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"[Tell me, you fool. If I continue to regress..."

will I ever meet you again?]

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Favourite mangas: 1. Houseki No Kuni 2. Boy meets Maria 3. to your eternity 4. Dr. Stone Favourte manhwas: 1. Omniscient Readr's Viewpoint (by singNsong, Sleepy-C) 2. Secret Alliance (by Lero) 3. The gentle way (by Truuuue) 4. Hand Jumper (by SLEEPACROSS) 5. Homesick (by Ms. Freaky)


I listen to Miski, Hikaru Utada, Autoheart, any anime opening, Radwimps, MSI, SoaD, Kenshi Yonezu, King Gnu, E ve, Flower, Vocaloid in general, ALI, IDK how but they found me, Arctic Monkeys, Odetari and Ayesha Erotica. I like: pop, alt metal/rock, punk, elettro punk and indie in general.


I loved Portrait of a lady in fire, Danish girl and Kiki's Delivery Service and honestly... any Ghibli movie. I prefer animated movies, like wheathering with you and A Silent Voice


My favourite animes: 1. made in Abyss 2. full metal alchemist brotherhood 3. madoka magica 4. your lie in april 5. Blue Lock


finished twice the Harry Potter's saga, started but never finished Percy Jackson's one tho, lol. Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint is giving me brain rot. Just finished the novel. I'm not ok.


Kin list: Pearl from SU, Diluc from Genshin Impact, Dabi/Toya Todoroki from MHA, Chara from Undertale, Phosphorophilite from HNK, Terra, Saix/Isa and Vanitas from KH, Itachi Uchiha from Naruto, Simon from DBH, Tsubaki from Soul Eater, Hero from Omori, Greed from FMAB, Myoudouin Itsuki/ Cure Sunshine from Heart Catch Pretty Cure!, Naobana Kinako from Inazuma Eleven Chrono Stone, Kim Dokja from ORV (but I wish I was like Yoo Joonghyuk, just like Kim Dokja).

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About me:

Hi, I'm Luciflare. If you're wondering where my nick comes from I'll briefly explain: Luci- is from Lucifer: there was this one old friend group I was in full of sketchy people and I had a fight with them. After that they began saying stupid and kinda mean things about me but they were hilarious enough to turn them into a joke themselves. so yeah, from the horrible person they portraited me as, I made it out as the devil, the brightest angel. second reason is because I'm really a fan of that guy. -flare comes from the magic spell Megaflare from Kingdom Hearts. yeah, that's all it is. anyway, I'm bigender and a ENTP. I study psychology and the reason is to get better at masking. I'm a sucker for wholesome shows and painful ones too (cough cough, ORV). oh and I'm 17. I'm currently using this profile to talk about my greatest interest I've ever had in my life: Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint (yes, even worse than my undertale phase. this thing will last even I'll begin going to work or something like that) that novel really changed me. I lived and cherished every single chapter of it. its characters are almost a piece of my heart now (secretive plotter and uriel have the biggest share) besides orv, I also write poetry in a collection I called "Spark" cause yes. I'm not good, but I also hope I'm not terrible as well.

Who I'd like to meet:

People that know respect and that would like the kind of conversation you would have over a cup of tea.

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