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i litterally (i literally cant spell literally ) love everything there is to know really. Like you'll catch me doing one thing, and then something that is the polar oppisite to it the next second. i love msuical theatre, and yes i know it get clowned on on the daily but honestly, who cares? i love it, so thats that. fashion is another one of my many interests, u can just express yourself in so many ways with it!!! i loveee going out, i guess its cuz im extroverted but yeah. animal prints are my jam. like i could see cheetah print socks and i'd still buy them. ( you will NOT catch me calling it lepoard print, that feels borderline criminal lol xD) also i know lots of people hate the irl bratz film (2007) but i love it, it has a weird plot but.. its soo girly i love it.


omg so i have been waiting to fill this section in.. so my favourite song is maneater by nelly furtado, i also like paparazzi, WAIT BY LECRAE, lecrae, (singer not song ) obsessed, better of alone, tenielle nada, crazy girls, toxic, gimme more, im so sick, sorrow by flyleaf, Justice and Mercy, everything flyleaf, ZOE girl ESPECIALLY dead serious alsoooo krystal myers and literally most songs from the 2000s era. I lovee metal too! including nu metal also!!!!! I don’t get when people say nu metal isn’t real metal lolgiphy-2 giphy-2 giphy-2


i like wild child, clueless, goosebumps, 13 going on 30, sleepover, new york minute! I lovee rom coms and dramedys (obviously comedy’s too as you can tell) but I also love action and sci-fi!!! giphy-2


I like rewatching old nickelodeon shows, especially zoey 101 (best nick show eva I said what I said) and I like victorious but it would be better if it had a proper ending



do people seriously still fantasize about heroes?

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"the only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go," - paris hilton xxx all i can say is i'm confident, fake it till you make it! xxx

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READ MY BLOG ENTRY i would love to meet paris. she is a fashion icon, the origin of mcbling, and has great fashion.shalom harlow is another person i wanna meet so bad. i mean, the modeling agency de-yassified her walk and now she walks like any other model in 2023 so i guess i'm referring to her in the 90's, but she is still so amazing now. omg also mean girls and clueless fans that are rlly funny and can accept the fact i wont be online every second of the day xoxo I am Christian so another person i'd like to meet when the day comes is Jesus ! xxx

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lilislife ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

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i love ur profile sm <3

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Woaahh I love how 2000s Ur layout is! I love mean girls too btw!

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$inead 💋

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Yass another fellow mean girls fan!!

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