ˙Fifth Element ˙Flicka och hyacinter ˙Flickan från tredje raden ˙Forbidden Planet ˙Ghostbusters ˙Grey gardens ˙Hannah and Her Sisters ˙Hollywood Ending ˙Howl's Moving Castle ˙Husbands and Wives ˙Inception ˙Indiana Jones ˙Inland Empire ˙Jaws ˙The Seventh Seal (Det sjunde Inseglet) ˙Les émotifs anonymes ˙Les Triplettes de Belleville ˙L'illusionniste ˙Lost in translation ˙LOTR ˙Manhattan ˙Manhattan Murder Mystery ˙Midnight in Paris ˙Moon ˙Naked lunch ˙Night Train to Lisbon ˙Only Lovers Left Alive ˙Paprika ˙Psycho ˙2001 A Space Odyssey ˙Repulsion ˙September ˙Shutter Island ˙Shadows and Fog ˙Sleepy Hollow ˙Solaris ˙Spirited away ˙Star Trek ˙Star Wars ˙Sideways ˙Spiderwick ˙Sunshine ˙Suspiria (1977) ˙Synecdoche, New York ˙Sweet and Lowdown ˙The Aviator ˙The Babadook ˙The Big Lebowski ˙The Exorcist ˙The Hours ˙The Illusionist ˙The Limits of Control ˙The Magician ˙The Matrix ˙The Triplets of Belleville ˙Princess Mononoke ˙Pirates of the Caribbean ˙Labyrinth ˙Pan's Labyrinth ˙Franklyn ˙Mirror mask ˙Moulin Rouge ˙My Neighbor Totoro ˙Amelie ˙Where the Wild Things Are ˙Séraphine ˙Soul keeper ˙The Nightmare Before Christmas ˙The Fountain ˙The Dead Poets Society ˙The Adventures of Baron Munchausen ˙The Shift ˙Taxi Driver ˙The Limits of Control ˙Videodrome ˙V for Vendetta ˙Dr. Mabuses testament ˙Resan till Melonia ˙Rosemarys baby ˙Stay ˙Small time crooks ˙The Draughtsman's Contract ˙The Thing ˙Le Feu Follet ˙The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus ˙The Shining ˙Neverwas ˙The City of Lost Children ˙Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events ˙Le feu follet ˙Seven ˙Ascension (by Karim Hussain) ˙Street of Crocodiles ˙Your Name˙˙ ˙ 

Andrej Tarkovskijs last movie `The Sacrifice´ from 1986 was filmed on Gotland. This place -Närsholmen- which can be seen in this movie will be underwater in a few years if we don't drastically slow down the negative climate development ≈≈≈ ≈≈ ≈

Scene from `Grey Gardens´. "You are an acquired taste babe."

Cool it down. Take a break:


• 90% YouTube & Twitch, Vimeo
• 10% Ordinary TV (nowadays)

˙American Gods ˙Death note ˙Family Guy ˙Fawlty Towers ˙Mr. Robot ˙Poirot ˙Sallad Fingers ˙Seinfeld ˙Stranger Things ˙Scooby-Doo ˙The Maxx ˙The Office ˙The Simpsons ˙Twin Peaks ˙X-Files

MySpace.. . "It is happening again."

It was such a cozy, juicy atmosphere in this fantastic cartoon,, -`The Maxx´- had a psychological depth, complex story. Very very good, from 1995.

`Salad Fingers´ nr. 11: Glass Brother By David Firth


• 80% facts, philosophy, tables of contents, manuals, reviews..
• 20% poetry, fiction and essays..

Jim Woodring's comic books are amazing!

And Neil Gaiman’s Graphic Novel `The Sandman´.. >> Highly recommended for you dreamers! It would not surprise me if he receives the Nobel Prize one fine day.

• And don't forget to listen to mystic ~ Manly P Hall's ~ philosophical lectures on YouTube! √ery important knowledge there.


That should be my future Wife, right?

( ( ((Trying to hypnotize someone into becoming my wife)) ) )

A (Swedish) climate hero, Greta Thunberg:

Back to the world of dreams.. . Good Night/Luck

These tablets work!

Some more drawings: "Intermediate being"


"Double truth"

"The larval stage"

"One left"

Scenographed mental position:

The audiovisual performance that never was performed, it was sad and a pity.

• Don't you know Max Wallin yet? >> That weird lad with a weird struggling (but creative) brain, trying to give support and happiness. From Sweden, alternative style. ~Ok, bye´ See Ya . _

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About me:

It started early.. . draw draw drawWwWWw/w/W// /’‚ ˙
"The castle in the air" a drawing made by me.

MAX WALLIN >> He/Him/It/Ghost = Artist & Composer of Electroacoustic music >>> EAM-composer.
Based on the island of Gotland/ Sweden.
EAM is a kind of "sound art" /"sound poetry". It can also be described as: ` Cinema for the Ear ´ .

