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"How the truth is really told when you’re portraying it"

I can play the guitar until it hurts like hell

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Music, Cars, Art, Coffee, Tattoos, Gaming.


Blink-182, +44, Box Car Racer, Angels & Airwaves, Green Day, Blue October, The Offspring, Nirvana, Linkin Park, Decendents, Mike Shinoda, Fort Minor, Ramones.


The Strangers, Back To The Future, Stephen King films.


Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Torchwood.



Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, Billie Joe Armstrong, Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, Kurt Cobain, Justin Furstenfeld.

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About me:

23 year old musician from the UK. I play guitar, sing, and write lyrics. Into aliens and the paranormal. Fly your own flag, be who you are and fuck anyone who tries to change that. I write about dark, heavy and sensitive topics and often swear, please be aware of that.

Who I'd like to meet:

Other creators, artists, cool people. 18+ only!

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Ozar Sariya

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Hi Matt :D nice to meet you

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Hey man, nice to meet you too!

by Matt; ; Report

99.99system Hayami

99.99system Hayami's profile picture

Thank you for the add! ;) you seem so cool

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Thanks for accepting, so do you. I love the Foo Fighters too. Hope uni is going well for ya

by Matt; ; Report


ǝılɐʇɐu's profile picture

Thanks for the add :)
Welcome back?

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Thanks for accepting, and thank you aha

by Matt; ; Report's profile picture

Thabks for adding me! Loving your layout!:) :*

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Thanks for accepting, and thank you. Your profile is cool too. I too enjoy burritos and conspiracy theories lol

by Matt; ; Report

If u ever come 2 Mexico, burritos are on me hahaha

by; ; Report

I might just take you up on that lol

by Matt; ; Report


Jean's profile picture

Hi! Thanks for the add!

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Hi! Thanks for accepting!

by Matt; ; Report


Claryti's profile picture

thx for the invite, you have a great taste in music!! :3

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Thanks for accepting, so do you!

by Matt; ; Report


yngcro's profile picture

MATT you seem dope thanks for the add, super good music taste too man 。◕ ‿ ◕。

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Hey man, thanks for accepting! You seem cool too

by Matt; ; Report

dmt ra

dmt ra's profile picture

Thanks for the add! You seem cool!

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Thanks for accepting, so do you!

by Matt; ; Report


WildWorld's profile picture

Thanks for adding me!

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Thanks for accepting!

by Matt; ; Report

「 ❣️ Lil Mess ❣️ 」

「 ❣️ Lil Mess ❣️ 」's profile picture

Hey thanks for adding me, (つ▀¯▀)つ this is an awesome profile!

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Thanks for accepting. Yours is cool too

by Matt; ; Report


DarkMiryam's profile picture

Hi Matt! Thanks a lot for adding this singer and bass player from Italy! United in strings!!! ;D

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Thanks for the request, stringed instruments for the win lol

by Matt; ; Report


SkramzBop's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Coming back to Spacehey has been refreshing. Cool profile!

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Thanks for accepting, and welcome back! Your profile is cool too

by Matt; ; Report


earth2ashez's profile picture

thanks for the add, sick profile :))

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Thanks for accepting!

by Matt; ; Report


jenna⋆。°✩'s profile picture

your page is so cool!

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Thank you!

by Matt; ; Report

Jack Raven

Jack Raven's profile picture

Welcome back, man!
Dig the “uptight” reference btw. Very relatable song🎶

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Thanks man. Great song from a great record

by Matt; ; Report

Absolutely ^_^\m/
That reminds me, i know you genuinly like blink as well. What do you think of the album with tom back in the mix?
I love matt, but i really missed him

by Jack Raven; ; Report

I think the album as a whole is disorganised, the songs sound like theyre from different records. I think its amazing Tom is back, made my year frankly. The songs are great, but I cant help thinking it was rushed out the door. Still a good album though

by Matt; ; Report

You know, i think thats pretty spot on in my opinion. Like, as a whole it dosent flow the best if i listen to it start to finish, but i really do dig most the songs. One more time may be my personal favorite because of the sentiment behind it.

Neighborhoods i thought was really well put together and i hope whats to come is just as good if not better.

Much like green day though, i sincerely love most everything they put out

by Jack Raven; ; Report

What did you think of Saviors?

by Matt; ; Report

Okay, so generally even with my absolute favorite bands, theres like 2-3 songs i get immediately obsessed with upon album release, but Saviors as a whole really grabbed me. Billie joe’s lyrics and melodies paired with his riffs/solos were on point in my opinion. To me, this album is america in all its disfunction, ignorance, and hypocrisy with a melodic and kind of upbeat california rock (almost beach boys vibe) feel to the instrumentals. Kinda like a dreamy sunset on the beach feel… but with like bombs on the horizon.
But i also think its well balanced with fast punky tracks and slower sentimental tracks.
I especially love gonna city, dilemma, strange days are here to stay, fancy sauce, The American dream is killing me, and look ma, no brains!, and father to a son is growing on me cause the instrumentals are beautiful to me in particular.

The only song that didnt grab me as much is convette summer, but i feel like it will grow on me.

Overall, love the album. I could listen to it everyday.

Hbu? Any fav songs?

by Jack Raven; ; Report

I actually loved Corvette Summer lol

by Matt; ; Report

I think the cowbell just threw me off lol
Its not a bad jam at all.

Like i said, its growing on me haha

by Jack Raven; ; Report


BabyGirl's profile picture

Hey, we were already friends What happened? Did you get carried away of unfriending people?

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Hey, I reset my account when I thought I wanted time away, changed my mind and made a new one

by Matt; ; Report

Oh, okay. Yeah, I was off a little bit as well.

by BabyGirl; ; Report


3leesha♧'s profile picture

Hey stranger thanks for the add ☆ love your profile!

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Thanks for accepting!

by Matt; ; Report