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ne faut rien laisser au hasard 🔮

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Mood: if I sit in rice, will it fix me? 🫠

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bike riding, golfing, soccer, the gym, the shooting range, puzzles, card games, wine, pizza, stoic philosophy, horology, road trips, some conspiracy theories, and anything involving owls 🦉 Nothing too crazy, but my search history may tell a different story 🙃


PNL, Anas, OBOY, Maes, Hamza, Damso, Jorja Smith, Gorillaz, Jhene Aiko, Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat, aftertheparty, 6LACK, Lil Wayne, Amir Obe, ElGrandeToto, Lithe, Daft Punk, The Weeknd, Soolking, Empire of the Sun, Sonder, La Fève, Dadju, Josman, dvsn, Ellie Goulding, Alicia Keys, Tyga, Post Malone, Franglish, T-Pain, Ariana Grande, flenn, Eminem, DJ Snake, Thutmose, Mac Miller, XXXTENTACION, blackbear, Don Toliver, JMSN, Morad, Zed, Ichon, Zola, Werenoi, Saint Levant, mishlawi, Migos, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, David Guetta, Skepta.


A few random favorites are: Training Day, The Lion King, Shutter Island, SALT, La Haine, Scarface, Iron Man 2, Les Misérables, Casino Royale, Frères ennemis, Saw, Kill Bill Vol 1, White Chicks, and Mortal Kombat.


sports, game shows, competition series, unsolved mysteries, sketch comedy, and anything animated.


Usually books that were turned into movies or a series to compare my interpretation with that version. The weird part is I don't see things with my imagination as I read books like most of you... 🥴


Ici C'est Paris 🔵⚽🔴
Mbappé x Messi x Neymar


Best Friend

the other Bad Bunny
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About me:

Salut 👋 bonne journée à vous tous. Here's the fun facts: I'm twenty-6ix. I live in France. ♓ Pisces. Former child (depends on the day). 🐰 Rabbit dad. Introvert-ish. Hard of hearing. ⌚ Watch enthusiast. I overuse emojis. I look mean, but I'm quite unserious 🥴. I'm a fan of 90s anime & classic arcade games This might be too personal, but my favourite position is 1st in Mario Kart 😉🏁 and most importantly, I am thankful for the simple things like sleep, croissants, weed, and the many delicious ways we can eat potatoes 🥔 the versatility! 🥹🫶 Alhamdulillah. My mother is the best 🖤 The end. ✌
P.S. - between me and you, this whole “come to Earth and pretend to be human” thing turned out a little harder than I thought. I'm just making the best of it until my ride gets here 🛸

Who I'd like to meet:

🚴‍♂️ 🛠️ ⚽️ 🏋🏻‍♂️ 🐇 🍷 🧩 🥐 💶


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Hi Leroy,
Hope you and bunny have a terrific start to your week. In other words...I hope the week is hoppin (I will show myself out).

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Thank you for the add!! Love your bunny!

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Al3X's profile picture

Thank you for the add! Your bunny is too sweet!!I had some when I was a kid they're so cute and very smart!

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vb's profile picture

merci de m'avoir add back^^ ta bio est trop cool ahah

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no problem. merci j'aime garder les choses intéressantes et un peu ridicules

by LEROY; ; Report


heath's profile picture

Oh, new layout since the last time I looked. I like.

Hope you've had a decent day, sir.

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yeahhh I got bored and changed some colors & moved some stuff around thank you. the whole week is dragging to me but so far so good 👍 hope you're having a good one too!

by LEROY; ; Report

Słᵾŧŧɏ ᴀxᴇ

Słᵾŧŧɏ ᴀxᴇ's profile picture

Thanks for the add dude! I love your layout :0

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No problem :)
( . .)
( づ️ thank youuu
Nice to meet ya 🤝

by LEROY; ; Report

Ashlee mariiee

Ashlee mariiee's profile picture

Thanks for the add ! Hope your have a great weekend !

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slavko 's profile picture

thx 4 the add bro! nice 2 meet u

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no problem 🤜🤛 hope your weekend is going good so far

by LEROY; ; Report


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miss u mejor amigo hope you’re doing well !!🫂💕

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Bonjour mon ami 🫂 Everything is going good on my end. Trying my best to stay busy and out of trouble of course. I hope you're doing well too! I pop in and out on here out of habit at this point lol. spacehey is in its stale era

by LEROY; ; Report


Kenton's profile picture

Just wanted to stop by and wish ya a good week!

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thank you so far, so good! I'll be happier if spring would fight back against winter a little harder and finally stay warm. I hope your week has been going good and gets better 🫶

by LEROY; ; Report

Same here! Spring and Fall are my favorites and I am ready for the weather to get less chilly out.

by Kenton; ; Report


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Hey bro, how are you feeling.

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Thanks for the add man!

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sure thing! nice to meet you 🤝

by LEROY; ; Report

Likewise man.

by Brandon; ; Report


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hiya new fren! nice to meetcha

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Heyyy 👋 nice to meet ya too. I hope your weekend is going good so far

by LEROY; ; Report

it's going pretty well! hope yours is going well too!

by brakumoment; ; Report


Andrew's profile picture

I’m diggin the new pic 👌🏻

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thank youuu. appreciate it! i'm committed to anything with some blue that will match the page lol

by LEROY; ; Report


jacob's profile picture

hej. how you holdin up? what's new?

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sup dawg? 👊 I'm okay. I've probably had better days, but I'm holding up. just been working, sleeping, and staying out of trouble of course. one of us has to be a good example and behave.

by LEROY; ; Report

of course pretty much same here, except I've been causing havoc simply because i feel like it whoopsie

by jacob; ; Report

HAVOC!? Oh no, I expect nothing less might be time for a ice cold coke

by LEROY; ; Report

Great Googly Moogly

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Thanks for the add, Leroy

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Tyler Wood

Tyler Wood's profile picture

Thanks for the ADD

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no problem! you're welcome 👊

by LEROY; ; Report

michelle ☆

michelle ☆'s profile picture

Thank you for the add! Sending much love

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you're welcome! nice to meet ya 🤝 sending love right back to you 🤎 🧸

by LEROY; ; Report

Jody Marie ✿

Jody Marie ✿'s profile picture

Love your profile!
Your bunny is adorable!!!
& Potatoes are superior for sure! 👌
Also, the fact that you told me you are a fan of THEY. makes you even cooler!

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MARI ♡'s profile picture

thanks for the add. cool vibes

bro I love 90s anime and mario cart ♡ let's goooo!

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You're welcome! Nice to meet you 🤝 see you've got great taste too. other racing games are too serious for me, but an ape racing in a ship on wheels? oh ABSOLUTELY

by LEROY; ; Report

for real! thats where its at!

by MARI ♡; ; Report

ty btw ♡

by MARI ♡; ; Report