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"drawing.... :0"

16, she/they, girlflux pansexual

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Dan & Phil ♡ MLP ♡ SP ♡ Vocaloid ♡ Pjsekai ♡ Genshin (kinda :p) ♡ animanga ♡ LPS ♡ Monster High ♡ Webkinz ♡ Spvtw ♡ RE franchise ♡ 2000s ♡ Scene/emoz (I wish I could be like u guys..) ♡ Virtual worlds ♡ Drawing ♡ Omori ♡ NSO ♡ Magical Girls ♡ Invaders Zim ♡ Cookie Run Kingdom/OvenBreak ♡ and alot more! ^-^


We'd be here a while.. (I'll list later....)


EEAAO ♡ (500) Days of Summer ♡ Trolls ♡ SPVTW ♡ But I'm a Cheerleader ♡ American Psycho ♡ A Silent Voice ♡ MLP Equestria Girls ♡ Mean Girls ♡ Clueless ♡ 13 going on 30 ♡ the list goes on...


(will fill later...)


drawing ♡ gayming ♡ sewing ♡ crafting ♡ decorating ♡ thrifting ♡ collecting plushiez / figures / toyz / antiquez ♡ ranting ♡ researching hyperfixations/random stuff ♡ more stuff I can't remember.....



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cat kittycat
Haii!!! My name is Soft and I'm 16 Looking for frendz, feel free to dm!! (Beware,, I'm super awkward qwq..)

Who I'd like to meet:

People in the same age range as me, PPL w/the same interests as me!! (Looking for Dan & Phil frendzz...)

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TYSM FOR ADDING ME YOU SEEM SO COOL!!!! another mlp/lps/monster high fan... i sometimes wish i had the money to become a doll/figurine collector cuz they're all so cool (especially older models!!) also you actually like equestrian girls? cuz ppl usually don't like that movie/the movie series, i sometimes feel like i'm the only one :( BUT THEY'RE REALLY COOL and they're really fun!!! i've seen the leaked prototype dolls for gen5, so i'm wondering if they'll do any animated projects for that... i can only hope (and hope that it's good). i also love magical girl content!!! i love puella magi madoka but i'm also looking for other interesting ones... i watched the magical girl raising project anime but i wasn't impressed? though it's supposed to be part of a bigger light novel series if i'm not mistaken. i keep hearing good things about wonder egg priority but bad things about the ending, so i don't know. i also really like invader zim, though i think that's a given. also you watched eeaao?? :O i don't actually see a lot of people who did. it was really brilliant. american psycho was really interesting too. mean girls and clueless are still on my watchlist, alongside the trolls movies. i really like sewing and drawing too, though i'm also getting into crocheting and making bracelets (though i need more materials for these things.) I'M SORRY IF I BORED YOU TO DEATH I DIDN'T MEAN TO i just like talking about these things but yeah your profile is really awesome and your rentry looks sick as hell too >:)

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Aaaa thank you so much for the sweet comment! Dw abt rambling, I do the same and enjoy listening to ppl talk about their interests!!! Honestly, most of my collections for lps/monster high/mlp stuff is (mostly) from when I was much younger, but I recommend trying to thrift for lps/mlp stuff specifically. That's where I got most of my collection, though I'm aware it's harder to find stuff due to resellers and their outrageous prices....especially for monster high. Some Flea markets might sell at affordable prices but it's mostly just luck. I hope you can start your collection in the future!! I'm wishing you good luck ^_^ Also YESS!! I LOVE EQUESTRIA GIRLS!! I'm sad I never got to own any of the equestrian girls dolls, but it's cool how they're coming back with a gen5 release! I didn't even know abt it till you mentioned it. I looked it up and they look so cute?!?? I love Madoka magica too!! Aswell as Cardcaptor, Precure, little witch academia. I recommend those if you're ever interested!! I rlly want to watch "Revolutionary Girl Utena", but I haven't rlly looked into the reviews of it that much. I've also heard of Wonder Egg Priority, but couldn't find myself to finish it (no motivation x.x). I did in fact watch eeaao,,,one of my fave movies of all time bh. Really well put together, I wish more people could admire it! I really want to get more into crocheting and making bracelets since my mom used to do those activities all the time, and taught me the basics. I hope you get to invest more into these hobbies because they rlly are nice!! I apologize if I got too excited lol, I just also rlly love talking abt these things, it isn't often I get to rlly! TYSM 4 checking out my rentry!! ur profile is super awesome, I hope we can become friends! :DD

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hi-hi !! thx 4 the add, yr profile is sososo cute i love it :333 <33333

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Eee tysm!!! Ur profile is so cute aswell!11!1 <333 ^_^

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