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"Smoking a cigarette in front the sea."

26 from Oran, Algeria... currently in Spain.

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Lifestyle of The 2000's - The Night Life - Partying - Business Trips - Take Risks - Night Drive - Art - Writing - Creating Ideas - Psychology - Management - Paintings and Vintage items - Football (Soccer) - Swimming - Beach Walks - Coffee.


(Trance, RnB, Eurodance, EDM, Rock and Pop of The 2000's and Early 2010's) - Dance-pop - Indie Rock - Indie Folk - Synthwave - French and German Music - Shoegaze - Dream pop - Underground Techno - Ambient - Post-rock - Country - Opera - Classical Music And many more...


- Ferry (The Netherlands and Belgium) - L'Immortale (Latvia and Italy) - Un Prophète (France) - Belgica (Belgium) - 303 (Germany) - The Irishman - Before We Go - Drive


The Sopranos - Ray Donovan - Power - Lilyhammer (Norway) - Blinded by the Lights (Poland) - Gomorrah (Italy) - Undercover (The Netherlands and Belgium) - The Walking Dead - Escape at Dannemora - True Detective (season 1) - The 100 - Breaking Bad - New Girl - Riverdale - The Last Man On Earth - This Is Us - The Office - The Last Of Us.


"Zorba The Greek" by Níkos Kazantzákis


My father Don Noro

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About me:

I am just a guy who likes to enjoy life to its fullest, since I have faced death many times and went through many things. My family and close friends calls me Malko, I am an Atheist and i am half Amazigh with European origins, I live alone in my family's beach house, I manage my father's business and I am a night person, I did author a book in English and my future ambition is to open a Nightclub or a Café Shop in Europe.

Who I'd like to meet:

nice and open-minded people, simply to have a cool conversations, and to share life experiences, passion, point of views and favorite subjects etc.. just like the old good days! Flag Counter Flag Counter added on: 17th March 2021

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thanks for the add, cool profile

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It's my pleasure brother, The original profile design of Spacehey is the best

by Malko; ; Report

it is timeless!

by Ryan‎; ; Report

Denua Anevil

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Thanks for the add!!

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It's my pleasure Denua!

by Malko; ; Report

sleepy naya

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hii thx for adding me!

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Hi! It's my pleasure, thanks for the friendship! :)

by Malko; ; Report


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Thanks for the friendship love 🖤🕸️🤍

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Éy yo! Now that's a double lovely welcome Thanks again

by Malko; ; Report

𝔑𝔱 ☽

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new friends
thank you for the request.
sending positive vibes & good energy to your page 💞👁‍🗨

Sha 💕

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Yo thanks to you as well did accepting my request and Thanks for the beautiful and good vibes 💖 can't wait for this friendship

by Malko; ; Report


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Thanks for the friendship love 🖤🕸️🤍

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Aww thanks! So excited for the friendship love 🖤🥂

by Malko; ; Report


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hey thanks for the add! I'm definitley going to check out some of the movies you listed that I haven't seen before! Also love the book you listed <3 Nikos is a classic <3 Μπράβο!!

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Oh hey! It's my pleasure :) I hope you will love the movies, I'm gonna check some common movies/series from your side I will definitely check your profile more thoroughly once I'm free <3
And I can't believe that finally someone recognized Nikos! Are you a Greek ?

ευχαριστώ για το σχόλιο σου <3

by Malko; ; Report

ill let you know if I like the movies too! ναι είμαι ελληνική! do you speak greek?

by TuttiFruitti; ; Report

Δεν μιλάω ελληνικά, απλώς χρησιμοποιώ μετάφραση

by Malko; ; Report


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Thanks for the add! Nice to meet you Malko :)

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Èy It's my pleasure! Nice to meet you too Laura :)

by Malko; ; Report

Perty T̸h̸e̷ ̶V̸i̵r̷t̸u̴a̵l̶ ̷S̷i̶n̶g̷e̵r̴

Perty T̸h̸e̷ ̶V̸i̵r̷t̸u̴a...'s profile picture

💖 ✨

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by Malko; ; Report


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Ciao from Italy and thanks a lot for adding me :)

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Hey, how's life going in Italia ?

it's my pleasure, thanks for the friend request as well :)

by Malko; ; Report


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yo man, I hope all is well, I followed you on IG!

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éy bro! yeah things are fine, how about you ?
Danke! i will follow you back

by Malko; ; Report

Fae Gardenia

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Hey! Thx for the add!1!1!1!

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éy! you're welcome ^_^

by Malko; ; Report

Action Cat

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Thanks for the add! :D

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my pleasure, thanks for the request! :D

by Malko; ; Report

Petals And Thorns

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Thanks for connecting! 🌹🖤

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with pleasure guys!

by Malko; ; Report


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Hi there! Thank you for adding me to your friendlist.
Have a great day.

xoxo :*

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Hi buon pomeriggio! it's my pleasure, have a nice day too (:

by Malko; ; Report


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Thank you for the request, I hope that you are doing well.

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it's my pleasure
yeah things are fine, chilling around with the sea and stuff etc.. I hope you are too ?

by Malko; ; Report

Woke up breathing and currently listening to a thunderstorm, so I think that I'm doing pretty well lol

by SDesires; ; Report