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Music, Urbex, Balisongs, Voice acting, Making shitty doodles everywhere, Reading, and being a professional dumbass. I'm also down to make music with anyone, no matter the genre :3


I listen to a lot of music so here’s a short list of some of my favorite bands :3

Green Day, Boundaries, Loathe, Static Dress, Omerta, Fromjoy, Kaonashi, Orthodox, Gravess, Opposition Dolls, Alien Ant Farm, Get Scared, Greyhaven, VCTMS, Knocked Loose, Alpha Wolf, ERRA, Currents, Opeartion Ivy, Cavetown, Thornhill, Polaris, Girl In Red, TWICE, Denouement, Methwitch, Desolate, carpetgarden, IDKHOW, Guardin, SU soundtrack, Khai Dreams, Sold Soul, 156/Silence, Cell, Chamber, Pains, Mouth For War, Mugshot, Graphic Nature, Crowmouth, Sun Eater, Gideon, Counterparts, Silent Planet, SALT, Backbiter, Orphan, Starve, No Cure, Inclination, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Wristmeetrazor, Dying Wish, God Complex Invent Animate, May They Rest, Isles & Glaciers, Hail The Sun Volatile Ways, Science Of Sleep, Ov Sulfur, NAILGUN, No One Knows What The Dead Think, Signs Of The Swarm, Ghost Town, Forrest., Like Moths To Flames, Hollow Front, Hawthorne Heights, New Years Day, Rent Strike, Pat The Bunny, Apparitions, Make Them Suffer, and Reflections



Steven Universe, Over The Garden Wall, Edgerunners, and Gravity Falls


Bioshock:Rapture, Island Of The Blue Dolphins, The Strange High House In The Mist, Shadow Children, House Of Leaves, Tell Me I'm Worthless, Sorrowland, I'm Thinking Of Ending Things, Brother, and Max Ride


Billie Joe Armstrong, Matt McDougal, Brent Mills, Nick Spencer, Simon Mariante (Only person from this list that I've met, and I got to play on stage with him during his set with Tracheotomy), Chris Wiseman, Alex Hallquist, and all of my friends (Namely https://spacehey.com/gh0sty_iz_d3ad since he's the only one also on here)

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List of all of my musical ideas (and roughly when some will come out) (view more)

https://spacehey.com/gh0sty_iz_d3ad and I went to the mall today :3 (view more)

Lowfe's Blurbs

About me:

hiii, I’m Lowfe, I’m very not straight, pronouns are all over the place, and I’m very much so addicted to listening to and making music.

Apologies for the Jumpscare from the auto playing song, it’s Hourglass by Orphan.

Jumpscare aside though, I play in a few bands with some being pretty similar genre wise to Hourglass.

My bands are Dilemma. Boykisser, Zombie Ratz, and Into The Poppy Fields. Also feel free to message me :3

Dilemma.’s debut EP titled “Punch Club” is also coming out soon >:3

Into The Poppy Fields’s debut album “A New Form Of Pain” is in the works too although still far out from completion. 

Other blinkies

Who I'd like to meet:

Whoever’ s decision it was to shut down Gundam Evolution so I can convince them to atleast make the code public. Also Billie Joe Armstrong since he’s my biggest inspiration for everything musically

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Emmadrums21 :3

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Absolutely based

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Thank you :3

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⛧ Evan Ghostheart ⛧

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GAY!!! :D

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