Here's a little dull dark piece that I've composed >> `Last Night on Earth´ I have not used any common instruments, all sounds are "real" acoustic sounds that I recorded from nature and everyday objects I have in my home, even a little of my own voice is ~involved~ and.., which then are processed in the computer. Hence the name "electro" "acoustic" - music. ..Ok.

I can understand that people sometimes associate my compositions with ASMR, for there have been many fingers that have scratched over different (dusty) surfaces and similar microsounds, but that was not my intention. There is almost always a symbolic meaning behind every sound I use.

-There are of cOurse many other music genres I relate to in different ways, they merge with each other:
Musique concrète, Text-Sound composition, Contemporary Art music, Improvised live electronics, Avant-garde, Field recordings, Soundscapes, Dark wave, Synthwave, Dark ambient, Trip hop, Krautrock, lullabies, Swing Jazz, Electro-industrial, IDM, Drum 'n' bass, Drill 'n' bass, Glitch music and Circuit beηdi˙°•.ng

• But I've been having some kind of mental breakdoWns.. . , so not much has been done in recent years,, that kind of eerie things happens,, , obviously/ unfortunately. I've been staying inside.. inside of me, apathetic. (STARING eyes)

Puppet animation by `The Quay Brothers', their movies are absolutely amazing, check them out! Magical moods, with that broken, worn-out aesthetic.

I'm doing a bit of `RECYCLE DESIGN´, here are some candlesticks I've made from old chrome water pipes 〰️~

I make some sculptures too (I needed some friends), here's a steampunk inspired figure. Her name is Yna Teli and she is an expert in counterintelligence.

(Eyes made of amethyst stones)

This is the Communication Navigator C.N.Karda.

The Black Magician Randon Klod, say hey.. . to everyone. (Eyes made of carnelian stones) They are all interactive, the eyes light up when you walk towards them, etc.

Me by the sea at dusk, no it was not really a full moon.

" Pure, high quality 4 Hz binaural beats. Recommended for deep relaxation. Enjoy! " -Ok we'll see, I mean >> hear.

" Depression Relief, Rife Frequency with Bell Sound- Energy & Quantum Medicine with Bioresonance by Binaural Beats Sound Therapy. " JAJAJAAAA, I'll give it a try! ~Hey SPACE bells.. . • ° ˙ * ´

-Or this one .. HAHAHA, great! haha hahaaa.. . ˙ "Release Negative Energies Stucked In Your Energy Body"

• Teal Swan, she has answers to most things.. . And what's the conclusion? >> "It’s Okay To Not Be Okay." Ok Ok.

Higher Consciousness.. ok.

I paint a dot on a painting .. .. + see "a mosquito & a moth" ... I have to close the window. (Listening to Squarepusher)

• In the experimental music world, this is actually a very important person >> the Circuit Bending Guru Reed Ghazala.

Another drawing: "Still summer?"

Must show you this! This is a great music video, the rich colors, the magic light, the soft kamera movement throughout the song, and I like that it’s built like theatrical scenery. The idea that, eeehh,,. the artificial can give a heightened sense of reality !? And Sade's warm low slow voice, one of a kind!

Who I'd like to meet:

YOU of course! . ..erhmmm if you are an depressed autistic schizotypal artist, musician, author, ˙daydreamer,,/ a researcher in the occult and the paranormal or with an interest in Chaos magic for example./ ˙If you have a concrete but abstract way of thinking,/or if your days are filled with anxiety and stress,//So your way of thinking has become fragmented and so forth/ ,. something along those lines~~~ ~~ ~ Then of course you are most Welcome!! ! Otherwise you can be kind to pass,, , just please pass. Thank you! -Am I kidding ..? -Not really, actually.

VERY good description of `Schizotypal Personality Disorder´, very very insightful, listen and learn! ..Best I've heard on "the subject"!

• Another video about the "Willy Wonka" syndrome, so0 ° ˙ interesting! You might be wondering why I'm so into that topic..? ehE.. æeaah..

My drawing: "Dense days"

• Now - We - shalL - be - hapPy! Look! >> `Triadisches Ballett´ Costume and choreography made by Oskar Schlemmer in 1922, but filmed later in 1970. Quite fun and colorful. Almost 100 years old idea, feels fresh in a way, strange, they were so ultra-modern in the 1920s..?

• And this soft song by Aldous Harding! >> Her body language are totally gonK´Sickoo, and I like it. Zoom in >> that stylE. She's standing in the middle of the vibe. And watch out for the surprise!

Speaking of body language, let me introduce the Swedish ritual performance art duo `Sons of God´ (Guds Söner):

~Ooooh, Sweet Sweet Bowie ` * ´

• David Bowie's _-`Grand ★ final´-_ Blackstar. It's not too late to start listen to his music after his death, If you haven't done it before. He was plagued by his illness in this video, that evil cancer.

