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"practicin with ma lance "

34, Human Male, Serdio :P

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my mom, dad and King Albert <3

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Good tidings ~ my name is Lavitz Starlove and on here I am having fun making a tribute to the character Lavitz Slambert, from the best game evarrr The Legend of Dragoon, as well as linking to things I'm making & doing. I'm very passionate about saving the world, and I love the color green and the wind element and swinging my spear around IRL, so I identify with the character Lavitz very muchhh. I used to use MySpace back in 2007! :OO I'm not actually 34, but 28, and am not on here to make minor friends XD I may not be on this site a lot other than to randomly have fun adding my favorite gifs & stamps & things. I'm making my own site with some of that stuff too and a bunch more >>> (soon™) HARPOON! About the character: Lavitz is the head of the First Knighthood in the Kingdom of Basil in the country Serdio. He succeeded his father who died in the line of duty, and is one of King Albert's most trusted knights. Overall, Lavitz is a loyal, kind and chivalrous man, dutiful to not only his country but his friends and family. He puts others before himself, puts charity before obedience, and puts candid aid to a friend above merely appeasing them. He also loves his mother very much, shown as how excited he is to be home and to introduce her to his new friends, then in going back to gratefully accept her offered jerky. The story dedicates time to developing the relationship between that of Lavitz and Dart to parallel one of brotherly love. He sports a blonde fringe cut paired with heavy-set brows that frame light eyes- a pale shade of blue/gray.

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adventurers who fight to make the world a better place (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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