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"eating grapes in bed"

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the idea of the internet consumin ur mind and bcoming part of an indescribable hub of consciousness or smthn like tht


im also rlly into collecting quarters and other coins. i luv cats and dogs and most any animal. i luv making my shit personalized too especially in this capitalist hellscape. fun fact the bg music ur hearing is like 5 different things overlayed at once. also im a fag and if ur a homo like me u should add me. dykes too im chill


been preddy obsessed w the boa remix “lain” by c4ff31n3 lately lol. also a looot of system of a down, listen to violent pornography u will not regret it


tbh i listen to a loooot of goregrind/industrial like party cannon or sophie xeon and also bitcore/breakcore mashups like gonemage. i also rlly like spoof songs like weird al n tom cardy n flight of the conchords. liminal music is so cool also listen to 'telephone wires - twelve hours'


mandy the rock opera is one my absolute fav movies ever. also saw is preddy good, im also a fan of the spiderverse movies, i love animation. malevolent n generally anything dir by james wan is in my top ten


i rlly love horror movies and am a huuuuuge gorehound ^^ anything with practical effects i luv x10000. i also rlly like no country for old men, the blair witch project, and house of wax (the one with jared padalecki)


i loooove those made 4 tv lifetime shows tht r just absolute garbage like dance moms and 1000 lb sisters. also obviously serial experiments lain. i luv rvb so so so so much.


im one step removed from miles luna and two steps removed from burnie burns and every day i fear they will see my weirf cringe takes on their funny little halo machinima LMAOooo i also rlly love adult swim shows. moral orel n robot chicken especially but also the adult swim shorts are sooo good im obsessed w opal by jack stauber. also i luv marble hornets so so so much i actually need to rewatch tht asap


waughin jarths collection is soooo good jarthead 4 life. unironically i read books made within the bethesda game engine. the song of pelinal was preddy good


i dont read that many books outside of like whats required for my job or w/e so if you have any good reccs pllllls let me know. i think the last book i read was abt human decomp and body farming


idk probably most buddhists or smthn they rlly have the whole everything-thing figured out. ppl who live like its still 2008. my mom also


woah did you really click thru all my little dropdowns? :) thanks dude. now ur also my hero

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hai im aetna ur local guything. i love bein cringe, music that predates 2014 & i only play games that can load on a xbox 360 soz for all the typos in advance i type real bad and have garbage glasses hello please add me in the spacehey's unofficial random blogroll, thanks

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friends & travelers thruout the world all over anyone and anybody. i want to make friends but im not super active


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Your profile is soooo pretty!

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thank uuu :) im planning on adding some more audio effects soon!

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