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"sometimes I wake up in the morning. not usually though"

She/Her | 28 Years Old | United States

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-Chatting with my close friends on Discord -Getting lost in a good open action RPG -Working through my games backlog -Reminiscing about 10/20 years ago. -Napping


I'm really bad at naming genres but I like rock of various kinds. Some artists include: -Green Day -The Killers -Foo Fighters -Rise Against -Disturbed -Staind


I need to watch more movies. I like Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Everything Everywhere All at Once was pretty cool. I loved Your Name!


Scrubs is a goated TV show. Bojack Horseman is incredible. I love older sitcoms a lot like That 70's Show and Malcolm in the Middle. I related a lot to the latter growing up. Anime is pretty good too, some of my favorites include CLANNAD and Code Geass.


I don't read as much as I should so most of my favorite books are from my childhood. I like the Deltora Quest series, and the Guardians of Ga'hoole books. The newest books I've read any time lately were the first two LNs of Spice and Wolf. They were nice. I just need to buckle down and read more.


It's so hard to have faith in heroes these days, when they're regularly revealed to be scummy in one way or another. Right now the one person I need to stay good is Maximilian Dood on YouTube/Twitch. If something comes out about him that might ruin me.

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About me:

Just to clear something right away, I'm 28, not really here to hang out with kids. If I sent you a friend request and you're a minor I probably didn't know it at the time. I'm probably not going to ignore you or block you for being under 18 but it's still a pretty awkward situation and that age gap's gonna be kept in mind if we interact. Anyway.

I'm getting older but I'm stuck in the past. Feels like there's not as much to look forward to! Exhausted by all of the rage baiting online. Time to return to the more peaceful life!

I'm a disabled trans woman who has been out of the closet for 13 years but due to life and financial circumstances I've not been able to transition. So I live my life mostly online where I'm free to be whoever I want to be.

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It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed! Click to feed :)

Who I'd like to meet:

I like to talk to fellow RPG gamers, sitcom and anime fans, and people generally left-wing on the political spectrum. Adults, preferably? 😅

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「 ❣️ Lil Mess ❣️ 」

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Thanks for adding me („• ֊ •„)੭ I absolutely love the style and music on your profile (•̪ o •̪)

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aaaa thanks! yours is super cute too!

by Cindy Nemi; ; Report

Awww thankiesss (づ๑•ᴗ•๑)づ♡

by 「 ❣️ Lil Mess ❣️ 」; ; Report


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Cool profile, don't get lost in the castle

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Thankfully I know SOTN like the back of my hand

by Cindy Nemi; ; Report


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a fellow rpg enjoyer yeahhhh

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there's nothing more peak

by Cindy Nemi; ; Report

Cindy Nemi

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I'm gonna be working on this profile theme for a bit

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i have gone even further beyond

by Cindy Nemi; ; Report

♥️ VAMPZ .˚₊

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chews x_0

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suddenly, kittens!

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hi :D

by Cindy Nemi; ; Report

yaaay :3

by suddenly, kittens!; ; Report


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조금만 더 참아. 쥐구멍에도 볕 들 날이 있다고 하잖아.

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