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im kinda interested in the evolution (devolution?) of emo and also pan-africanism. also i think vampires are super sexy so if you’re a real life vampire girl who wants to drain my blood i am interested. generally.


my chemical romance, fall out boy, janelle monáe, meet me @ the altar, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, WILLOW, earth crisis, avatar!, the muslims, hyro the hero, doja cat, iamdoechii, the coup, dead prez, clipping, diablo swing orchestra, type o negative, london after midnight, frnk iero, grimes, fleshgod apocalypse, crass, dead kennedys, blackpink


horton hears a who


the office, it’s always sunny in philadelphia, gotham, BARRY, community, bojack horseman, MHA, lupin, mob psycho 100, invader zim


alice in wonderland


thomas sankara, angela davis, assata shakur, malcolm x! oh and pete wentz

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About me:

i’m- well, i’m a- no the thing is i’ve got a- wait, no, see there’s this thing that i- i’m trying to- but. Urgh. i think you get what i’m trying to say. My chemical romance
fall out boy
Pete Wentz
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Who I'd like to meet:

pete wentz, every member of mcr, and if i could just get through to the lady who stands at the foot of my bed every night and asks for tea (not too hot (cuz it reminds her of home), not cool either (cuz she’s not american and turns up her nose at iced tea), and with enough larvae to attract her other… friends), then i’d be set on new acquaintances i think!

fr tho i get so excited meeting new people so as long as you’re not mean i’ll be your friend😊

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Hello there 🥀
thanks for the add, bloody!🦇
be sure to message me anytime if you want🕷️
have a good day
💌 mushh

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Raeklyn Razors

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thnxxx 4 the add

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awww thank U!

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report


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Thanks for the add beautiful 🖤🗡🥀

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thank you!!!!

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report


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THXX 4 4DD1NG M3!!!1! x3

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hahaha your welcome fellow msi fan

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report


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your page is so cute omg

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oh thank u so much!!! u look so cool

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report


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Ive been trying to get into MCR but I only know their most popular songs, what are some of your favorite MCR songs? Also you are so pretty.

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oh hahaha dont even get me started. they’re my fave band ever, bar none and the only people that come close are fall out boy. i think my fav changes every day BUT i think my favourite ever mcr song, at least right now, is my way home is through you, which is a black parade b-side. i think someone’s fav album kind of depends on whether theyre a more dramatic theatre kind of person or a depressed teenager (which i will be forever). the black parade is the one thats more theatrical and you should try How I Disappear or Dead!, and with Three Cheers, the more choppy, angry, scream-y album, you should try Thanks for the Venom or You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison. good luck!!! i hope u love them. also sorry this is so long lmao

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

oh and tysm :-)

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

Its fine,thank you so much!

by Daftd; ; Report


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thank you so much for the add, I love your page :), but I'm very interested in the lady at the foot of your bed story.

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thank you:D oh her, yeah she’s kind of an enigma… won’t even let me do an interview:/

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report


xX_cr0wz4ndc0rv1dz_Xx's profile picture

thx 4 the add!! ur page is rlly nice :3

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awww tysm :)

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report


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thanks 4 adding me back!! i luv ur page so much btw its very cute :O

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aww thank u🥺

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report


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♬ ♫ ♪ Thanx for Add! And welcome Here! I hope you like the Music Tracks & Vids on my Page! ⭐(◕‿◕)⭐ All Links on my Page! Thank You

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Hii Merkury!✋🏼

Thank you for the add, and welcome to Spacehey, the coolest place on the Internet since the old Myspace. I'm relatively new here too, and this platform is pretty fun 😎

~Frankkie R.

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Val's profile picture

Ur so fuckin cool!! I love ur page sm~

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oh im just seeing this! tysm!!! and i love ur pfp u look so cool

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

haha now that ive said that i bet i got it wrong and it’s not actually you😭

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

HAHA its alright! I wish I could be as cool as Joey tho jsjhsj Thank you tho♥♥

by Val; ; Report


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♫♪ Thanks! Nice to see you here! Please enjoy our Duo Page Music Tracks & Vids! And maybe Add Us To Your Favorites / Follow our Spotify / Sub our Youtube! ☮(ˆ◡ˆ)☮ All Links on our Page! Thank You

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Jay ♠

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Thanks for the add love! Your layout is sick

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oh thank you:D

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report


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the gif in the back is so cool

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awwww thank you lol i might be changing it any second tho hahaha

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report


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Thnks fr th dd
Glad to meet uuu :)

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glad to meet u toooooo^U^

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report


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thanks 4 the add, I love your page!

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omg thank u i luv urs too😊

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

Ras Bolding

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Hi in here. :)

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hello😊 can’t wait to be friends

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

Hello there. Net's a bit unstable here right nowso if replies are slow that's probably why. :)

by Ras Bolding; ; Report

hahah dont u worry we’re in the exact same boat rn

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

Ach, the internet doesn't like us. :P

by Ras Bolding; ; Report

it really doesn’t 😔 what an authentic 2000s experience

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

Now I helped a late night moth out here instead. :P

by Ras Bolding; ; Report

cant believe im in the presence of a moth whisperer O.O

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

It even stayed on my hand as I carefully carried it out. We could have been friends for life but fate wanted it different.

by Ras Bolding; ; Report

now this might be the most tragic story ever… put it in a song and we’ll have the biggest emo act of the 2020s😍

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

I finished a song based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Match Girl recently so I think I've been tragic enough lately.

by Ras Bolding; ; Report

thats so cool lol i wish i was writing lyrics based on dark fairytales, instead theyre just emo heartbreak letters smh

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

We've participated in the Hans Christian Andersen Festivals here a couple of years now with musical interpretations of his darker tales. We have a concert series this year too during the festival, in August, provided of course all goes well with the Corona-situation here.

by Ras Bolding; ; Report

oh that’s so cool!!!!!! i have to check it out

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

oh that’s so cool!!!!!! i have to check it out

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

Here's one of the songs from our concert series in 2019. Just pretend you understand Danish. ;)

by Ras Bolding; ; Report

oh i wasnt sure what to expect but wow i really liked this! especially yhe female vocals whoaaa

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

Thank you. I'm happy you like it. Here's another, shorter excerpt from the same concert series.

by Ras Bolding; ; Report

can’t wait to try that out!

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

Thank you. Hope you'll like it. :)

by Ras Bolding; ; Report

Petals And Thorns

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Thanks for connecting!🌹🖤

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