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"i am so deranged"

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the magnus archives, outer wilds, vampire: the masquerade, fallout, haunted houses as entities, liminal spaces / kenopsia, music in general


miracle musical / tally hall, her's, i don't know how but they found me, electric light orchestra, mother mother, lemon demon, will wood, rex orange county, cavetown, mom, the scary jokes, mitski, shayfer james, hot freaks, andrew prahlow, certain game OSTs, everywhere at the end of time, & a lot lot more


vampire: the masquerade - bloodlines, outer wilds, fallout new vegas, the stanley parable, inscryption, anatomy, the legend of zelda: twilight princess, sonic adventure 2, pikmin, fallout series, half-life series, sonic series, zelda series, smile for me, garry's mod, saints row series, minecraft, five nights at freddy's, danganronpa series terraria, cyberpunk 2077, a hat in time, the path, pizza tower, portal 1/2, & a lot more. Some unlisted because I haven't finished/played enough.


bones, ghosts (bbc), what we do in the shadows (& movie), our flag means death, doctor who, american gods, good omens, camp camp, the owl house, etc


scott the woz, jacob geller, sagan hawkes, shanspeare, mina le, night mind, vargskelethor joel, izzzyzzz, sarah z, bizabizow, scruffy, kaz rowe, hired or fired, half-life vr but the ai is self aware, & more.


psychological horror, video essays, architecture/houses, psychology and the human mind, sentimentality and emotion and its ties to media, & whatever else.


fin fin come see him jerma peppino evil autism kamal enjoyer i miss my wife tails. i miss her a lot. ill be back i slash me slash myself miracle musical saints row lemon demon question mark backrooms potassium the pipis big shot the noise


i heart animal crossing almond cookie local58 undertale maka


hhgregg cult ralsei with a blunt flying amogus minecraft


camp camp

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jonathan sims. he / it. cohost.

introject in a system. bodily 21.

♥ .jmart/.pye on vent ♥

i cry over video games and music & think about themes in media. someday i'd like to make content online. my profile is currently broken im so sorry. i'll fix it at some point

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play with my wires i love evil old men um boys boys boys i love boys im a boys liker asexual do you ever get a warm fuzzy feeling from your vcr mad scientist outer wilds watching ceaselessly. made to be enjoyed video games love you paranormal ミラクルミュージカル he slash it nonbinary butch binary scrolling osdd system i heart my alters firefox user autistic and kin masculinity masc plus neu terms otherworldly creature static glitching eldritch t4t forever biohazardous spidergender coldblooded proud wifeguy xenogender horrorgender disabled and metal limp wristed shapeshifter memory loss supervillain blood moon horrid thing parasite radioactive cosmic horror i heart mens tits gaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygay this user is microwaveable i fucking love science hellsite affectionate


glitter blood popee lol me and who alluring pattern in black and white cassette collage gamecube disc sea angel rainbow liquid flowing i want that twink obliterated headache i am no longer mentally ill i am delicate max2019 im so sick no texture grid room gay gay homosexual gay neil bangin out the tunes Im not reblogin that i heart my ds clouds and rainbows glittery stickers evil garfield terfs eat my fat nuts cat jumping excitedly yippee jerma dancing in the backrooms everywhere at the end of time i forgor i wish i could meet you irl i love old web cotton candy cookie writing you died never listen to this guy the eeper headphone dancin cat sniffin eyes glitches atari ouija board swirl eyes again glitchy glitch sex life healing sunlight nature art serenity spirit aroace


you were diagnosed with gay wii dreamcast i miss using pictochat emulate now best viewed 16 bit neocities the web is yours furby i like computer powered by bob biblical sparkle


dancing little guy blinking monitor cat with headphones telephone ringing nuko wiggle nuko jump rope black nuko dance cow nuko nuko yippee rainbow nuko hole nuko swing nuko nerd nuko rotate nuko hop nuko get silly frog silly booterfly shiny ampharos wii bouncy cd gamecube controller gamecube chair spin


blinkies blog for sources!

radiotrophic/elosuchus blinkies


mp4 graphic resources

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Nice profile!

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thanks for the add! I love your profile

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thank you !

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