One more - Mr Cool or /Mr Sad, in (no) action, and that's the way! And I need THAT COAT btw. (Bowie's guitarist Reeves Gabrels has now started playing with The Cure.)

Drawing made by me: "The boomerang effect"
An A3 drawing in an A4 scanner = not so good, important things are missing on the edges, but ... ah, unfortunately ..

Where I live on the island of Gotland, there are rock formations called "Raukar". They look like sculptures by the sea.

• >> > > AND nWOW!!.. tO the MOVIES!! !

~≈! !!AAAAAAAO0UuhiijOooσaæ℘eaaϑAHH!! !≈~ yesyesyes ˙ (Spoilers MAY occur!)

The library scene in `MirrorMask´. The film was written by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean 2005. I love the dreamy and warm atmosphere ~~~ ~~ ~

• HERE>> A key scene from `The Testament of Dr Mabuse´. A German horror film from 1933. Just LOVE this mo√ie to!

• `The Man Who Knew Too Little´ with Bill Murray, he thought he was in a play, that nothing was real, but it was.. . Conclusion: we need to be a little disconnected from life to deal with it better, ifyouknowwhatImean.

With the help of magic, a killer is captured in Woody Allen's 'Shadows and Fog'. Conclusion: we need magic in our lives.

Åh nej/Oh no, the Poets, the Visionaries have to die. And then, she took her own life.. . Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf.

HOLY MOUNTAIN (1973) A mind bending movie, must be seen!

!!!SPOILER ALERT, >> the final scene from `Holy Mountain´ >>" Zoom back cameraaa " Alejandro Jodorowsky and the actors breaks free ,, out from his own film. This is a >> must see film, hurry hurry, it’s available on dvd go gO goo°˙! This is a must own!

"The Big Lebowski" - Still pretty fun,.. . ". ..dude."

Another forgotten magnificent movie >> `The Fountain´ with a beautiful soundtrack by Clint Mansell, This piece is called ~Together We Will Live Forever ~ All music for this film is soul-stirring. He tries to save his beloved from dying in three different ages ... . past - present - future .

`V for Vendetta´ is an important movie!

"People should not be afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their people"

This is an odd film adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland" where they mix with animated puppet sequences.

~Yes please, I would really show up if I was invited to such a tea party! There are many atmospheric "cozy-chill-videos" like this one on YouTube nowadays. Are we stressed or not? Yes we are!!!

• NOW we gonna try with a little hypnosis: you ~ will ~ be ~ my ~ friend ~≈~ you ~ will ~ be ~ my ~ friend ~ (and maybe more than that) fall ~ in ~ love ~ with ~ me ~

≈ be ≈ my ≈ wife ≈ be ≈ my ≈ wife ≈ be ≈ my ≈ vibe ≈ be ≈ my ≈ wife ≈
Ha hA HAAAA´- Just joking! Joking joking joking (in a way).

- OK, the hypnosis is over, time to wake up to the cruel life again! Here is another little EAM piece that I have composed. "(Love will get me through) the week." Which is about ~falling asleep and waking up~ and,. ..eeh,. Waking up to a nightmare,, so to speak.

• Alejandro Jodorowsky ° HallelUjaaaah!! !

"Soul portrait"

Another drawing made by me: `Physical birth / Psychic birth´

A √ortex sketch "lack of words"

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Hiii! 🩷🩵💜

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Neat profile!

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Hello again. Hope you're having a great summer!

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Have a sparkling New Year!🎇

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💕 💞

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Ciao Max
Hope you’re doing well!🌻

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Ciao Max,
Best Wishes for The New Year🎆
Have a Nice Day!

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Happy Holidays!

Need some wacky (x)mas music? ►

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Thank you for adding me!
I see, you are also into Tarot.
Let's exchange readings somewhen :) 🌟

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Hey!!! Thank you for the add!
Hope you're well :)
Please, If you get a spare few minutes, Check out our single 'RIP' featuring Fronz from ATTILA.
Let us know what you think ^_^
Thanksss :D

(CLICK HERE) Cabin Boy Jumped Ship - RIP

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Hi! Thanks for the add. Hope you'll enjoy all the short horror story videos in my youtube channel.

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i have never seen a page with this much artistic passion and talent its just wow, incredible.
reading through all the stuff u enjoy felt like a whole presentation, it must have taken quite the time to do, i really admire ur dedication ! :]

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this ↑ I can only agree :D

by 🦇Lura🕸️; ; Report

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Try my channel.

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THXX 4 4DD1NG M3!!!1! x3

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Thanks for the add! (⌐■_■)

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Hi Max and thanks a lot for adding me! I love your profile full of art, everything is really impressive.
Greetings from Italy!

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Ciao Max,
Wish You ALL the Best!

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i love your profile and art! thank you for the add!

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