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"this will change too much to put anything here"

I live in the good ol' USA

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I like History and science and playing video games. Since I created my account I also have gotten interested in programming, I would like to direct you to my website to play some of my games.


I like Electronic Music, National Anthems/Patriotic songs and [Removed by the Federal Anti-Cringe Association] along with Sabaton *History Nerd Energy Intensifies*. Recently I have been listening to Lemon Demon's Clown Circus album on repeat and I might be going insane


My favorite movie is Luck of the Irish or Ratatouille. [REDACTED]


I have not watched anything recently but if I have to choose a show I would probably choose Craig of the Creek, Amazing World of Gumball and Pokémon (seasons 1-2, 17-19)


"Fish in a Tree" and "Press Start Game Over Super Rabbit Boy" are the only physical books that I would read in my own time, [REDACTED], "Animal Farm" was also kinda fun (all hail Napoleon)


Griffpatch, John Carmack, The Green brothers, Ken Silverman, DanTDM (can you see a theme)

Games: Games: DOOM (1 & 2), Quake (1 is best and only true quake), Minceraft (big golden age guy), Roblox, Gmod, TF2, Whatever crap I make, Civ II (soo addicting), RuneScape (osrs and rsc)
Programming languages: Python to make games and other things too, C to make games (maybe other things if I get the courage), JS if I am bored, Scratch if I get really interested in science, Code.org Playlab if I have a mental breakdown
SCIENCE: FIIIIIIIIIISH (I really like oceanic ecosystems), paleontology & paleozoology (thx Tierzoo and Hank Green), Microbiology is also kinda fun since cyanobacteria are cool but I don't know much about them or anything I have listed
HISTORY YEAH: Too much to put here, it is all great (never forget 29/5/53)

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About me:

Since I live in the good ol' USA, I have 10000 guns of ranging sizes and legality, I also eat a hamburger every day 7 times exactly and I am 700 freedom units overweight. My biggest achievement in life is ordering a 27-piece Big Mac with a side of large-extra medium fries. and



sources for buttons come from https://cyber.dabamos.de/88x31/

Left DOOM button for GZDOOM engine, right DOOM button for Wads

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account existence MMXXII - MMXXIV probably

Who I'd like to meet:

IDK I am just here for the heck of it, though I would certainly be your friend if you want to play one of my games : )

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David V. Kimball

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Your profile is great!

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thank you

by Lemmingsishard; ; Report


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Awesome profile!

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thx I really like aero, man shame its gone eh

by Lemmingsishard; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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💖 ✨

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sounds good

by Lemmingsishard; ; Report