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"I wasn't meant to bleed for you"

rawr~ | Undead goth trash from Scotland

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I like cars, anime, 2000s shit, goth culture and video games. Also yes, that is me on my pfp.


Bullet of Reason / Dethtech / REZZ / Nirvana / The Illustrator / Placebo / Sorrow's Edge / zynzvn / B!tch Alert / Redshirt Theory / Orgy / Cash Cash / Bloc Party / Feeder / Papa Roach / I Am Ghost / Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Theatre of Tragedy / SVRGE / Nick Eyra / Seether / Rise Against / Mad at Gravity / Lennex / The Damn Automatics / Altered Sky / Nonpoint / Rise Against / Celldweller / SIAMÉS / It Lives, It Breathes / Airbourne / Escape the Fate (only the Ungrateful album though tbh) / Set it Off / While She Sleeps / Cryoshell / Rammstein / Social Distortion / Hollywood Undead / ONLAP / The Prodigy / Blue Stahli / Linkin Park / the poopshitters / most Nu-Metal / most Super Eurobeat, preferably the rare stuff that wasn't in Initial D



if it's old or low budget shit then I'll probably like it

Talladega Nights (the greatest movie ever made)
Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure / Rat Movie 2: The Movie / The Fast and the Furious (only the first 3 ones though) / Security (2017) / Taxi / Megamind (make that most Dreamworks movies actually) / the first Pixar Cars movie (the only disney movie I like at all) / Turbo / Morbius


Cop Craft / FARTERS / Archer / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Family Guy / Cyberpunk Edgerunners / Futurama / Final Space / Zomboat / Space Dandy / Cowboy Bebop / Trigun / Initial D / Wangan Midnight / if it's 90s or 00s shit I'm probably into it, especially if it's niche


the 2006 Nissan Altima Owner's Manual


KingAssRipper / Infernox from YouTube

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About me:

I can't believe I'm saying this, but NO CREEPS.

20 / male / Scottish / kinda alternative / epic ex-Astolfo cosplayer / if I take ages to get back to you it's because IM doesn't work on my phone. I'll eventually message you back! They say I'm like a goth girl, but actually an actual man that is a man. Find out what that means for yourself :3 I'm stuck in the 2000s, back when shit was simpler and cooler oh look, a Scion xB.
Car blinkiesCar blinkiesMusic blinkiesMusic blinkiesOther blinkiesOther blinkiesOther blinkiesOther blinkiesOther blinkiesOther blinkiesOther blinkiesOther blinkiesOther blinkies Funny blinkiesFunny blinkies
I'm not on here often, but feel free to message me since I check every now and then :3 I can give ya some good obscure or lesser-known music to listen to if that's your thing too :3

Who I'd like to meet:

actual friends I'll still have 10 years down the line.

ʷʰᵒ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ᶦˢ ᴶᵃⁿᵉˀ

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Fred The Boy Blue

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thanks for the add!

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Burger_Warfare's profile picture

love the e36 image

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cheers man.

by Mako; ; Report


xXx_m.a.k.k.0_xXx's profile picture

I want to literally become you omfg

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having my name is the first step of the way! Train in the way of epicness and you will someday become almost as cool as me :>

by Mako; ; Report

peke kirby

peke kirby's profile picture

Hey Mako, ty for the add. think ur theme makes this applicable.

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♛༒༞𝒮𝐼𝒳𝒳𝐼𝐼𝐼༞༒♛'s profile picture

ty for the add luv <3 love the windows theme!

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Scott's profile picture

Hey, thnx for the request. You seem like a cool individual. I dig your page, very nostalgic!

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tysm!!!!! You seem really cool too!!

by Mako; ; Report


Juryyy's profile picture

ty for the request bby <3 !!

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tysm for accepting <3 :33333

by Mako; ; Report

SWH (Punk Jesus)

SWH (Punk Jesus)'s profile picture

Thank you for the add :D Love the Windows XP profile :D

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tysm!!!! yeah I grew up with XP so I figured it'd fit :3

by Mako; ; Report

Makes me wish someone would make a windows 98 themed one

by SWH (Punk Jesus); ; Report

Someone has! Check it out:

by Mako; ; Report

by SWH (Punk Jesus); ; Report


imad's profile picture

your profile is so cool! have a nice day <3 :)

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tysm!!! :333333

by Mako; ; Report

Autumn Winchester

Autumn Winchester's profile picture

Thanks for the add love!

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ty 4 accepting!!!!! :333

by Mako; ; Report


catra's profile picture


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rawrrrr ;3

by Mako; ; Report

Nasti ✩ Nikki

Nasti ✩ Nikki's profile picture

Hey thx 4 the add. U look so cool

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omg tysm!!!! :3333

by Mako; ; Report


vixen's profile picture

ty for the add dear ~

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ofc tysm!!!! :3333

by Mako; ; Report

vampz ✭

vampz ✭'s profile picture

Thanx 4 the add!

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yw!!!! :33333

by Mako; ; Report


mako's profile picture

thanks 4 the add!!

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yw fellow Mako!!! :33

by Mako; ; Report

✧ Tboo ✧

✧ Tboo ✧'s profile picture

Thx for the add!

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ofc!!! I LUV ur mallard pfp, so kool :3

by Mako; ; Report


by ✧ Tboo ✧; ; Report

jesse toilet man

jesse toilet man's profile picture

nice blinkies, BIATCH!!!

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thank you jesse toilet man

by Mako; ; Report


𝕊 𝕋 𝔸 ℝ 𝔽 𝔸 𝕃 𝕃's profile picture

ok so like... 0B3SS3D WITH UR PROFILE!! thx for the add btw,,

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hsdhdhddjjdjdk omgz tysm!!!!! yours is super cool too :3

ty 4 accepting!

by Mako; ; Report

jesse toilet man

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AYO, thanks for the add BIATCH! :)

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you're welcome! I can't believe you're the real jesse toilet man

by Mako; ; Report

Darth vader

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Join the darkside

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I'm a goth, Mr. Vader. I've been on the dark side for a long time :3

by Mako; ; Report


by Darth vader; ; Report