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"boiling alive"

asl? in the year of our lord 2022?

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one piece fan/neg .

i mean it could be worse i suppose . i could be one of those cishet men that interpret lolita as a love story but i'm not so maybe i am getting somewhere in life !!


i also have a lot of ideas for stories ( most of them sapphic ) but i have almost no writing capabilities beyond vague english GCSE creative writing lessons. albeit i did once win a publication of my work for a 100 word story with about five hundred other people if that counts for anything !


cringe, i know, but i'm a lemon demon fan. siiigh. must say i hate admitting that irl so i don't know why i wear it like a badge online . maybe because i am very much in the uk so !


n e way, i like other music like the stuff from DAD, specifically Denise. also bill wurtz

wink wonk


i do not watch movies. i know, a bit sad, but my all time favourite movie ever has to be The Fly. I love body horror so it was kind of a given LOL ^-^


homestuck, as mentioned. But specifically, the Rose Lalonde fandom.

(( if rose has one million fans, i'm one of them. if rose has one hundred fans, i'm one of them. if rose lalonde only has one fan that is me. if rose has zero fans then i am dead. ))


Okay, so, you guys know Scream street? As in the childrens TV series/book collection? yes it fuckin SLAPs man oh my god. i love supernatural themes and honestly the books have stayed with me through childhood.

a close second would be A Series of Unfortunate Events.


fine, i'll give away my asl. i'm fifteen, genderfluid and live in england !!

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About me:

i'm just so cool and sexy and somehow alive ????

god weren't the younger years just tumultuous. (yes i am aware that is not the right word !)

(( any pronouns !! ))

Who I'd like to meet:

your mum/srs

on another note, it'd be fun to meet other homestuck artists and connect, since it's great to share interests with one another lol ^^

( btw, dms r always open but i am a little slow 2 respond sometimes lol!! )

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hi i love ur layout its immaculate!!

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thank uuu!!!!

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My mother is cremated.... so if you into ashes I got good news for you

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it took my a second but oh my goD LMAO

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Toby/Paul ā˜†

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Rose Lalonde lovers unite šŸ™šŸ™

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trueee !!!!!!

by nik; ; Report


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Hey!! I just wanted to say that your layout and your art is AMAZING!! your use of colors is unique and your art is just sooo nice :D I love it!!

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omg tysm!!! it means a lot :DDD

by nik; ; Report


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tysm !!

by nik; ; Report