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"I don't accept requests from minors"

35, spain, she/her

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Alternative, classic rock, acoustic, synth-wave, psychedelic rock, jazz, blues, grunge, hardcore rock, 2000's pop-punk, dark-wave, industrial, britpop, experimental, ambient, doo wop, rhythm & blues, new-wave, shoegaze, post-punk, electronic



Oldies, horror, psychological, fantasy, comedies


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about me

little me name: Laura
AKA: laria, littlelaria
location: Spain
birthdate: October 09
age: 35
orientation: lesbian <3
profession: web designer, artist
hobbies: painting, music, going to the beach, walking my dog, pixel art, museums, thrifting, collecting cds/vinyls, picnics, interior design, plants, coding
hates: animal cruelty, elevators, loud people, super hot/cold weather, football, gelatinous food, reggaeton music, really long fingernails, windy days, alcohol, nazis

favorites list

me animals: dogs, cats, snails, rats, hamsters, hedgehogs, bunnies, lizards, seahorses, bugs, bats, octopi, axolotls
foods: pizza, tacos, pasta, sweets, dark chocolate
drinks: coffee, matcha, horchata, bubble tea
colors: sage green, black, earth tones, lilac, pastels in general, dark burgundy
tv shows: The Simpsons, Adventure Time, Two Broke Girls
flowers/plants: hibiscus, passiflora, sunflowers, tulips, lavender, hydrangeas, black dahlias
countries i wanna go: japan, iceland, sweden, méxico
aesthetics: cottage punk core, mori
extra: I cry a lot, sad and happy. I'm vegetarian not vegan. My signature scent is lavender & Nenuco

myspace era pics

Who I'd like to meet:

layout made by me

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Elisabeth's profile picture

cada vez dejas más bonita tu página
ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡

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by Laura.jpg; ; Report


Sarah 's profile picture

thank so much!!! u have a great music taste, i also love garbage and jack off jill!

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Garbage will always be one of my favorite 90's bands 🤍

by Laura.jpg; ; Report


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Acoustic guitars are fun but when I tried playing electric I found it was very hard to play because the strings have more slack than on acoustic, that was a funny discovery. Turns out you need to apply way more force with your fingers on acoustic than on electric lol. I think I'll stick to acoustic, it's cheaper to maintain and I don't have to keep buying more and more shit, something I noticed is that electric guitars have different amps and electric guitarists have a lot of amps because different amps make the guitar sound different, that is a pretty costly lifestyle I don't wanna do nor can I afford it.

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nickmeece's profile picture

Love this layout!

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Thank you 🤍

by Laura.jpg; ; Report


elf's profile picture

hiii thanks for the add(: I love your page!!

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Thank you!!! ^__^

by Laura.jpg; ; Report


Kiana's profile picture

I'd love to go to New Zealand because I love their landscapes!!! :-)

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New Zealand sounds badass!

by Laura.jpg; ; Report

The majestic A-A-Ron, grand duke of SpaceHey

The majestic A-A-Ron, gra...'s profile picture

Ha, Ireland and Japan are my top two as well! No joke. I really want to go to both places. Tied in 3rd place are South Korea and France (specifically Paris; I've actually been there before, but I would really love to go back!)..

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Oh man I'd really love to visit South Korea as well ^__^

by Laura.jpg; ; Report


Cecelia's profile picture

There's so many aha
but I really wanna go to Spain, Italy, France
and I'd love to go to Ireland
Japan would be so cool to go with someone and experience it all
Nature and culture and language and food
Ahh! And history!!!

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BeeMilk's profile picture

Hmmm I would go to Germany because I have some
Unfinished business there. A John wick style revenge action flick

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Jon 🐇

Jon 🐇's profile picture

same as you, Japan! Love everything about the place X)

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Violent Faces

Violent Faces's profile picture

Hola, Como estas? Muchas gracias por agregarnos!

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Hola chicos!!!!

by Laura.jpg; ; Report

Rosynel 🖤🫧

Rosynel 🖤🫧's profile picture

Gracias por agregarme! Me encantó tu perfil y tú era MySpace, súper aesthetic como dicen los chavos, o cómo diríamos hace años súper emo y tumblr jaja, desde Venezuela ✨🙌🏻👏🏻

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Jajajaja muchas gracias!!!! ✨
Qué feliz era en esa época con mi cámara digital. Esas fotos créeme que son un tesoro, tenía muchísimas más de esos años pero no las he podido recuperar.

by Laura.jpg; ; Report


pesco's profile picture

Thx for the add!! :) your prof is sick ash!!!! whos your favorite candy citizen?

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Thank you!!!

My favorite is Princess Bubblegum of course hahah & the Cotton Candy Queen.

by Laura.jpg; ; Report

this is so real lmao, cotton candy queen is not one ive heard before tho! My favs are probably raggedy princess, prismo, and BMO

by pesco; ; Report


Elisabeth's profile picture

lauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu esta chica te copia los códigos

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Jajajaja wow sí debe estar obsesionada conmigo porque no es la primera vez que lo hace. Gracias la bloquearé de nuevo :')

by Laura.jpg; ; Report


SLIM GRIMS's profile picture

currently reading the guest list by lucy foley, it's a wedding murder mystery? lol but you don't know who the murder is or who is going to be murdered (yet, I'm 100 somethin pages in). Woman I know lent it to me

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Omg sounds so good this book! Reminds me of Agatha Christie's dark/mystery style definitely I'm looking for this one THANK YOU :)

by Laura.jpg; ; Report

𝕔 𝕣 𝕪 𝕪 𝕓 𝕓 𝕪 ♡

𝕔 𝕣 𝕪 𝕪 𝕓 𝕓 𝕪 ♡'s profile picture

my fav book [currently] is Death's Obsession - Avina St. Graves. It's got smut, stalking, very nice poetic lines, and a really really cute story. Also, it's pretty short, so no commitment <3

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Thank you for answering ✨

by Laura.jpg; ; Report

🩸Dripping Venom🩸

🩸Dripping Venom🩸's profile picture


Wow...You Look Great In Your Profile Picture, Laura...

As Always. Ha.🤘🤘


But believe it or not, I guess the Red/Black Colors instantly reminded me of:


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Lollllllllllllllllllll my spirit animal

by Laura.jpg; ; Report


Waitaminnit...that link I posted earlier was supposed to be 'dracula parrot'.

For some reason, it looks as though I posted 'palm cockatoo'???



by 🩸Dripping Venom🩸; ; Report


M's profile picture

One of my favorite books is Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. It's a book that made me fall in love with the idea of a Vampire. There's romance ofc and a whooole lot of drama, but the way Anne Rice writes is beautiful and vivid. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves Fiction.

PS: currently reading A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. He's a master of Literature and sooooo over the top it makes me laugh. Enjoying it so far!

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Yay thanks for the recommendations!!!

by Laura.jpg; ; Report

Starving for Rich

Starving for Rich's profile picture

The Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole.

It is hilarious and smart and has a great story behind it (he was depressed because he couldn’t get it published and killed himself… his mom found it years later, and now it it considered a modern classic)!

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Wow that's wild. Thanks for answering :)

by Laura.jpg; ; Report


heartbeats's profile picture

a little life by Hanya Yanagihara
firekeeper's daughter by Angeline Boulley
<3 my two recent favs i've read in the last year or so

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Thank you for the recs!! 🤍
It's so cool I haven't read any so I can add them to my list.

by Laura.jpg; ; Report