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I’m a minor/scene kid/emo/Icon

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Hi God Its Lenni Vanity.. yeah well if anyone fucks with me they r gonna die XD okay bye *kiss* My Youtube Channel:


My favorite artists r Millionaires, Blood On The Dance Floor (I dont support Dahvie), Brokencyde, Dot Dot Curve, The Medic Droid, PANIC!, Paramore, Flyleaf, Pierce The Veil, My Chemical Romance, Jeffree Star, Scotty Vanity, Attack Attack!, I set my friends on fire, Ayesha Erotica, and Rebzyxx :3 Blood On The Dance Floor - Blood on The Dance Floor Photo (36300245) -  Fanpop Anime Botdf Jeffree Star animation by FashionVictim89 on DeviantArt jeffree star jeffree gif | WiffleGif jeffree star GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY | Jeffree star, Jeffree star  before, Jeffree star instagram melissa marie green the millionaires gif | WiffleGif Crunk Brokencyde GIF - Crunk Brokencyde - Discover & Share GIFs Dot Dot Curve :), scene , glitter , crunkcore , emo , scenemo , rawr , xd -  Free animated GIF - PicMix The medic droid, scene , glitter , electropop , emo , scenemo , rawr , xd -  Free animated GIF - PicMix Paramore - Gif xd by AnnaRaiinbow on DeviantArt Panic At The Disco on Make a GIF GIF - Ptv Pierce The - Discover & Share GIFs glitter mcr logo, mcr , my , chemical , romance , emo , red , glitter -  Free animated GIF - PicMix gerard way! - Free animated GIF - PicMix Imagem de Scotty Vanity #50475099 | Blingee.com Attack Attack! - Stick Stickly (Official Music Video) on Make a GIF I Set My Friends On Fire Ismfof GIF - I Set My Friends on Fire ISMFoF You  Cant Spell Slaughter Without Laughter - Discover & Share GIFs


Im mostly into children movies XP jayy von monroe by i-love-dahvie-vanity on DeviantArt Blood On The Dance Floor - Hello Kitty by MonsterKittyNoms on DeviantArt


Invader Zim, Amphibia, Hazbin Hotel, The Owl House, Bluey, BFDI, Looney Tunes, The Big Bad Fox And Other Tales, and Domo-kun 0_0 🐺🐥The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales🦊🐶 (2017 Film) (SmallMovieReviews) |  Cartoon Amino Domokun GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY The Big Bad Fox And Other Tales (Home Ent Trailer), 55% OFF


Grimms Fairy tales, Dog Man, Bad Kitty, Diary of a wimpy kid >>>>>>>>>>> Dog Man & Friends GIFs on GIPHY - Be Animated Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel | Bad cats, Painting wallpaper, Children's book  characters Epic Comic Club F1-B49-DC9-D4-F8-4193-8480-72-AB41145432


Dahvie Vanity;333 5398-D82-F-32-A8-4-A40-B076-FD1-FDED37545 dahvie is bad XP, ihatepedophiles , botdf , scene , glitter , emo ,  bloodonthedancefloor - Gratis animerad GIF - PicMix Real Talk Here (TW: Rape, Grooming of Minors) | Emo Amino

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About me:

Hiii im Lenni Vanity lol I cant really decide if im a furry but bleh Im a scene/emo kid Im working on a crunkcore band called "Guts In My Mouth" so message me if you would like to help! this is the Logo! GIMM LOGO!!!!! And here are the mascots! Squeakers The Mouse! L3NN!_V@N!TY (BOTDF Version) (@lenni_vanity) | TikTok And Floof The Coyote! Floof again cause i love him :3 cursor from https://www.cursors-4u.com/

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Who I'd like to meet:

Scene/emo kids Dahvi3 Van!ty Jayy Von Monroe Garrett Ecstacy Fallon Maressa Jeffree Star

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Blood on The Dance Floor Clubbed to death by gravelee on DeviantArt botdf, botdf , bat , bloodonthedancefloor , scene , blue , glitter -  Bezmaksas animēts GIF - PicMix botdf gifs | WiffleGif
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vextasy <3

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is that lenni flippin vanity?!?!

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🏳️‍⚧️♫☆Rex R☆♫🏳️‍⚧️

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Thanks for adding me! 👍By the way love ur background and ur profile pic! What is it?

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My profile pic is called Domo

by ☆Lenn!_V@nity☆; ; Report


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by ☆Lenn!_V@nity☆; ; Report